William Kaufmann



Kaufmann is President of The Kaufmann Consulting Group, a change management and performance improvement consulting company for regional, national, and international corporations. The Kaufmann Consulting Group specializes in managing major change, merger and acquisition integration, turn-around management, strategic redirection, and accelerated growth. Clients have included SmithKline Beecham, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, AIPAC, Chief Justice for the State of New Jersey, International Business Interiors, and Parke-Davis/Warner-Lambert, to name a few. Locally, Kaufmann has consulted with Williamsburg Landing, the Chamber of Commerce, Convention & Visitors Bureau (merged to form the Alliance), and the Hotel & Motel Association. Each consulting project included a search for the top executive.

Kaufmann previously held the position of Vice President for several firms: Chemlawn, Brown-Forman Corporations, American Optical, and Questor Corporation. In addition to his current position, he is an Adjunct Professor at The Mason School of Business and has taught merger and acquisition integration and organization behavior there.  Kaufmann is semi-retired and is active in the community as President of the Williamsburg Rotary Foundation.

Kaufmann received a bachelor's degree from Springfield College and a master's degree from Arizona State University.