EMBA 2014 goes to China

    LAND OF OPPORTUNITY  China, thanks to its amazing growth year-after-year, has become a focus for many western businesses.  
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Immersive learning at Fudan University in Shanghai

Midway through your Executive MBA program you will study with top professionals at Fudan University in Shanghai. This one-week immersion experience will expose you to:

Marketing to the Chinese consumer

The fast-growing yet emerging nature of the Chinese economy means their consumer market is materially different from the U.S. market. You will learn how to segment the Chinese consumer market, how to appeal to their consumers in branding and pricing strategies.

Global Environment of Business

Learn how the Chinese see their position in the global economy and their views on the management of their currency, the yuan. This is crucial, as the yuan stands a good chance of becoming a co-reserve currency along with the U.S. dollar over the next 10 years.

Financial Management

Study the Chinese capital markets, how credit is allocated, and how the stock exchanges operate in an environment where most of the large companies are state-owned.

Management of Operations Systems

China's state-owned companies are moving rapidly to learn and adopt U.S. and other western advanced operations systems, yet are modifying them to work in their unique situation. Understand what this means for supply chain management, costs and competition.


You will also have the opportunity to meet with close to 100 international expatriates working in Hong Kong. Meet China-hands in your industry and build contacts that can help you. The experience includes visits to several important Chinese industrial and service operations where you can learn and see first-hand the magnitude and scope of their efforts.


Before the immersion experience in China, you will participate in discussions and lectures regarding the current economic and political issues in China. Via international video-conference, you will meet and hear from the architect of the Hong Kong Currency Board regarding China's monetary and exchange rate policy. Meet with some of our Executive Partners who have lived and worked in China.  Through collaboration with W&M's Confucius Institute, one of only a few dozen in the U.S., learn some basic Mandarin and practice Chinese business customs, including a negotiation session held through use of an interpreter.