Lawrence  Bertagni


For 28 years, Bertagni worked extensively in business systems design and development, business process reengineering comprised of outsourcing and in-sources of business and IT services, and operations for Caltex Corporation. Caltex is an international refining and marketing operations firm located in more than 60 countries in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, China, and Africa. Bertagni became CIO of Caltex, and over his tenure there spent 12 years overseas between Singapore and Australia.

He began working with SAP, the largest European software company, and implemented several large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems including a single standardized multi-language business process ERP across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, China, and Africa that featured finance, supply chain, production, sales, distribution, and eBusiness. Following retirement, he worked as a consultant for ChevronTexaco as an IT 'pathfinder' for the merger of the two companies and as leader of their worldwide strategic ERP planning team.

Bertagni has a bachelor's degree in marketing from Long Island University.