Business Analytics

Business analytics can be broadly described as collecting and analyzing data to make better business decisions. This concentration exposes students to a broad array of analytic techniques that can be applied to any business from manufacturing to healthcare, finance, and marketing.

Thus, this concentration can be an excellent complement to many other areas and demonstrates to potential employers that a student has the command of analytic techniques that can be employed in their industry. Indeed, it is difficult to find job candidates with both domain knowledge as well as technical skills and so those who concentrate in analytics are in high demand.

Concentration Requirements

(12 credit hours required)

Fall Semester
Enterprise Engineering Career Acceleration Module (Required)
Spring Semester
Database Management (Required) + one from list * :
  • Lean Toolkit & Six Sigma Toolkit or
    Lean Toolkit & Lean Six Sigma w/ project
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Leadership & Planned Change
  • Negotiations
* Subject to Availability