Matt Siano - Life on Wall Street

Matt Siano

Episode 113: April 3, 2019

Life on Wall Street

Life and career on Wall Street. It has changed considerably since the days of power ties, suspenders, and slicked-back hair. As the world and business continuously evolve, so do the firms and jobs on Wall Street. The number of business school grads pursuing jobs there has dropped compared to years' past. But, graduates with other degrees and experiences are now employed by Wall Street firms. Matt Siano is Managing Director, General Counsel at Two Sigma Investments, a New York-based hedge fund. He also serves as an adjunct professor at William & Mary's Raymond A. Mason School of Business. Siano was here on campus for the recent Women's Stock Pitch and Leadership summit. And while here, he talked with us about his life on Wall Street, how Wall Street has changed, and where it's headed.

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Show Notes and Transcript
Show Notes
  • How did Matt Siano end up working on Wall Street
  • What is Two Sigma Investments
  • What was the culture of Wall Street 20 years ago
  • How has the culture of Wall Street changed
  • What caused Wall Street to change and evolve
  • How is stock traded these days
  • What is the future of Wall Street
  • What type of personality succeeds on Wall Street
  • What makes a good Wall Street lawyer
  • How does one get a job on Wall Street

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