Mason School selected to host 2017 MBA for Working Professionals Conference

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business has been selected to host the 2017 MBA for Working Professionals Conference, an affinity group of AACSB-International.

This year's conference took place at UCLA where 137 MBA professionals from 71 business schools from across the globe gathered at the new Luskin Conference Center. Two members of the Mason School of Business MBA Programs for Working Professionals team, Kimberly Mallory and Macie Osborn, were in attendance this year and led a session on William & Mary's Flex MBA Program Student Ambassador effort.

Other sessions focused on research data on the MBA industry, market demand, enrollment trends, corporate collaborations, envisioning the future of the MBA degree, differentiation and specialization, faculty engagement, and community building.  Sharing best practices with each other and championing innovations across the MBA world is a hallmark of the MBA for Working Professionals group.

William & Mary took the spotlight at the very end of the conference and accepted the torch from UCLA for hosting the 24th annual conference in 2017.

"We are looking forward to bringing the MBA world to William & Mary next Fall," said Kimberly Mallory.  "The spirit of collaboration is strong with the group, and Williamsburg will be a great place to continue the tradition in 2017.”