Andrew Lloyd-Williams - H-M

Andrew Lloyd-Williams

Computer and Internet Systems / Entrepreneurship


Lloyd-Williams began his career working in the UK with mainframe computers based on vacuum tubes, solving complex mathematical models of chemical reactions. His presentations to senior management earned him a newly created position pursuing sales and joint venture opportunities in Japan, where he lived for four years. He negotiated the acquisition of a major Japanese competitor and then returned to London as an International Marketing Manager. He then accepted a position in the US, and led a new program as Technology Assessment Manager, researching special materials. He moved on to launch a new business venture to develop Real Estate Listing Systems using CD-ROMs along with a new SONY handheld Multimedia Player. Lloyd-Williams personally developed the software for the player and for the weekly production of CD-ROMs. The new venture, HomeScope, Inc, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, secured successful operations in 20 markets.

Lloyd-Williams then joined a small company that developed Contract Management software and assisted with product development and refinement, followed by the successful launch of an IPO. Completing the circle, Lloyd-Williams returned to working with much smaller and more powerful computers, exploiting the latest technologies to provide disabled persons with the freedom to manage their own lives. In some ways, he found this to be the most satisfying of all his positions, and maintains an active interest in the application of technology to assist disabled and elderly people.

Lloyd-Williams earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics from Cambridge University, England, and an Executive MBA degree from Rutger’s University