The Summer Start-up Program

Our goal is to holistically support you with your continued professional development, along with your internship and full-time job search - which is why the GCMC offers an exclusive program designed to help you identify, pursue and ultimately secure the opportunities you're interested in. Here you'll meet and connect with your advisor to begin building a relationship that will serve you throughout your journey - with invaluable coaching and support throughout.

"GCMC has a profound impact on my professional and personal development during the MBA, and it started even before arriving on campus. The availability of my advisor to discuss every detail of this new experience was key to make me feel confident and prepared for the challenges that were coming. The support I had from the team helped me recover faster when I did not land the job. They helped me bounce back, understand where I could improve, and showed me the tools that I should take advantage of - a huge factor that helped me secure a job opportunity three months before graduation. There are no words to define my gratitude towards GCMC. This team marked my MBA experience and life, and I will always look back with joy when I remember crossing the doors of the Career Center."

Gustavo Lambert
Gustavo Lambert, MBA 2020
Senior Business Analyst
Capital One


Get a jump on your search by preparing early - here's how. The Summer Start-Up Program gives you invaluable tools to assist you in your search. You'll engage in a self-assessment process and work to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. From there you'll explore various career paths and develop an effective resume. A vital part of the process is learning important self-branding skills to help you stand out, as well as honing your internship and job search strategies.

During the Summer Start-Up Program you'll:
  • Use the premier online self-assessment program CareerLeaderTM to complete a career valuation
  • Work one-on-one with an experienced career advisor
  • Update your resume and develop a standout LinkedIn profile
  • Use Handshake, GCMC's exclusive platform to access
    • Job postings and on-campus recruiting
    • Premium graduate job search websites
    • Professional development events & resources