B2B Career Acceleration Module (CAM)

The Career Acceleration Module is one of several mechanisms by which The Mason School of Business attempts to "Bring Business into the Business School." Each CAM is designed to be a seven-week, intensive immersion in a particular career track, which is delivered by two faculty members. The number of class contact hours in the CAM is identical to two traditional MBA classes, but are condensed into a much shorter, seven-week schedule with classes lasting 4-5 hours per day, 4 days per week.

Another unique feature is that students are only enrolled in the CAM of their choice- no additional courses are taken during that CAM. The condensed schedule and single CAM focus provides faculty members with significant flexibility in the types of activities that can be used in CAMs. This allows for students to take trips, often lasting several days, to visit exemplar firms to learn about best practices. Executive panels and discussions can be much more intensive and last much longer than the traditional 1-3 hour MBA class.