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This online GRE Preparation Course combines the structure and professional instruction of a traditional classroom course with the convenience and flexibility of a self-guided-at-home study program. A detailed syllabus guides you step-by-step through the math, verbal, and essay portions of the GRE, as well as provides you with practice problems, full-length practice tests, and textbook review.


Course includes:

  • 30 hours of on-demand online GRE instruction covering all aspects of the GRE, including GREQuant (Discrete Problem Solving, Quantitative Comparisons, and Data Interpretation), GRE Verbal (Sentence Completions and Reading Comprehension), and the Essays
  • Detailed course syllabus
  • Textbook - the Official Guide to the GRE, 2nd Edition (Kindle version if outside the U.S. or if requested)
  • Five (5) full-length computer-adaptive GRE practice tests plus two (2) full-length paper GRE practice tests included in the course textbook
  • Backed by a guarantee for GRE score improvement - instructor will work with you free of charge until you reach your target GRE score
  • Vocabulary list of the 400 most commonly-tested words on the GRE
  • Email and phone support as needed with your instructor



Lectures are available on demand.



* A weekly one (1) hour "office hours" session with the instructor to get your questions answered and two (2) additional practice tests can be purchased for an additional $100. Please contact us for details and registration link for this option.


During this course you will learn:

  • How to take advantage of the computer-adaptive nature of the GRE scoring including how and when to skip questions to boost your score right out of the gate
  • Non-standard math techniques to get more right answers on even the most challenging of GRE quantitative questions
  • A step-by-step framework for answering GRE Quantitative Comparison questions
  • A thorough math review of all the topic areas tested in the GRE quantitative section - arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis - with direct applications to real former GRE questions
  • How geometric figures work on the GRE, and how to get right answers even if you don't know how to do the relevant math
  • The 400 most commonly-tested vocabulary words on the GRE
  • Tactics for getting right answers on Sentence Completion questions even if you don't know what words in the sentences or answer choices mean
  • Reading comprehension tips and strategies
  • Parts of a logical argument and the most common patterns of arguments so that you can quickly and accurately identify an author's underlying assumption(s) and write an exceptional "Analysis of an Argument" essay in under 30 minutes
  • How to write a bullet-proof Issue Essay in under 30 minutes
  • General test-taking do's and don'ts
  • Tips on how to win the "inner game" of the GRE so that you can overcome your test anxiety and show up on test day full of confidence and perform your absolute best
  • And more

The GRE Preparation Course will provide all the materials and instruction to ensure:

  • A higher GRE score
  • Increased confidence on test day
  • A clear game plan for how to answer every type of question that comes your way
  • Knowledge on how to proceed even if you feel stuck on a certain type of question
Who Should Attend

Our GRE Preparation Course is appropriate for:

Anyone who is serious about boosting his/ her GRE score and getting into the graduate program or business school of his/ her choice!


Brett Ethridge

Brett received his undergraduate degree in Pubic Policy from Duke University and his Masters of International Finance from the University of Denver. Between earning his degrees, he spent two years in Madagascar doing community health education with the U.S. Peace Corps and upon his return helped launch a PR/ marketing firm in Washington, D.C.

Brett has spent much of the last ten years successfully teaching GRE and GMAT prep classes to hundreds of students. In addition, to teaching, Brett pursues his love of entrepreneurship by developing and operating multiple businesses.

Brett is also proud to be an Associate Member of AIGAC, the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants.

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