Curriculum Corner

Academic Emphasis

The Academic Emphasis is an opportunity for W&M Master of Accounting students to explore whether they might be interested in becoming an Accounting Professor! The significant shortage of accounting professors in the market today makes this career path a great option for those who think they might be interested in teaching and research. Some students might be interested in pursuing a Ph.D. immediately after their Masters; others may want to work for a few years first; still others just want to improve their analytical skills. This elite group of students learns how to formulate research questions, how to collect data and to conduct statistical research analyses, and how to evaluate published research and research in progress. W&M is one of a very small set of schools (one of two schools in the nation) that provides this opportunity to Masters level students.

Winter Field Experience

The Integrated Winter Field Experience (IWFE) is an opportunity for Master of Accounting students to work in the accounting busy season. The large majority of winter interns are employed by public accounting firms in a wide range of positions including audit, tax and advisory These are paid internships that begin early in January and conclude in early March. Students interview for these positions during the fall semester at the same time as interviews for full-time positions. Students earn three academic credits for the IWFE and are required to submit various assignments about their experiences. Traditionally, about 40% of the MAcc students have participated in the IWFE program. Clinical Professor Elizabeth Foster serves as the faculty for the IWFE course. Professor Foster spent 25 years in public accounting and is uniquely qualified to assist students in navigating their winter internships.

Accounting Analytics SPRINT

In W&M's new Accounting Analytics SPRINT, students develop their understanding of critical aspects related to the design and security of large accounting databases. This brand new one-week intensive hands-on course provides special emphasis on analytical and statistical tools in the context of current issues affecting the accounting profession. Students will conduct analyses, interpret findings, and use data visualization tools to communicate the results of their analyses.

  • Standard File

    Kent Rollins - MSBA and Qiuyan Ni (Cho) - MAcc

  • Standard File

    Lauren Parr, Anthony Helmandollar & Erica Swinton (MAcc)