Full-Time MBA Specializations & Experiential Learning

Pre-MBA Prep (Summer)
W&M Accounting and Quantitative Skills Pre-Requisite Bootcamp

This week-long immersion in accounting, Excel and MBA math will prepare you to succeed in our First-Year core curriculum. The course will be delivered by our Full-Time faculty who will later teach your Accounting and Data Analysis classes. Attendance is required of all enrolling Full-Time MBAs. An assessment will be provided by MBA Admissions in the late spring to determine exemption from the Math portion of the bootcamp. Candidates possessing a CPA will be able to opt out of the Accounting portion. No candidate will be exempt from the Excel course as the content covered is necessary for your future quantitative classes. The program runs Monday - Friday, before MBA Orientation and fee of approximately $450 will be added to your Fall tuition statement. For additional information, please contact [[m|mba.program]].


Experiential Learning

  • Sprint Week

  • Career Acceleration Modules

  • The Principled Professional

  • Field Consultancy

  • Batten Fund

  • Global Immersion

Experiential Learning Information

Professionals choose William & Mary because our full-time program is more than an extension of an undergraduate degree. We will encourage you to step beyond your comfort zone and experience real world scenarios with the support of your cohort.

Our unique blend of experiential learning opportunities challenges our students to become leaders who are resilient and confident in the workplace. Whether it's the intensive pressure to deliver during Sprint Week, face-to-face interaction with a client in the Field Consultancy program, or managing investment transactions through the Batten Fund, our students learn how to creatively and strategically solve the complex problems they will experience professionally.

experiential learning information
Sprint Week

Unique to William & Mary, Sprints are an opportunity for students to apply their classroom learning to a complex, real-world scenario in a controlled and competitive environment. This intensive week-long simulation occurs during the break between classes in both the fall and spring. Students are required to work with their cohort to solve a crisis management challenge or a multifaceted business problem with the help of their Executive Partners, alumni, and industry professionals.

Career Acceleration Modules

Career Acceleration Modules (CAMs) put our students right in the action with a real company facing an ambiguous business problem, and by working in teams, they develop applicable solutions – all in seven weeks. A core requirement for all second-year MBA students, CAMs use lectures, case studies, exercises, guest speakers and site visits to bring our students to the cutting edge of thought, theory and practice in three distinct industries.

The Principled Professional

The research is compelling: organizations consistently rank strong leadership acumen among the top characteristics they look for in potential new hires. The Mason School’s Principled Professional course prepares you to meet this demand by blending an interactive classroom environment with distinctive experiential learning opportunities giving students the tools they’ll need to find success in the field.

More than just an innovative curriculum, The Principled Professional sets itself apart from other business school programs by providing First-Year MBA students with a personal leadership coach. This invaluable one-on-one experience, unique to the Mason School, partners you with one of our experienced Executive Partners who will challenge and guide your interpersonal skills and expand your leadership potential.

This is not a typical course. It is a program designed to enhance your effectiveness by promoting your professional development and supporting your absorption of key leadership skills. Your EP coach will partner with you in this effort. In the program, we will focus on the following domains of leadership practice:

  1. Leader as Highly Skilled Individual: Who shows up when you walk into the room?
    • What do you bring to the table?
    • What are your core strengths & how can you best communicate them?
    • How do you know how you show up?
    You will work along with your coach to clarify your strengths and your values so you develop expertise that enables you to do your best work and you strengthen your ability to "story-tell" you.
  2. Leader as Principled Influencer of the Team: How do you have conversations that matter?
    • Do you understand how well-intentioned people end up in ethical lapses?
    • How comfortable and skilled are you at making your voice appropriately heard?
    • How skilled are you at making space for other voices?
    You and our EPs will work together to increase your comfort and skill in making your voice heard for the good of the team and organization. This includes both being able to assert yourself, as well as to read others, and then make adjustments so everyone can do their best work.
  3. Leader as Principled and Collaborative Enterprise Manager: How do you help the parts work together to achieve larger system objectives?
    • How are you able to create coordinated action?
    • How do you establish principled purpose?
    You and our EPs will work to enhance your ability to develop and translate strategy into coordinated action.

At the Mason School, our goal is to energize you to “Be the Difference.” The Principled Professional builds on that commitment by inspiring you to strive for excellence in yourself and those around you. You’ll emerge a compelling and principled leader with the interpersonal and problem-solving skills that are sought after by today’s businesses.

Field Consultancy

An elective that takes place over 7 weeks in year two, the Field Consultancy program pairs second-year MBA students with real clients from the mid-Atlantic region to solve multidisciplinary problems, replicating a true consultancy experience.

“The Field Consultancy program was an exceptional opportunity to apply our business education to an actual business problem, and provide our clients with something of genuine value.”
– Wes Atwood, MBA ’13: Brand Manager, Sanofi
“[This] is an outstanding partnership with tangible benefits. For companies, it offers quality, insightful, open-minded evaluations of business challenges. The team’s recommendations are actionable and practical.”
– Craig Connors, Vice-President of PACE, Riverside Health System
Batten Fund

A full-year elective for second-year MBA students, the Batten Fund is an exclusive opportunity to learn the challenges and rewards of investing in equities with a real investment portfolio. Selected students will:

  • Work as a fund analyst alongside a designated portfolio manager.
  • Gain hands-on, resume-building experience researching stocks, developing an investment thesis, and completing a valuation analysis.
  • Receive valuable guidance and insights from the School of Business's professional team of Executive Partners.
  • Get unparalleled access to leading financial analysts, investment consultants, portfolio managers, speakers, and other industry experts.
The Batten Fund was made possible by a donation from former Landmark Communications Chairman, Frank Batten, Sr. and his wife Jane Batten.
Global Immersion

During breaks in the academic calendar, students can elect to travel with our Global Immersions series to experience global business practices first-hand.

  • Be introduced to the interactive concepts of decision-making on a global level.
  • Understand the broad cultural issues at the corporate, national and transnational levels.
  • Gain insight on effective decision-making in unfamiliar or cross-cultural settings. 

Student loans may be utilized to cover additional educational expenses incurred by choosing to study in an international location.

Countries from past global immersions are: Cuba, Germany, Belgium, China, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Italy, and Greece.