Katie  Snyder


As an executive coach and consultant, I specialize in working with leaders who are committed to grow their leadership capability and live into their full potential.  I help clients discover and build their psychological capital to find hidden opportunity in their challenges and dreams for the future.  I am a pioneer in the application of Positive Psychology in business and specifically how this science can be applied to build leadership capability, resilience, and the bottom line.

Katie has over 30 years of experience with DuPont in manufacturing and business leadership were she was known for her strong execution focus, creative solutions, and building strong teams with positive work environments.  In her most recent position she managed a half a billion dollar business and served as the President of the wholly owned DuPont subsidiary First Chemical Corporation.  Her experiences at DuPont included 18 years in a variety of manufacturing assignments and 14 years managing speciality and commodity business’.  Katie was a DuPont plant manager at age 34 and managed some of the largest manufacturing units in the company.  Notable business assignments included the international acquisition of Antec International in the UK and South Africa and a business manager assignment for Kevlar and Nomex in industrial applications such as automotive, aerospace, and fiber optics.  Katie also served on the board of the Toray-DuPont joint venture in Japan.

Katie earned a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, MAPP, from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013 and further extended her studies with a 10 day intensive Neuroscience Bootcamp at the University of Pennsylvania.  In addition she holds a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering with honors from Oklahoma State University.  Katie leads the MAPP Alumni Grant Program and co-leads the MAPP Alumni Continuing Professional Education program.