Richard  Sklar


Mr. Sklar received a BS in Engineering from the US Military Academy at West Point, NY and spent 22 years on active duty, retiring as a Colonel. His key assignments included spending 41 months in Vietnam, commanding 800 Infantry soldiers in Germany for 2 years and working for the Vice-Chief of Staff of the US Army in the Pentagon on a force modernization project. He received an MBA from the University of Missouri, IN Columbia between tours in Vietnam.

 Mr. Sklar then joined the Equitable (Now AXA) in NY City as Vice President responsible for creating proprietary microcomputer applications for the 10,000 person sales force. He than transferred to Denver, Colorado, to become a sales manager, spending a total of 11 years with the company.

 Mr. Sklar was then recruited to create a business school in Moscow, Russia, by US West (now Quest). (The school is still operating and is now owed by Thunderbird University). Mr. Sklar then became the HR Director of Pepsi’s largest bottling company in Russia while it was in the start up mode. He remained in Russia a total of 19 and ½ years, mostly consulting in the areas of sales and distribution, business operations and human resources. Most of his work was in the financial and fast moving consumer goods industries.