Global Immersion

Our international courses help students experience global business management first-hand.

MBA faculty members understand how important it is for business students to have experiences with global analysis and cultural immersion. MBA students may enroll in one or more international elective courses that include travel abroad. You will stretch the boundaries of the classroom and expand your professional portfolio through meaningful global experiences that place you in a variety of business environments in countries across the globe. Whether it is in a call center in India, a manufacturing facility in Viet Nam, or a banking boardroom in Greece, you will gain a valuable, on-the-ground perspective of doing business outside of the United States.

Primary objectives for professors teaching international business courses include:

  1. Introducing you to the interactive concepts of business decision making in the global environment
  2. Enabling you to understand cultural issues at the corporate, national, and transnational levels
  3. Providing insights on effective decision making in unfamiliar or cross-cultural settings

International destinations that have been offered in the MBA Program include Cuba, Indonesia/Singapore, Rome/Athens and SE Asia (Cambodia, Thailand & Viet Nam).

In many cases, student loan funds may be utilized to cover additional educational expenses incurred by choosing to study in an international location.