The Marketing specialization gives you an in-depth understanding of the concepts, tools, and practices of modern marketing. Brand management, B2B marketing, marketing analytics, segmentation, positioning, account management, as well as other marketing topics, will hone your skills to develop and implement successful marketing strategies.

Specialization Requirements

Fall Semester
Career Acceleration Module (required)
+ 1 Elective from the list below
Spring Semester
2 Electives from the list below
Available Electives
  • Design Thinking Advanced Tech
  • Design Thinking Foundations
  • Corporate Financial Policy
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Comm and Digital
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Managing Change (Leadership & Planned Change)
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Database Management
  • Principles of Negotiation
  • Field Consultancy
* Electives and Requirements are subject to change as industry demands change