2018 Spring Registration

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How to register for second year MBA Spring classes

Full Description
Registration Spring 2018

Registration will open on October 23 through November 2.  Registration will then close from November 3 through November 14.  The adjustment period for you to make any changes to your registration will re-open November 15 until the end of the Add/Drop period on January 25.

Degree Requirements

Confirm your degree and concentration requirements and confirm that you do not have any holds in Banner prior to registering for class.

 Global Competitive Strategy (BUAD 5901) originally listed on your degree requirements, is now being taught in the first year core. The second year Global Competitive Strategy course number changed to BUAD 6951. You will need to register for one of the two sections offered on Tuesday and Thursday based on your elective schedule.

How to Register

To view classes go to Banner – my.wm.edu and select the B icon to access Banner.  Once logged-in to Banner, navigate to the student tab, select registration, and then begin by looking up classes to add.  You can then search Business and Graduate Business courses.  Please note that there is a location tab available if you only wanted to see courses at Miller Hall or on the Peninsula Center.

Courses that have not yet been assigned a permanent course number are listed under BUAD 6951 – Business Research Seminar. If you are not using the Advanced Search feature, these all appear as one line. You must click on the course to expand the list.

Course Descriptions

To better understand a course, please go to the Graduate Catalog to read the course description.  Some of the topic courses (BUAD 6951) do not have course descriptions in the Graduate Catalog because they were not available at the time the catalog was published so you will see them directly in Banner. 

Course Numbers

We have two additional graduate programs (Masters of Business Analytics and Online MBA) and our course numbering system has changed.  Please review your course options carefully so you don’t get registration errors if you are registering for the incorrect course. Please see the key below for easy reference when identifying courses:

  •  All core classes begin in the 5 thousand series, for example Global Competitive Strategy is 5901 or 5903.
  • All elective classes begin in the 6 thousand series.
  • The ending digit in the course number designates the program, for instance, 6641 is an elective for FT and Flex MBA.
 Courses Available to you:
  • MBA (Full-time and Flex electives) - Courses ending in 1
  • MBA (Flex MBA) – Courses ending in 3
  • MAcc* (Master of Accounting) – Courses ending in 9

 *These classes are only available after the Request to Take Non-Program/Business Course form is completed).  Registration for classes is available after December 18.

 Courses NOT available to you:
  • Master of Business Analytics – Courses ending in 2
  • Executive MBA – Courses ending in 5
  • Online MBA – Courses ending in 7
  • First-year MBA Electives, not available for Second-year:

BUAD 6331 01

Corporate Financial Strategy


BUAD 6411 01

Marketing Research


BUAD 6521 01

Management Consulting


BUAD 6521 01

Management Consulting


BUAD 6701 01

Data Science for Managers


BUAD 6951 12

BRS-Health Sys Fin Perform


BUAD 6951 14

BRS-Real Estate Investments


BUAD 6951 16

BRS-Intro to Innovation & Entr



Advising appointments are available by contacting the MBA Program at mba.program@mason.wm.edu.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


 Michele Mitchell, M.Ed.

Associate Director of MBA Programs

T   757-221-2895

E   mrmit2@wm.edu

W  mason.wm.edu