Winners announced in Carlyle Group's annual case competition

Two teams of students at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business won the 2017 Carlyle Case Competition, held February 17 at William & Mary's Miller Hall. The Carlyle Group sponsors the challenge which provides students with the opportunity to put their education to work in a real-world, complex business situation.

This year's case asked participants to analyze the acquisition of a construction company in order to determine the most profitable scenario. Teams of three or four students had one week to study the case and present their recommendations in a presentation to judges Thomas Mayrhofer ‘95, Managing Director of The Carlyle Group, Benjamin Hull ‘14, and Mike Yankovich, ‘16.

“The competition is a great way for students to apply what they have learned in the classroom in a professional business setting,” said Manny Enriquez-Hesles, Finance Academy Vice President and coordinator of the event. “This year's competition included some challenging nuances including analyzing multiple scenarios, much like you would see in the real world. Exposure to an LBO (leverage buyout) model at the undergraduate level is rare and sets our students apart in the hiring process and prepares them for their full-time roles.”

Hosted by the Boehly Center's Finance Academy, a student-led organization aimed at helping undergraduates pursue careers in finance, the annual event is a valuable learning opportunity. Freshmen Alexis Kim was encouraged by the experience. “We kind of just jumped in head first and definitely learned a lot along the way in terms of excel and LBO evaluations, and even just presenting in front of people that are so distinguished,” she said.


FIRST PLACE WINNERS (tie) - Team 1: Charlie Hollerith, Bryan Froelich Gardiner, Fredrik Giaver and Eric Bamford

FIRST PLACE WINNERS (tie) - Team 4: David Hollingsworth, Heein Choi, Maria Grøner and Alan Zhang