Networking and the W&M Community


Find and connect with Mason's alumni to easily grow your network. Log into LinkedIn's W&M page, then sort through categories like "Where They Live", "Where They Work", or "What They Do" to find alumni by location, company, or job function. For full information and an instructional video, go to

Mason Alumni Career Champions

Access a higher caliber of support in your career aspirations. The Mason Career Champion Program connects alumni with the next generation of students as you navigate your career search and explore new opportunities across various industries and functions.


Research and connect directly with alumni in order to tap into a powerful support system. Create an account in William & Mary's my1693 —click the "Register" link in the top right corner, then select "Alumni". Click the link within the second option to create a request for a new user account. Search for alumni by Class Year, Alumni or Alumni Chapter Locations (U.S. or Worldwide), or by Name.