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Note: Remote access is allowed with your William & Mary login credentials.

Database resources for interdisciplinary research and some business databases, may also be accessed through Swem Library.

Business Databases
The following databases are restricted access.

The McLeod Library has two Bloomberg terminals, and the trading room has additional terminals. These are available to Mason students only. Registration information to create an account is available at the terminal.

Bloomberg Training session with Jessica Alvino (W&M credentials required to view) 

Learn how to become Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) certified

Morningstar Direct

To use Morningstar Direct, follow the login info on McLeod Library computers. The database is accessible on several computers.

ThomsonONE for Investment

ThomsonONE is only accessible in Internet Explorer. If you are accessing remotely, please make sure you are on IE, before you use your W&M credentials. You can access the database here. It is available for 20 simultaneous users.

WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

Wharton Research Data Services - WRDS is a comprehensive source of financial, accounting, economic, management, marketing, banking, and insurance data. WRDS offers access to Audit Analytics, CompuStat, CRSP.

Students and faculty can get a WRDS login/password by contacting Kyle Valliant or Gjergji Cici for an account. You can request a pass by visiting the WRDS website and register using your W&M username and ID.

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