Classes & Workshops

Branding Yourself

Discover the importance of creating and developing your own brand, and how to make it happen. You'll learn what makes a personal brand strong and the key components of your brand—including brand statement examples and establishing your digital footprint using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Workshop

Showcase yourself to potential recruiters and stand out in the crowd. LinkedIn is a valuable tool that's a direct line to alumni, recruiters, and other potential collaborators. You'll learn about the important basics like headshots, taglines, how to create a strong summary, advanced searches, and creating a customized URL.

Interview Workshop

Gain the tools and skills to help you excel at the interview process—beginning with preparation and research. You'll also learn about the various types of interviews, like behavioral, logic, case, and technical. We'll discuss interviews in a variety of forms, including phone, Zoom, Google Hangout, in-person, and more.

Conference and Career Fair Prep

Curious about how to stand out in a virtual format? We'll teach you about lighting, backgrounds, how to dress, and ways to look especially engaged virtually—as well as tips on how to look at the camera and be comfortable. You'll also learn the importance of preparing early by researching your target companies and who you want to connect with using databases like Vault, Hoovers, MarketLine, and more. Other topics include practicing your elevator pitch, the importance of a follow-up, expressing thanks for your interviewer's time, and building relationships with key corporate partners.

Offer Evaluation and Negotiation

A crucial part of landing a job is the ability to examine an offer and evaluate it to ensure that it's fair. We strongly encourage students to share your offers so we can assist you with negotiations. We'll teach you how to assess and research this offer based on components like years of experience, the location of the job, and more. You'll learn and practice valuable negotiation tactics and types—salary, bonus, performance and merit increases, vacations and start dates are just a few important things that can be negotiated.