Why Join WAABA?

WAABA represents a strong and growing William & Mary network of over 16,000 alumni living and working in the DC area.

Get involved and stay informed!  Start by:

  1. Bookmarking and checking this page frequently for upcoming events and ways you can be involved!
  2. Attending WAABA Events and network with fellow alumni!
  3. Participating in the Business Trend Speaker Series, Saturday Scholars, Small Business Network, and other WAABA events held throughout the DC area
  4. Engaging with W&M Students: Contact Mike Ryan ’90 to discuss how to:
  •  Hire W&M students for internships and full-time positions
  •  Speak to students about your career, profession & organization
  •  Engage W&M students for field consultancies
  •  Participate in networking, interview skill-building exercises
  •  Participate in W&M Career Fairs

Join WAABA today!