4th Annual Fall Conference

Corporate & College Collaborative for Sustainability

A Summit for our Shared Future
Friday, November 8: 9 am-5 pm | Saturday, November 9: 9 am-1 pm

The Corporate & College Collaborative for Sustainability (3CS) connects today's leaders in business and sustainability with student and faculty leaders on college campuses. The conference was launched in 2010 with funding from IBM with the goal of sparking innovative approaches to sustainability education and business leadership.

Unique Conference Experience
  • We spark cross-generational networks to scale impact by bringing together 3 groups who often never have the chance to dialogue - business leaders side by side with undergraduate students and faculty.  
  • Our events are experiential and dynamic: so instead of lecture, students and faculty dialogue in roundtables with business leaders, gaining new insights across generations. 
  • This process is co-creative:  together corporate and college participants discover new insights and best practices for developing business leaders for sustainability. 
3CS focuses on these key challenges:

The gap between corporate sustainability strategy and undergraduate education. To date, the focus on sustainability education has been almost exclusively at the MBA level. At an undergraduate level, sustainability is rarely approached collaboratively across university disciplines or with corporate partners. 

The opportunity for problem-solving partnerships. This initiative capitalizes on experiential problem-solving with business leaders to support the educational effort. Businesses bring real-time challenges to the universities for student engagement through courses and research projects. Also, the collaborative creates opportunities for business executives to inspire and educate the next generation of leaders.

The need to quickly scale impact. This collaborative focuses on discovering best practices in sustainability business education by creating a new network of universities and corporations. Networked collaboration increases the scale of impact and accelerates the pace of change in sustainability education.

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