Flex Application Deadlines

Applying for Fall
Applying for Spring
Round 1* Round 2 Round 1* Round 2
April 1 June 1 September 1 November 1

*If you are planning to apply for the Flex MBA 1693 Scholarship, be sure to have your application completed by the Round 1 Deadline.

The Flex MBA Program admits students two times a year - in Fall (August start) and in Spring (January start). 
Round 1 Deadline - April 1st for Fall Applications and September 1st for Spring Applications. 

Benefits for applications who hit the Round 1 Deadline include:

  • Eligible to apply for NEW Flex MBA 1693 Scholarship
  • Receive an early decision, guaranteeing a cohort slot if admitted to the Program
  • Special invitation to exclusive "Lunch with the Dean" for all Round 1 prospects who are admitted into the program
  • $100 application fee waived
Round 2 Deadline - June 1st for the Fall Applications and November 1st for Spring Applications.

This deadline is the latest we suggest you apply, as the cohort begins filling rapidly after this date. After the Round 2 Deadline, we move to a rolling admissions process until the cohort is at capacity. Anyone admitted after the cohort has filled will be placed on a waitlist with a guaranteed deferral to the next term. The Round 2 Deadline is the final deadline for having the $100 application fee waived.