Demand is strong for MBAs who are well-versed in the healthcare industry. Healthcare experts Associate Professor Chon Abraham and Director of the Health Sector Program, Lou Rossiter, have designed this course to help students develop an understanding of key issues that are transforming healthcare, how business concepts apply, and enable them to acquire some practical experience. This module is ideal for MBA students potentially seeking employment in this sector, and for those who will have to deal with these issues in consulting and financial management.

The course is primarily seminar based to provide a forum for discussion of foundational concepts relative to each week's topic. There will also be weekly guest speakers, who will provide up-to-the-minute input from the field on topics being discussed in class. Guest speakers are from organizations who are interested in hiring students, or key healthcare organizations in the surrounding area up through Northern VA, as well as alumni in the healthcare sector. Trips to local healthcare affiliated organizations or events will further provide insight and relevance on location.