Taking Action on the Field and in the World

Sarah Jonson has a strong interest in people, evident by her business major, sociology minor, and serving as co-captain of the Lacrosse Team. How has she taken action to find success on the field and to solve social problems?

Outside of class, Sarah Jonson is part of the Tribe Lacrosse Team.

About Me

I am a self-taught guitar player and learning to play the banjo is next on my list. I am also an ardent reader and some of my favorites include East of Eden, The Power of One and Ishmael. As part of the lacrosse team, I will have the opportunity to play in the Cowboy's stadium this spring. The Tribe will be playing against Northwestern, and a high school friend and I will have a hometown showdown.

My Individual Program of Study (IPS) is crafted to reflect my interest in people. I've always been fascinated with how people get along, through shared interests and often in despite of great differences. This has led me to major in Marketing with a concentration in Process Management & Consulting and a minor in Sociology.

My hope is that my study of society and the roots of social problems will be complemented by the business skill set I acquire in the Mason School of Business. My IPS is rounded out by serving as co-captain of the Tribe Lacrosse team and Co-President of our undergraduate Net Impact chapter. Net Impact naturally appeals to me because it is a club committed to making a more socially and environmentally sustainable world using the power of business.

Sarah Jonson receiving the CAA Defender of the Year award.

Impact & Engagement

As Co-President of Net Impact, I helped implement the first ever undergraduate Do One Thing campaign and host the Corporate & College Collaborative for Sustainability.  One of my favorite things about Net Impact has been meeting and getting to know prominent and successful leaders in sustainability, especially Jeff Hittner, Greg van Kirk and Adam Werbach. Talking with them about their passions and the journey that led them to where they are has been beneficial for our chapter as well as for me as an individual.

Serving as lacrosse captain, I have reaped the benefits of being on a team working tirelessly towards a common goal. This involves playing six days a week, lifting, and watching film, but it is totally worth it.  During my time at William & Mary, I have been fortunate enough to receive some personal honors as well!

I also meet every week with a group of high school girls through my local church. It's been really neat for me to invest in the lives of girls, but I think I've benefited most from the experience. I find that working with young people is the perfect way to hold oneself accountable and to make sure I'm constantly evaluating my life, values, and what I stand for!

Sarah Jonson with her high school small group, who she meets with at her local church.


I also really enjoyed my Organizational Behavior class with Prof. Robert Solomon.  I found the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator to be so interesting, and the class was all about one of my favorite things - figuring out how to get people of different strengths and weaknesses, ages, and genders to get along and be successful. The things I learned in this course are very applicable and have helped me to be more successful in group work, a better captain, and a better friend.

Along the same vein, I really relished this opportunity to be a part of the Corporate & College Collaborative for Sustainability. It brought together business professionals, professors, and students to talk about some of sustainability's biggest issues. It was neat to see how each group had different opinions based on their experiences and where they were in life.  Above all, I was encouraged by the commonalities that were able to unite the three groups, and found it refreshing to have open dialogue with others in a round table setting.

Sarah Jonson and members of Net Impact with Adam Werbach.

Next Steps

Because my Mom is a fifth-generation Zimbabwean, I have always been globally oriented. Since studying abroad wasn't an option with lacrosse, my hunger to see the world has yet to be satiated. I would love for my next step to include travel, and if this can be incorporated into work that would be ideal!

My once nebulous goal of "helping people" has begun to take a more definitive shape, largely because of my involvement with Net Impact. Social entrepreneurship is an area to which I am drawn and I'm hoping to insert myself in the for-profit social sector at some point. I've just finished taking an Urban Sociology class, and I would love to live in a big city. This would also allow me to get experience with one of the issues I feel most passionate about: homelessness and the provision of affordable housing.