Thomas Tull - Machine Learning and Human Interface

Thomas Tull

Episode 112: March 20, 2019

Machine Learning and Human Interface

It's difficult to put one label on Thomas Tull - he's an entrepreneur. He's the founder of Legendary Entertainment, the maker of blockbuster movies. He's part-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he's an innovator. Tull is the Founder and CEO of Tulco, and operating company that transforms existing businesses by bringing in great management teams and technology. He recently visited with students at William & Mary's School of Business. Afterwards, he sat down with us to talk about the intersection of machine learning and human interface. When to listen, and when not to listen, and how to have a job and career you love.

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Show Notes and Transcript
Show Notes
  • What made Thomas Tull want to become an entrepreneur
  • How did Tull make Legendary more efficient
  • How do you know when to take risks in business decisions
  • When should you listen to advisors
  • Why did Tull invest in the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • What are the parallels between the movie industry and the NFL
  • How does Tulco help established businesses succeed
  • How to lead during a transformational change
  • How does machine learning change the way we do business
  • What is a best practice for incorporating data science into business operations
  • What should professionals know regarding artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • How important is it for professionals to know thyself

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