Mason Alumni of Color Network

The Mason Alumni of Color Network (AoCN) exists to generate, maintain, and enhance a vibrant network for students and alumni of color that fosters meaningful relationships, supports underrepresented population engagement in current issues affecting business and society, to uplift and promote underrepresented population business development and career advancement, and to promote a more diverse and inclusive Raymond A. Mason School of Business community.

Network Aims

The aim of the Mason Alumni of Color Network (AoCN) is to better capture the unique needs and desires we as people of color hold as members of the Mason community. The group's mission is to generate, enhance, and maintain a vibrant network for students and alumni of color that:

  • Fosters meaningful relationships: This aim appeals to the notion of creating a community that extends beyond transactional occurrences to promote ongoing collaboration that supports mentoring, career navigation (pre- and post- matriculation), leadership development and economic mobility
  • Supports underrepresented population engagement in current issues affecting business and society: This aim serves to unify our voice, increase our awareness, and deepen our reach to influence and impact matters that affect the school and external business environments in which we operate
  • Uplifts and promotes underrepresented population business development and career advancement: This aim intends to tackle the variety of challenges that comes with being a person of color in the business world by creating a support system where we can leverage each other's unique experiences, networks, and talents to more effectively overcome strongholds
  • Promotes a more diverse Mason community: This aim serves to promote our efforts and actions to reflect clear and distinguishable impacts to administration and the W&M community at large, which include resourcing for diversified thought-leadership, diversity marketing, and recruitment.
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AoCN Book Club

Alternately hosted by AoCN leadership and guest faculty members, the book club will select a book during the first week of each quarter along with 3-4 questions regarding the book for readers to consider while they review it. Meetings will be held virtually as appropriate and can be hosted in person if feasible. The goals of the book club are to:

  • Promote the diverse spectrum of literature by authors of color, business topics, and differing social perspectives
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of constructive opinions and interests
  • Offer professional development, lifelong learning, personal growth, and enjoyment in the process of reading and thoughtful discussion
  • Serve as a network connection opportunity for network members

The AoCN leadership has chosen Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success by Adam Grant. Alumni interested in participating are encouraged to sign up using the link below. Further details on the first meeting will be sent to book club members via email. 

How to participate:

  1. Sign up for the AoCN Book Club at AoCN Book Club Sign Up
  2. Watch your email or check the AoCN website for the current book selection.
  3. Read at your own pace, as much or as little of the book as you would like. You DO NOT have to read the whole book to participate in the discussion.
  4. Register for a Zoom call or in-person book discussion via email response or AoCN website registration.
Mason Alumni of Color Network Leadership

Montique Warren, MBA ’14, President

Enrique Sanchez-Rivera, MBA ’07, VP of Programming and Engagement

Stephanie Appiah, JD/MBA ’15, VP of Financial Affairs

Adrienne Streeter, MBA ’14, VP of Marketing and Communications

Tommy Fisher, MBA ’20, VP of Operations


Montique Warren

Enrique Sanchez-Rivera

Stephanie Appiah

Adrienne Streater

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