Jared  Bates

Jerry was raised in rural northern New York State and graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations.  He participated in the ROTC program at Cornell, married his college sweetheart and was commissioned as a lieutenant of Infantry when he graduated.  He began what became a 33 year career in the military.  He was able to serve as a junior line officer, staff officer, junior and senior commander and General Officer in a variety of organizations including light, parachute, mechanized Infantry and Armor units as well as Army Ranger units. He served two years in Viet Nam, 6 years in Germany and a year in the UK.   In addition to the normal continuing military education process, he was also able to pursue a Master’s in political science from the University of Kansas. His final assignment was as the Army’s Inspector General, answerable to both the Secretary of the Army and the Army Chief of Staff.  In the midst of all this, including 26 moves in 33 years, he and his wife raised a daughter and two sons and watched them grow up, attend college, marry and begin their own life journeys.  After retirement in 1997, he took a job with a small company that provided training to various Army organizations.  Running their US based business offered him an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of business from accounting and HR to business development, program management and profit and loss accountability.  The company was subsequently bought by a large defense company (L-3 Communications, Inc) and over time he ran two divisions of that company, the largest being a $750M unit with 3000 employees.  He retired from L-3Com in 2010.