Student and Alumni Perspectives

"I really respect W&M for the honor code -- both because it shows respect and trust in students' integrity, and because it's real preparation for the real world."

Maria H. '01

"The Honor Code is unique in that students' own and enforce the code. It is not just an institutional rule to be broken or adhered to. I believe that W&M grads enter the work force more prepared to deal with difficult ethical issues because of their experience with the Honor Code."

Stephanie P. '90

"People are continually amazed when I would tell them how I could leave my laptop sitting on a table in the library for 20 minutes, or leave the door to my room open, without worry that things would be taken when I returned. And I'm hardly alone in this respect - I hear other alums tell similar stories frequently, and all of us chalk it up to the presence of a good honor code and student self-determination. When students feel like they have a say in how their community operates, they're more inclined to take care of it well."

Danny H. '08

"W&M's Honor Code is an essential part of grooming tomorrow's leaders. Young men and women refine their personal sense of ethics only by applying it to real world situations. In this way, W&M goes further than most universities by teaching context, not just content."

Sharon W. '77

"Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity. Personal responsibility is at the core. It is black and white. No gray area. Everyone's obligations and responsibilities are clearly defined and easily understood."

Alan J. '83