Executive Education - Leadership Development from Virginia's Historic Battlefields

- Rosanna Koppelmann, CCE Executive Director

CCE participants visit Yorktown BattlefieldIn 2011, the Apprentice School at Newport News Shipbuilding, a Huntington Ingalls, Inc. company, approached the Center for their leadership training and development needs.  The CCE took an unconventional approach and designed, in collaboration with faculty from the History department, a curriculum that integrates leadership from a historical perspective, using scenarios of conflict management and relationship building as the basis for understanding how the Battle of Yorktown was won.  During the program, participants visit the historic battlefields and examine the leadership decisions made by key historic figures in what has been considered the most important battle of the Revolutionary War.  Under the guidance of History Professors from William & Mary, participants trade places with commanding forces to examine the risk of failure and opportunities for success. The program is now in its sixth year of delivery and has educated more than 100 Apprentice School students. 
It’s been said there are two types of leaders, those that seek success and those who try to avoid failure.  At the Center for Corporate Education (CCE) we develop programs that help business professionals find a balanced approach for managing them both.  Through our cross-disciplinary approach, the Center incorporates training and learning from other disciplines designed to grow critical skills and behaviors necessary for successful leadership.  Leadership is not one-directional, and your professional development and training shouldn’t be either.  The Center uses a variety of teaching strategies and approaches to introduce leadership skills and behaviors that are sustainable during the course of your leadership journey that include non-traditional ways of learning. 

This is one of several ways the CCE implements approaches from partners on our campus to create a dynamic leadership experience for participants.  We are committed to developing meaningful and relevant business programs for organizations seeking a rigorous professional development opportunity for their top talent.  Our programs are designed by our award-winning faculty, who bring a rich experience through the combination of their research and practitioner based experience to every student we touch.  Where will your leadership journey take you?