Graduate Business Honor Council

Any matters, issues, or potential infractions of the Honor Code in any graduate business program will be brought before the Graduate Business Honor Council, which is made up of students from the full-time MBA, Flex MBA, EMBA, MSBA and MAcc programs, with the goal of promoting and upholding the Honor Code at Mason.  The Graduate Business Honor Council will hear all cases and rule on outcomes accordingly. All Honor Council meetings, hearings, and outcomes are held under complete confidentiality. The Honor Code presumes that our community is trustworthy; thus, it is necessary to confront behavior before one reports a matter for review by the Council.  

Our process begins with a personal discussion (accusation) whereby the person observing the conduct asks for an explanation. The personal accusation should be made in as timely a manner as possible. Only if the explanation proves inadequate to negate the inference of a possible violation, should an official report be filed. Official accusations should be forwarded to the Graduate Business Honor Council at Mason Honor Council and/or reported to the Dean of Students. Note: If you are accused, report to the Honor Council within 24 hours.

Beth Fleming, Chair
Jillian Brooks, Vice-Chair
2017-2018 Graduate Business School Honor Council

Please see William & Mary Honor Councils for more information.