Alain  Rigal


Alain Rigal is the President of PRESUS INC.; a consulting firm specialized in Strategic Management. Before founding PRESUS, in 1989, Alain Rigal was the Treasurer of UNICEF, the well known U.N. agency working for the children worldwide, with a budget of over $1Billion. With the appointment of Alain Rigal, it was the first time that market opportunities were used to save money for development programs and to fund “micro credit" facilities in remote villages around the world. Under Alain Rigal’s leadership, UNICEF started to use the purchase and sale of discounted government bonds to meet its international payment obligations when in local currency. Using this technique,  some payments could be reduced by 50% of their dollar amount.  At this time, Alain Rigal was appointed as advisor to the UN Pension Fund with assets of $40Billion, for the cash portion of the Fund.  During his service at the UN, Alain Rigal was later  invited to head the Economic & Finance Division of the UN Institute of Training and Research, a UN Think Tank, in charge of Training Central Bankers  

Before joining the UN in 1984, Alain Rigal was a director of Banque Rothschild Paris (at that time renamed l'Européenne de Banque) where he was in charge of the operations of the bank  in Europe and the USA. Alain Rigal started his banking career with the Far Eastern Division of Banque Indosuez , now Credit Agricole, in Bangkok and Paris. Alain Rigal graduated with Honors from the Institute Supérieur de Gestion (I.S.G.), the well known Paris Business School. Since 2000, Alain Rigal is the President of the International network of the Alumni Association of ISG. After graduation, in lieu of military service, Alain Rigal was selected for a minor but exciting Foreign Service position as French Commercial attaché in Honduras CA. As a result of his overseas activities, Alain Rigal speaks 4 languages - all of them with an unmistakable French accent.