Paul Langenus - H-M

Paul Langenus



Throughout his career with International Paper (IP) and the paper and packaging industry, Langenus had key responsibilities in the containerboard business, including directing the domestic and international sales and marketing, technical services, product development, customer service and business planning organizations. He was also heavily involved with strategic planning, logistics, credit, acquisitions and staffing. During his forty years with IP, he had assignments in five businesses and three staff groups. He initiated a program which brought Chinese interns to the company for periods up to one year. He also led a program which hired and mentored experienced MBA graduates.

Langenus served on the Board of Directors of TexCorr as well as several IP subsidiaries. He served on the Board of Directors of the Quarter Century Society, with three years as President and six years on the Board. Currently, he is Executive Director of the Society and consults in the paper and packaging industry. Langenus has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Villanova University. He also completed the Amos Tuck Executive Program, and he served in the U.S. Navy.