Real Estate

The way we view and evaluate commercial real estate investments has changed dramatically since the global financial crisis. The Real Estate Investments module will provide students with an essential understanding of the key forces underlying various real estate related investments from unsecuritized local commercial properties to real estate-based financial derivatives traded on Wall Street. This module is ideal for students considering a career in commercial real estate management or investment. It is also an excellent background for those interested in a career in investment management, banking, or private equity due to the strong emphasis on fundamental and financial analysis.

Because the real estate landscape is ever evolving, we will build upon a rigorous foundation of fundamental relationships by meeting with various industry professionals who work in commercial real estate every day. Guest speakers will visit our class from the local area as well as nationally. We will also take class trips to visit firms where they do business. In fact, the module will culminate with a class trip to New York City where we will meet leading developers, hedge fund managers, and other experts in the field. In addition to knowledge, the importance of making contacts in the field cannot be overstated.

Acquisition of skills will be confirmed through the completion of ARGUS software projects, case studies, periodic mini-exams, and a final class project. For those students who are interested, you will have an opportunity to become certified using ARGUS (the industry software standard). In sum, this module merges quantitative fundamentals with a strong emphasis on building practical and applied skills while keeping a focus on building your social network to find employment upon graduation.