Country analysis competition showcases MBA students’ international savvy

Success in today’s business climate requires an understanding of international policy and economic conditions in countries across the globe. This past Wednesday, MBA students showcased their international savvy by taking part in a Country Analysis Competition, hosted at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William & Mary.

Throughout the day, groups of five to six MBA students presented economic issues facing countries assigned to their group and offered solutions in front of a panel of judges. The judges critiqued each groups’ performance based on quality of research, analysis of their assigned country’s situation, and the credibility of the solutions offered.

By the afternoon, the judges narrowed the field to the top four presentations. Each group who made the cut was tasked with selecting the three most critical points from their original presentation, which they presented to the panel for final judging.  

MGJW Mark Adams ‘16, MGJW David Addams ‘16, Nour Al-Aameri ‘17, Megan Peden ‘17, Priyanka Ranganathan ‘17, and Ahmed Soliman ’17, who made up Germany Team One, received the judges’ nod. The team took home the first place prize of $750.  The second place team was awarded $500, and the final two teams, having tied for third, each went home with $250.

The competition, led by Franklin E. Robeson, Professor Emeritus, was the final piece of an assignment for a Business, Government, and Global Economy course that aims to help students gain an understanding of the macroeconomic conditions and performance of a selected country.  “The first year MBAs took the Country Analysis Project in the Global Economics class and transformed it into a terrific shared learning experience,” said Robeson. “It was also great fun.”