Ken  Radtke


Former executive officer of the public company, Iron Mountain, Inc., Radtke was president of Iron Mountain Europe where he utilized strong business acumen in general management; marketing, branding and market/customer segmentation analysis and strategies, strategic planning/implementation, global M & A and business transformation disciplines.  He grew the company from two countries and $30mm in revenue to nineteen countries and $450mm in six years. Beginning his career in the banking industry, he worked his way through general management to restructuring distressed companies when he was asked to lead Dataport, a records and information management company located in New York City’s World Trade Center to solvency.  Accepting the role as president, he crossed into the information management and governance world where he continued executing business turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions and growing successful companies across 25 countries around the globe. His hands-on approach has allowed countless employees and students to develop skills in a wide range of business disciplines, as well as personal cultural understanding, inspiring them to gain success in their field.  A sought after international consultant, he connects, shares and mentors students, entry level employees and companies from all over the world, unbiased by language or cultural norms to find their areas of passion for business. Radtke has been a featured speaker at the United Nations, as well as international records, information management and governance industry association conferences and the Disaster Recovery Institute. He holds degrees from Elmhurst College and the University of Wisconsin.