Global Engagement

The Mason School of Business is at the frontier of global experiential learning.  We encourage each student to incorporate an international experience into their Individual Program of Study (IPS).   We provide curricular sequencing so all students may study abroad for a semester without delaying graduation and advising to help students maximize their experience while abroad.  

However, study abroad is only one of multiple ways to engage in global experiences at the Mason School of Business.  Social entrepreneurship projects and international internships also provide practical experience in this dynamic environment.  Learning diverse ways to engage, Undergraduate Business students from the Mason School of Business are equipped to enter the dynamic, global business environment which awaits them after graduation.

Undergraduate Business Study Abroad Opportunities
Dublin - Global Business Minor 

Launching in the summer of 2017, this blended minor study-abroad experience is structured so that W&M students can meet the requirements for a minor in Global Business when they complete BUAD 203 Principles of Accounting and complete the 12-week Global Business Minor summer experience comprising of 15 credit hours delivered via one week of curriculum on campus, four weeks of online learning and seven weeks of curriculum delivered in the host country, University College Dublin. This program runs from May 15 - August 5, 2017. For details, please review the Student Reference Guide to the Global Business Minor Program.  Scholarships, financial aid and travel grants are available based on need.  There is a 2.5 minimum GPA requirement for applying to this program. Students apply to the program via the "apply/Register" icon on the Global Education Office Global Business Minor Application.

Singapore & Hong Kong

Sponsored by the Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance, this program runs from May 30 - June 30, 2017.  In its third year, this blended program travels to two global financial centers: Singapore and Hong Kong and exposes students to Asian culture, two global financial centers, and courses in international finance and global business (BUAD 492, BUAD 413, & 1 credit in Singapore Language and Culture). For more information, please visit the Boehly Center webpage.