Graduate Assistantships

Every year we assign a limited number of Graduate Assistantships. The process is competitive.

All MAcc Graduate Assistantships are granted for either full or partial assignments and are paid on an hourly basis per time worked. Full assignments require 10 hours of work per week during the fall and spring semesters (15 weeks each) and partial assignments require 5 hours per week during the same period. Both full and partial assignments require hourly timesheets in order to be paid. Full assignments pay up to $4000 total for the academic year and partial assignments pay up to $2000. The money is deposited directly into your account during the semester and is subject to taxes. Hours of employment are arranged between the student and professor(s). Duties typically include research work with a professor but may also involve grading undergraduate exams or, an assistant in the MAcc admissions or program offices.

The MAcc Program office will email all interested incoming students a link to a survey for completing their GA Application. All resumes and applications will be forwarded to faculty and staff for review and assignments. Students will be notified of their awards (if applicable) during the first week of class in August. 

Students who are awarded Graduate Assistantships and who then participate in the Winter Field Experience program may need to forfeit their Graduate Assistantships for the spring semester. Incoming spring students and continuing students who remain on campus may then apply for those positions.