Frank Bowers - A-G

Frank Bowers

General Management


Bowers retired as the President of Cox Virginia Telecom after a 25-year senior management career. He transitioned Cox Virginia from a cable television provider to a multi-faceted communications company, including high-speed Internet and telephone services. He was involved in numerous acquisitions that doubled the size of the company in a two-year period. He initiated the launch of Cox Business Services that became the business model for Cox nationwide. Bowers remains involved in the telecommunications industry as a lobbyist at the state and federal levels on regulatory issues. He also had a 10-year career at General Electric Company in various marketing management positions for several of GE's engineering plastic products. 

Bowers has a bachelor's degree in engineering from the College of Environmental Sciences at Syracuse University. He also completed several executive programs at Emory University and GE's Crotonville Management School. Bowers is a board member of the Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association and the Hampton Roads Partnership.