Dr. Kelly Crace - Human Flourishing

Dr. Kelly Crace

Episode 97: Nov. 28, 2017

Human Flourishing

When it comes to your life and your career, how are you doing? Would you say you are flourishing? Most people don't use that term to describe their life, career, and mindset. In fact, most of us are chronic evaluators. We spend much of our time judging ourselves, and when we do that, it becomes difficult to flourish. Our guest today helps professionals and students get to a deeper place - to a consistent level of productivity, fulfillment, and resilience. A place of human flourishing. Dr. Kelly Crace is Associate Vice President for Health and Wellness at the College of William & Mary, and joins us today to discuss human flourishing, and how you can move to a different - and better - level.

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Show Notes
  • What does it mean to flourish
  • What do people who flourish strive for
  • How does the Authentic Excellence Initiative assist in flourishing
  • What traits must a person have to flourish
  • Who is the type of person that flourishes
  • What kind of relationship must one have with one's values
  • How often should one reassess one's values
  • The difference between aspirational vs operational values
  • What is the relationship between values and fear
  • The importance of managing stress vs reducing stress
  • How do you thrive and flourish through grief, loss, and heartbreak
  • Chronic evaluative vs expressive mindsets
  • How do you change how you process fear neurologically

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