Real Estate Path of Distinction

We know that the best education is in the experience. The PoD experience includes the programming and experiences of our Real Estate Career Acceleration Module (CAM) and adds an extensive network of professional contacts that will partner with you, putting your career goals on a successful trajectory.

The real estate industry has undergone somewhat of a metamorphosis during the crisis and what has emerged within many subfields is a new way of doing business. Students cannot afford to wait and read about this evolution in books. We take an entirely different approach. We work with corporate partners (CPs) who are on the cutting edge in their fields and leaders in their industries. We involve them in our curriculum, our summer internship program, and ultimately invite them to consider hiring our graduates. The emerging real estate industry values a perfect balance between academic qualifications and business savvy.

In the Real Estate PoD you will be a member of a cohort of no more than 15 students. The cohort will be small, allowing for a personalized experience in a program that will be the intersection of industry expertise and academic theory.

The network will be built around you and will stay with you as an extensive and cohesive environment throughout your career.