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How did these Undergraduate Business Students shape their Individual Program of Study?
 Samantha Cohen
Samantha CohenUncovering Opportunities

Samantha Cohen

Uncovering Opportunities

Samantha Cohen is a senior Accounting major who is currently interning at William & Mary’s Investment Office. How has she combined her love of hockey, Italian language skills, and academic interests into a winning IPS?

Finding William & Mary

I first read about W&M in my history textbook. I originally wanted to be a neuroscience major and marine sciences minor, and I loved W&M’s partnership with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. I reassessed my strengths and weaknesses before actually starting in the Fall of 2013, and realized that my love for meeting and interacting with people and my entrepreneurial nature were actually better suited for a career in business. Then, I applied for the Business School!

Sam Cohen
Deciding on Business

I am passionate about meeting new people and having fun. My time at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business has allowed me to do a lot of both! I am constantly working on new challenges with different groups of people who really take the time to get to know me and my learning/ working style. Nothing is more fun the celebrating the end of a successful project with new friends!

Sam Cohen

I never would have thought I was going to major in Accounting and concentrate in Finance. I thought I would focus on marketing, but Professor Dafashy’s Principles of Accounting course snuck the love of debits and credits into my heart. My love of hockey led me to join the Sports Business Club and I have tried my best to take advantage of some of the awesome opportunities that the Boehly Center has to offer. These two things led to my interest and subsequent concentration in Finance. I was also able to wedge in a semester abroad in Siena, Italy which allowed me to bring a fresh global perspective to my education here in Williamsburg.

Making a Difference

I worked as an accounting tutor for a few semesters, and try to help my friends and younger sorority sisters with introductory accounting and business classes. I get super excited when one of them expresses interest in accounting! I think the great thing about the Business School here is that everyone is really proud to be a part of it and willing to help other people find their groove. I made some of my best friends on campus (and in life) through my Intermediate Accounting study group! We still text in our study group chat even though that class is long behind us.

Sam Cohen
Taking Advantage of Opportunities
Sam Cohen

During my time at the Business School, I have been able to take advantage of some great opportunities. Last year, I took the Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management with alum Matt Siano, Legal Counsel of Two Sigma. This past January, I was a Teaching Assistant for the course! I also had the opportunity to watch a Washington Capitals game in the press box and sit in on an interview with their head coach Barry Trotz with the Sports Business Club. It was a hockey nerd’s dream! Finally, in Professor Tack’s financial services class I was introduced to a wide range of financial services and heard a lecture from the Chief Investment Officer of the College’s endowment, Brian Hiestand. It was so interesting getting an inside look into how our school invests. This interest led me to an internship with the Investment Office of the William & Mary Foundation which I have been loving.

Sam Cohen

After graduation in May, my first goal is to pass the CPA exam. I plan to start my career auditing the financial services sector with Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Chicago. I think my IPS and the Business School have given me invaluable tools and opportunities to start my post-grad life with the confidence, ask questions, trust my gut, and make and retain valuable relationships. At some point during the next ten years, I would love to work abroad so I can utilize the years of Italian I took here! I would also love to start my own business one day.

 Josiah Day
Josiah DayMaking a Difference

Josiah Day

Making a Difference

Josiah Day is passionate about advocating for marginalized groups of people. How has he combined his academic studies with his desire to make a difference? 

A Passion for People

I am passionate about people. It is so easy to forget that every single individual has his or her own unique story and background. This encourages me to work hard to understand how to better serve these people. I specifically feel passionately about advocating for those marginalized by society, especially veterans and those with special needs. In my experience working with children with special needs, the first lesson I was taught was to always refer to those that are differently-abled as “children with special needs” as opposed to “special-needs children” because they are children first, before their perceived disability. This important message motivates me to advocate for those from every walk of life to be viewed as a person first, regardless of how society defines that individual.

Choosing William & Mary
Josiah Day

William & Mary was the only school I applied to during the delightful college application process. After attending a large public high school, I knew I wanted a smaller-school environment. I set my heart on William & Mary and haven’t looked back since. Applying to the Business School was a more difficult decision for me. Even though I wasn’t sure what major within the Business School I wanted to pursue, I was intrigued by how businesses start, function, and scale. I knew I wanted to be a part of it that process.

Combining Academics and Service

As a Marketing major, it is essential to understand people and communicate a message tailored to a target market. Not only do I have to work hard to understand who people are and why they make the decisions they make, but I also have to formulate that message in a clear, concise, and appealing way. Marketing is an avenue for me to better understand people and demonstrate what I am passionate about in a very practical way.

My Psychology minor helps me to understand why people do the things they do, and what really makes people tick. Both Marketing and Psychology strive to understand people. Marketing consists of formulating a message for consumers, but in order to formulate that message you must first have an in-depth knowledge of the consumer. This is where Psychology comes in.

Josiah Day

I currently serve as the director for Comedy Bootcamp, a 7-week stand-up comedy class for local veterans taught by a professional comedian. Comedy Bootcamp is a branch of the Armed Services Arts Partnership, a nonprofit started by a recent William & Mary alum. I also am the Vice President of Club Basketball at W&M, and serve on the leadership team in Reformed University Fellowship, a Christian fellowship on campus.

Experiencing the Business School

The major highlights of my experience at the Business School have been my courses with Professor Szykman, specifically her course in Consumer Behavior. This course provided me with insight on how companies choose their marketing methods. There was also a strong Psychology overlap, complementing my IPS. Outside of the course, Professor Szykman is a professor that genuinely cares for her students. Whether she is just joking around with you or giving you post-college advice, she truly does care for your well-being and strives to make you as successful as possible.

Next Steps
Josiah Day

After I graduate in May, I hope to find a job in nonprofit marketing. I want to work closely with people and spend time fundraising for a cause I am passionate about. Outside of that, the possibilities are endless! In five years I see myself formulating strategies and messages for an organization and seeing those messages impact others while traveling to fundraise and market that organization. I hope to have a job that connects my personal values to my work. I hope to eventually dabble in entrepreneurship by starting a nonprofit that partners with and empowers local churches to create programs that serve children with special needs and their families.

 Katie McVey
Katie McVeyAccounting for Social Change

Katie McVey

Accounting for Social Change

Katie McVey is a world traveler who has a passion for social ventures and nonprofits. How have her Accounting major and Supply Chain concentration given her the tools to pursue these fields?

Traveling the World

I was born and raised as the youngest of three siblings in Denver, Colorado. My dad is from Australia, and I am a dual citizen. I also have family in England: I grew up being exposed to different areas of the world. I recently decided to finish my undergrad education in three years so I could spend my final year doing the Masters of Accounting. I’ve studied abroad twice in college (both in the summer). The first was for the Social Entrepreneurship Program after my freshman year, and the second was this past summer in Galway, Ireland!

Experiencing Different Places
Katie McVey

My overall passion comes from a desire to explore and understand different areas of the world. I have always loved to travel, which was initially one of the reasons I decided to spend my summers abroad in high school. This expanded into discovering different cultures, societies, and economic variations of various parts of the world.

Although I adore my home state of Colorado, I was fascinated by the idea of challenging myself by exploring unfamiliar territory. During my tour, William & Mary stood apart from every other school quite simply because of the sense of ambition and engagement in each student. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a member of the Tribe.

Developing an IPS

My desire to be in the Raymond A. Mason School of Business began similarly: I saw a pattern of motivated, ambitious, welcoming student leaders leave Miller Hall each day. I love learning, and wanted a curriculum that would challenge me. I hate feeling limited, and realized that the Business School would help solidify my passions without limiting any potential opportunity.

Katie McVey

My fascination with the unknown combined with a desire to be involved in hands on learning was my inspiration for my IPS. Throughout high school, developing nations captivated me, motivating me to spend the summers from freshman year to senior year in Ecuador, South Africa, Mozambique, and Uganda, respectively, engaging in everything from service to microfinancing activities. I was eager to continue this passion in my business curriculum; I took Exploring Non-Profits as my freshmen seminar and finished my first year by researching communities in the Dominican Republic during the summer through the Social Entrepreneurship Program.

My IPS evolved after watching phenomenal social ventures with grand ideas develop insolvency issues that were detrimental to the overall organization. I knew after seeing this that I wanted the knowledge base and management skills to be able to combat these very issues, making Accounting an obvious choice.

Meaningful Involvement
Katie McVey

On campus, I am a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and serve as the Vice President of Communication for Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women. One of my more meaningful involvements has been serving on the executive board for Women in Business where we host events ranging from resume and interview preps, guest speakers, to helping plan the Women in Leadership Summit.

I have enjoyed taking the Risk Management Course sponsored by GenRe last Spring; learning from Professor Carl Tack in his Financial Services Class; and engaging in hands-on learning through the Social Entrepreneurship semester and summer program. I loved all of these classes, but have loved the range in their subject matter even more.

My all-time favorite class was Tax Competition, affectionately referred to as “Tax Team.” This class consisted of nine students preparing to compete at Deloitte’s National FanTAXtic Case competition in Atlanta, Georgia. Although I am not entirely enthused by tax as a subject, the people on the team are a perfect example of how specTAXular the business school is. They remain some of my closest friends to this day.

Planning for the Future

I most recently accepted an internship offer with Ernst & Young for the summer of 2017. After that, I plan to return to William & Mary’s Masters of Accounting Program before ultimately sitting for my CPA Exam. In the future, I would love to use my foundation in accounting to work further with microfinancing and sustainability projects in developing countries.

 Neil McLean
Neil McLeanInnovating a Unique IPS
Standard File

Neil McLean

Innovating a Unique IPS

Neil McLean combined his interests in business and technology with entrepreneurial experiences and art history. How has Mason shaped his path?

Finding the Right Fit

I was looking for a college that offered the individual attention and community of a small school with the resources, facilities, and sports presence of a large school. William & Mary offered the best of both worlds. I was also impressed with the facilities and resources of the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. After getting my feet wet with Tribe Tank and 3-Day Startup, I knew I wanted to further pursue business. I applied to the Business School soon after.

Experiencing Entrepreneurship

Going into 3-Day Startup, I was unsure what I wanted to do in the business field. I didn’t know if entrepreneurship was right for me. This event also the first time I encountered the TribeVentures club. The weekend turned out to be transformative. Five students and I worked on an online importing/exporting company, This weekend jump-started my interest in entrepreneurship. During the fall, I worked alongside two peers to revitalize the TribeVentures club. Our main event last semester was an in-house version of 3-Day Startup, called Catapult. It was a great experience coordinating the event and discovering the innovative ideas William and Mary students had to offer. I have loved being a part of WM’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and am excited to see it continue to flourish.

Neil McLean

An event that was particularly notable in my Business School experience was the Kohl’s National Business Case Competition. Three other students and I were tasked with improving Kohl’s appeal among millennials.  We received invaluable guidance from faculty members and executive partners that helped us move forward in the competition. After participating in a series of online interviews, creating a video and case write-up, we advanced to the final round of the competition held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Technology, Art, and Mason

I have been interested in technology and productivity for a long time. I have watched the Apple Keynote presentation each year for as long as I can remember, and I constantly seek out the newest software and hardware developments. Last year, while working on the Kohl’s Business Case Competition with my peers, I was thrilled to be able to use a Virtual Reality device in the Small Hall Makerspace. The Business School has allowed my interests to flourish, especially after I became a Business Analytics major. I have only recently embarked upon the program, and already enjoy learning about Lean Six Sigma and process improvement.

Neil McLean

I am extremely impressed by the emphasis on a holistic experience at the Business School.  Coming into William and Mary, I knew I wanted to study Art History and Business, but I wasn’t sure in what capacity. I am now pursuing a double major in Art History and Business Analytics. This is thanks in part to the experience I had this past summer, where I interned as a Gallery Associate at WARD Gallery in Petoskey, Michigan. I operated the gallery through the duration of the summer season, oversaw project logistics, and collaborated with the Interior Designer team to vet artists. I had an amazing experience learning the ins and outs of the business of art.  

Next Steps

Currently, I am studying abroad at University College London, where I am immersing myself in British culture and learning more about my genealogy (my ancestors emigrated from the UK).

Neil McLean

After college, I hope to work for a data analytics company in the corporate world. However, the beauty of my IPS is that I feel prepared to work in a wide range of fields, even those that are typically beyond the grasp of a business analytics major. With my global experience and secondary major in art history, I feel I have the experiences and skills necessary to work in a wide variety of disciplines. The career possibilities are truly endless.

In five years, I hope to be a founder or early employee for a tech startup in Washington D.C.  D.C.’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is on the rise and I would love to be a contributing member to this growing community. Further down the road, I would like continue to work in the startup field, but transition into a role in a venture capital firm. I find the innovative ideas and solutions startups offer to be fascinating and would greatly enjoy the opportunity to vet and fund companies.

 Patricia Mook
Patricia MookPlanning an Eventful Career

Patricia Mook

Planning an Eventful Career

Patricia Mook has a knack for event planning, and knew majoring in Marketing and concentrating in Innovation and Design would give her the skills she needs to run her own business. How have her academic interests and extracurricular activities provided her with right foundation for her chosen career?

Transfer of Skills

I transferred to William & Mary after two years at Emory University. I have absolutely loved my two years here: I could not imagine myself anywhere else in the world! When I came to William & Mary, I was search of a school with genuine people and professors who care. I found nothing short of that here. I knew I wanted to study business, and the Raymond A. Mason School of Business felt like the perfect fit. I wanted to be a part of an atmosphere where differences were welcome!

Getting Involved

My first year here I joined the Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) and was selected to lead the planning of their annual benefit gala. I got to meet so many inspiring individuals in the college, local community, and beyond. With this I was able to connect my passion of event planning with my own faith, and channel my energy back into the surrounding community. Outside of the CCM, I was able to work as the business manager at The Flat Hat, delving deeper with my business leadership skills. I also am a member of Alpha Kappa Psi.

Planning the Future
Patricia Mook

I want to own an event planning business someday! When I came into the Business School I knew I was doing something a bit different and that there was no specific major for event/wedding planning, but I had the confidence that the business school was going to help me graduate with a degree that was not only valuable but also versatile and applicable to what I intend to do.

At the Business School, I am able to connect with new people every day and discover how different people interact to create. I get to work with some of the greatest humans in the world on some of the most intriguing topics. The personalities I get to know and the skills I learn through marketing will without a doubt be carried into the business I someday own. I think some of the most valuable things I will carry with me will be the memories and stories friends and classmates have helped me to develop here at William & Mary.

Giving Thanks and Looking Ahead

Throughout my whole journey, business advisors and professors have been there to support and encourage my goals. Susan Grainger truly welcomed my mom and I into the business school on a Friday afternoon when I had no idea where I was headed next. I am so grateful for her continued ability to put a smile on my face! She helps me figure out where to turn next with my goals.

After graduation I am planning to go to graduate school for Event Management and Hospitality. This month, I will be applying to the ISCTE school in Lisbon, Portugal.

 David Rice
David RiceInternationalizing Finance and Data
Standard File

David Rice

Internationalizing Finance and Data

David Rice is interested in Chinese business and trade. How has a double major in Chinese and Finance, along with a concentration in Business Analytics, prepared him for crafting sustainable solutions to global problems?

An International Childhood
David Rice

I spent most of my life growing up overseas in Greece, Belgium, and France. Being able to have friends from such a diversity of backgrounds and cultures was an incredible experience and contributed significantly to the development of my worldview. Between high school and William & Mary, I spent a year studying Chinese and living in a Beijing high school dorm through a U.S. State Department scholarship. Inspired by my firsthand interaction with the people and culture, I am passionate about bridging the political, economic, and cultural gap between U.S. and China.

I spent two years in Williamsburg as a student at the local Queens Lake Middle School. While living in Williamsburg, my mom and I snuck into Kaplan Hall for the Freshman Orientation event “Welcome to the Tribe.” One of the student speakers, when discussing the freedoms available at the College, mentioned that you could eat ice cream for breakfast. As a seventh-grader who viewed Red Bull and a bag of Skittles as an adequate meal, William & Mary sounded like paradise. I was immediately hooked. When applying to schools, in addition to the breakfast ice cream, I was drawn by the College’s Confucius Institute. The Institute provides the College with wonderful Chinese professors as well as a variety of cultural events.

Business: The Clear Choice
David Rice

The summer after my freshman year I interned on AidData’s Tracking Under-Reported Financial Flows team, where I uncovered Chinese international investments that the Chinese government chose not to disclose. Fascinated by the diplomatic power China wielded through these financial investments, I combined my major in Chinese with a major in Finance.

As a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, the courses offered by the Business School allow me to apply my quantitative background to challenging real-life issues. Despite my expertise in China’s language and culture, I had no understanding of the business side of China. After two semesters in the Business School, I now feel more confident speaking on topics such as the growth of Chinese M&A and China’s shift to a productivity-driven economy.Given China’s tremendous economic transformation over the past several decades and going forward, I hope to use business as the primary vehicle in improving this relationship. I plan on combing my Chinese studies and experiences with the skills gained from the Business School’s diverse curriculum in order to develop an exhaustive understanding of China’s economy and trade.

Discovering Business Analytics

Intrigued by the Business School’s new Business Analytics curriculum, I decided to further explore the field through two experiences. The first was my James Monroe Scholar Upperclassmen Research Project, in which I surveyed working women in a Chinese “Tier 3” city on their preferences on how developments in “big data” analysis can improve their city. My second exposure into the world of Business Analytics was when I worked as the Data Analytics Intern at Viget, a firm that creates digital products and services. After a summer of leveraging analytic software to uncover insights in large data sets, I selected Business Analytics as my concentration.

David Rice

Going forward, I am currently in the process of founding Jefferson Digital Consultants, an organization that optimizes local businesses’ digital advertising efforts. Given the growth of the digital advertising industry, I wanted to provide William and Mary students the opportunity to gain experience in the field through first-hand interaction with clients as well as careful analysis of their advertising strategies I look forward to combining the support and knowledge of Mason School professors, such as Professor Edmiston, with the drive of the club’s members in order to provide valuable and revenue-driving recommendations to our clients.

Branching Into Consulting

This September, I was selected as a Student Ambassador for the Finance Academy’s flagship event “From Dog Street to Wall Street.” Student Ambassadors serve as a personal resource to the event’s impressive group of alumni panelists. Given my interest in strategy consulting, I was paired with an alumna currently working in San Francisco as an Associate for McKinsey & Company. The opportunity to learn about her experiences, ask her questions, and receive recommendations with regard to the recruiting process was invaluable to my understanding of McKinsey and the field as a whole. I was also impressed at the diversity of successful alumni that took the time out of their demanding schedules to give back to the Business School and help its students.

Looking Forward to the Future
David Rice

After a spring semester in Shanghai, where I hope to either study at a university or work as an intern, I hope to be in an environment this summer that provides me a quantitative and qualitative challenge with regard to business strategy and data analysis. Five years down the road I see myself as either in grad school or in a fast paced environment where I am continually challenged by the work and my colleagues. I’d love to work in China, speak Chinese at a business-fluent level, and make dumplings faster than my host mother during my time in Beijing (she was a dumpling master).

In ten years, I want to create impactful and sustainable solutions for issues at the global level, specifically with regard to U.S. – Chinese relations. I also hope to be in a position where I can give back and support the Business School. William & Mary students are incredibly intelligent and driven – I want to provide the resources needed for them to fully pursue their passions and achieve their dreams.

 Abby Junior
Abby JuniorTeaming Business and People

Abby Junior

Teaming Business and People

Abby Junior is a people person who has paired her Finance major with a passion for volunteering. How has she combined her many interests into a career path?

People and Teamwork

I am passionate about people and the power of teamwork.  I am from a large, loud family, and am used to working in diverse settings to come up with solutions. Every individual has a different perspective to offer and when we empathize with one another the end results exceed all expectations. I have felt this pull toward group settings since I was in elementary school: I found my way onto every sports team, club, and classroom activity to spend more time with other kids. Business was a logical major for me because it allowed me to put what I value most at the forefront—relationships. I ultimately decided I wanted to pursue a career in financial consulting and finance would be the most helpful for this.  With my Finance major, I am able to utilize my passion for people and work in a group setting to develop unique solutions.  

Playing Lacrosse At William & Mary
Abby Junior

I initially looked at William & Mary because I was recruited for lacrosse. After visiting the campus, I realized how deeply the school is steeped in traditions and connects current students to those of the past. The type of person that William & Mary attracts is intelligent, ambitious, goofy, and kind. I felt that William & Mary would provide a positive, challenging environment for me to grow into the person I wanted be. Coming to William & Mary has been one of the best decisions I have made to date.I decided to apply to the Business School because I realized from a young age that I wanted to pursue a business major.In my freshmen and sophomore years I took a wide variety of classes including religion, Africana studies, astronomy, sociology, and many more that gave me a diverse view of other possible majors.While I enjoyed these different courses, I still felt that business best matched my skill set.

My IPS reflects my passion for people and has served as a dynamic process to encourage my growth as a student. It has led me to a Finance major and Marketing concentration that will help me develop the skills necessary to achieve one of my dreams- to own a business. My IPS has helped me evolve as a student and allowed me to stretch myself academically and as a person.

Combining Athletics with Volunteering

At William & Mary I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a wide variety of activities. I am a member of the women's varsity lacrosse team. As a team, we have worked with Beyond Boobs, NEDA, ARC, and Friends of Jacyln. Being on the lacrosse team has provided me with lifelong friends as well as demonstrated the power of a group of disciplined, hardworking individuals. Lacrosse is a big commitment, but this experience has helped me develop teamwork and time management skills I would not have learned any other way. In addition to my team's athletic accomplishments, our involvement in other organizations has reminded us to help those in our community and utilize the power of a simple smile.

Abby Junior

Outside of lacrosse, I volunteer with Avalon Women’s Center and mentor a child at Matthew Whaley Elementary School. I have especially enjoyed working with disadvantaged children to help them reach their goals and understand their potential.  At the Business School, I am on the executive board of Smart Woman Securities and have loved empowering women to learn about their financial future. As the Chief Marketing Officer, I look to make women of all majors feel comfortable to join our club and learn about critical financial information. I feel as though William & Mary has provided me with immense opportunities to learn, develop, and strive for my best. With each activity I am involved in, I hope to do the same for others. 

Women in Finance
Abby Junior

At the Business School, my involvement with Smart Woman Securities has been extremely rewarding.This club initially sparked my interest in finance; it has been inspiring helping young women achieve financial independence. Through this club I also get to work with Dr. Katherine Guthrie, who is a phenomenal advisor and role model. Additionally, Professor Bill Stauffer and Dr. Julie Agnew continue to amaze me by their excitement to teach and commitment to developing relationships with individual students. They truly care about each of us and help us all grow into strong students and even better people. These professors inspire me to find a career I am passionate about and remind me to help those around me.

My next steps are to finish senior year and enjoy my time in Williamsburg.  I have accepted a position with Ernst & Young in their Business Advisor Program in New York City and am excited to begin a new adventure. I feel that William & Mary, and more specifically the Business School, has prepared me to take on any challenge.

 Greg Roland
Greg RolandUnlocking Creative Passions

Greg Roland

Unlocking Creative Passions

Even before college, Greg Roland knew the Mason community was the place for him. He loves seeing people grow and learn. How has his Business education helped him achieve his goals?

Sealing the deal

I came to William & Mary because I really do believe that this is the place I was always meant to be. When I first came to the campus on Admitted Students' Day, I fell in love with the place and the people. In fact, as luck would have it, as I was returning home I asked for directions to the highway from someone who turned out to be a professor from the Business School. He was eager to connect me with other business professors and that chance encounter sealed the deal for me. My goal when I first arrived on campus was to make it into Mason, because I knew I wanted to be a business major.

I initially applied to the Business School with the intention of majoring in Accounting, but I was instead accepted as a minor in the Management & Organizational Leadership track. I loved my Organizational Behavior classes so much I decided to concentrate in it when I became a major. Once I became a major, I intended to continue in Accounting, but I enjoyed my introductory marketing class and professor so much that I switched to a Marketing major to go with my Organizational Leadership concentration. Each of my professors has framed business in terms of relationships, which I really enjoy.

Growing and thriving
Greg Roland with team

I am really passionate about seeing growth in people. As huge extrovert, I love being around a lot of people and really thrive in a communal setting, which is one of the reasons why I love working in teams for the majority of my classes in the Business School. Through my life experiences and faith, I have learned that we cannot truly experience life abundantly without relationships. That is the reason why I love what I am learning in Marketing, because it is all about relationships, people's behaviors and how people interact with others in order to get to a better state. 

Making time for music
Greg Roland with One Accord

I have been in a men's Christian a cappella group at William & Mary, called One Accord, since the fall of my freshmen year. I have loved traveling all over the state to sing in competitions, perform at various colleges and even be a part of a music video. I have arranged four pieces for out group to sing and I am very proud to have recently finished arranging a medley of the hymn "How Great Thou Art" and the song "Circle of Life" from the Lion King. I serve as the Chaplain for One Accord, and have had the opportunity to serve as its President. I have really enjoyed implementing what I am learning in my classes into One Accord in order to improve our organization.

Outside of One Accord, I independently compose music for piano and vocals and have been working on an album for the past few years. I've played in the Middle Eastern Music Ensemble for a year, taken Jazz Piano lessons, and was in charge of managing the live sound audio production in a concert for a local music group at Williamsburg Regional Library.

Simulation Week experience
Greg Roland in conference room

Simulation Week was without a doubt one of my favorite and most rewarding experiences as a Business student. I wish I could do it again! I loved the fact that we spent an entire week running a virtual company and were responsible for all its operations. Each of my teammates brought something unique to our group and it was during this week that I really knew that I belonged as a Business student. I also discovered a new passion for graphic design, and was able to design our company's logo. I will always remember Simulation Week, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with intelligent, fun, and dedicated people.

Meshing passion with business

My most immediate step is pursuing a marketing focused internship this summer that will continue to help me shape my IPS and career and narrow down which area of marketing I would like to focus on. Through my courses, I am gaining a comprehensive understanding of the marketing field, and I am excited to further develop my interests in an internship this summer. I am looking forward to seeing how my creative passions will mesh with my business skills.

In the future, I would love to use my creative skills and Marketing/ Organizational Behavior background to consult with executive leadership within companies and bring organizational transformation that improves internal company culture and their triple bottom line. It is also my intention to serve in a pastoral ministry position somewhere down the line. I would additionally like to open my own music business on the side where I could be contracted to write music, record, produce records in my personal studio.

 Kent Rollins
Kent RollinsEmbracing Entrepreneurship
Kent Rollins headshot

Kent Rollins

Embracing Entrepreneurship

Kent Rollins felt at home the moment he stepped into the Business School and constantly works to grow his start-up. How has Mason shaped his education and personal development?

Connecting with people

Choosing to come to William & Mary was an easy decision for me: it has a rich history and I had a lot of friends here. What I didn't expect was how welcoming and open the student body would be - it felt like home here within a matter of weeks. I applied to the Business School because it seemed like one of the best programs the school had to offer. To me, the Business School involves beautiful people doing beautiful things in a beautiful building.

My IPS is all about people. From marketing classes to entrepreneurship, everything for me is about connecting with and working for people. I knew from the start what I liked (people) and what I didn't like. The Business School has given me the flexibility to customize my program of study to really focus on what I enjoy studying.

Caring for customers
Crisea Logo

I have started my own importing and e-commerce business, which arose from my love for entrepreneurship in all of its forms. There is nothing more exciting to me than growing something from scratch and watching it succeed. The idea for my personal business came to me during an international trade class when the professor was describing the incredibly low barriers to entry. I have absolutely adored learning about business first hand; it has been both the most rewarding and most challenging thing I have ever done.

I am passionate about my business - some nights I can hardly sleep because I am so excited to check my email. Caring for my customers, negotiating with suppliers, and marketing to consumers - I love all of it. My business education helps me to provide the best products and services to my customers; it is so much fun to take a lesson you learn in class that afternoon to change the way you manage a business that night.

Diving into marketing
Kent Rollins with team in conference room

On campus, I am involved with the Student Marketing Association (SMA). After attending a bunch of events and diving into the field, I eventually became the Vice President of Membership. I have loved my experience with the club so far, and Professor Edmiston is truly one of the best professors I have ever worked with. For me, my Business School experience really began at Tribe Tank, a business pitching event put on by the SMA. The beauty of the school and the experience of the people all kind of hit me in that moment. After miraculously managing to place second in the contest, the hook was set and I knew that my future was within Miller Hall.

Making way for the future

If everything goes to plan, I should be able to finish my double major and concentration by 2017, allowing me to spend my fourth year in the MSBA program. My IPS will let me have the analytics background I need to find employment with marketing, while simultaneously developing the soft skills required to be an effective leader.

In five years I hope to be working in a "start-up" type environment, I enjoy the massive possibility for innovation and the ability to stake your own place. In ten years I hope to have founded my own business - I don't know what type yet; I just know that I want to create something of my own.

 Tayler Anderson
Tayler AndersonBreathing Life into Brands
Taylor Anderson headshot

Tayler Anderson

Breathing Life into Brands

During her time at Mason, Tayler Anderson has learned to "breathe new life into brands" and embraced the field of sports business. How has Mason helped her form invaluable connections and shape her passion?

Engaging with creativity
Tayler Anderson with three others

Growing up, I was always interested in how people think and why they make the decisions that they do. This interest led me to choose my Marketing Major and Psychology Minor from day one. I want to "breathe new life into brands". I love to brainstorm reasons why consumers pick certain products, and I have so much respect for bands with such strong equity that they keep consumers choosing their products over and over again.

Mason has taught me the importance of using both analytical and design skills in order to create strategies to transform and strengthen brands. The Business School teaches you the psychology of why consumers choose brands while allowing the creative liberty to invent new ways to keep people engaged.

Exploring sports business
Tayler Anderson with friend

As a freshman, I was a sports reporter for William & Mary Television. My sports reporting days led me to join the Sports Business Club within Mason, and I eventually served two years as Vice President. It was a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet many influential individuals in the sports world, and this year, we will attend a Capitals game and tour the Redskins facility! I love meeting other students who have a passion for the niche field of sports business.

Embracing the Mason community
Tayler Anderson with friends

Simply put, my favorite part of Mason is the strong sense of community. I love connecting with people and building relationships, and Mason has given me a chance to form invaluable connections with students, faculty, and alumni.

My entire block has remained close throughout our last three semesters, even as we've moved on to different business studies. There is not a day that I walk into the Business School without recognizing at least 75% of the students. It feels like a tightly knit family within a much larger student body.

I've also truly enjoyed my marketing classes. Professors Bob Williams, Dawn Edmiston, and Lisa Szykman have been extremely helpful not only in the classroom, but also throughout my internship and job searches. They consistently show me the importance of building relationships both in the classroom and in the real world.

Landing a dream job
Tayler Anderson with friend

Although I had a phenomenal internship experience in brand management, I discovered that my true passion is in advertising. I recently completed the Advertising and Marketing Communication course with Professor Edmiston, and I hope to use the insight from her class to guide me to a dream job in account management at an ad agency.

 Jiaorui Jiang
Jiaorui JiangOne in a Billion

Jiaorui Jiang

One in a Billion

Putting her experience in Design Thinking to good use, Jiaorui Jiang has traveled around the world for years, looking to discover multicultural innovation opportunities. How has Mason helped her make a profound impact with her life?

Standing out in a crowd
Jiaorui Jiang standing along water with glaciers

I am literally one in a billion. If you look up my Chinese name, you'll only find one person named Jiaorui Jiang out of over 1.3 billion people in China. That uniqueness inspires me to take chances and find opportunities in the world where I can truly make a difference. Outside of William & Mary, I have also studied and/ or worked in the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Singapore, and Iceland.

Discovering innovation
Jiaorui Jiang with baby animal

I'm always noticing the small details, something I picked up from a passion for magic. For example, did you know that the King of Hearts is the only King without a mustache? I've always loved to observe people, and it's always fun to see the initial awe of an audience. From there, I was led to an education in marketing, where I learned how to understand customers and enrich their lives with what I could offer. I look at customers as individuals. The best way to engage them is through understanding multicultural idiosyncrasies in others and finding the magical place were innovation and opportunity meet.

Moving into creative design
Jiaorui Jiang with kangaroos

How would you connect 9 dots with 4 straight lines without lifting the pencil from the paper? You have to literally think outside the box! My experience with creative problem solving inspired my Individual Program of Study. Over time I've managed to incorporate the creative and strategic thinking into all my internships and experience abroad and at home. Most recently I was able to ensure an Ecovillage in Iceland could get enough funding for ramps and heated pathways so the residents could safely walk in the winter without slipping on ice!

Within Mason, working with Design Thinking Club and Professor Luchs has definitely been a highlight for me. I served as President in the Design Thinking Club and brought professionals and students together to share their creative problem-solving experience. Design Thinking has made a difference in my life by enhancing my ability to be open to new experiences.

Putting opportunities to good use
Jiaorui Jiang in a field

I'm a Senior Research Assistant at AidData where my team and I are tracking Chinese government official finance around the world. Aside from AidData, I use my bilingual abilities working as a Proctor for the Chinese Department. I also volunteer at the Reves Center to help international students assimilate to life at William & Mary, and I volunteer with special needs children at The Contemporary Art Gallery.

After college, I look forward to continually finding culturally diverse opportunities that really make an impact and make life more fun and magical.

 Alyssa Glass
Alyssa GlassReaching New Heights
glass_alyssa thumbnail.png

Alyssa Glass

Reaching New Heights

As a varsity gymnast, Alyssa Glass knows how to achieve lofty goals. She could envision her dream career but needed additional skills to help launch it. How has Mason helped her discover the perfect blend of healthcare consulting and data analytics?

Unlocking business intelligence
FTI Consulting Group Shot

I knew right away that I wanted to be a finance major, but my Individual Program of Study (IPS) actually changed significantly during my Mason experience. After interning at FTI Consulting this past summer, I realized I needed technical and data skills to enhance my value in the corporate world. Luckily for me, the new Business Analytics concentration was developed, and I am taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about a brand new, in-demand field.

Diving into healthcare
Alyssa Glass gymnastics

I am incredibly fascinated by healthcare. Ever since freshman year, I've known my dream career is to be in healthcare consulting, and that interest has tied into my business education perfectly. I have actually taken classes that deal directly with healthcare and the data within the industry. By blending business intelligence tools, Big Data sets, and hands-on consulting projects, I am able to pursue my passion in a unique way.

Fundraising and gymnastics
W&M Varsity Women's Gymnastic team

Gymnastics has been a huge part of my life since I was three years old. I now compete for the William & Mary Varsity Women's Gymnastics team. Understandably, a lot of my engagement on campus involves gymnastics, but I am very involved in community service as well. The past two years, I organized the Suicide Prevention Walk on campus, a 5K to raise awareness of mental health.

A true Mason experience
FTI consulting team

Believe it or not, the best part of Mason is working in teams for class projects. I learn so much from classmates assigned to my groups, and many of them have become some of my best friends most of the time, I wonder how we even produce work when we are laughing in study rooms for hours at a time!

In addition to making amazing friends within Mason, I also met a remarkable mentor. Professor Guthrie coached and taught me more about finance in a single semester than seems humanly possible. I am extremely grateful for her inspiration. Every single faculty and staff member works hard to ensure we not only have an elite education but also market ourselves as job candidates in the best way possible. Without them, I would not have the chance to interview with some tremendous firms and find my future job.

Prepared for the future

I recently accepted a full-time position with FTI Consulting in their Health Solutions Practice. I am taking all the analytics and project management classes I can so that when I return to the company a few short months later, I will be ready for any challenge.

 Kevin Andrews
Kevin AndrewsPaying it Forward

Kevin Andrews

Paying it Forward

Kevin Andrews transferred to William & Mary to achieve his dream of working in finance. He quickly integrated himself into the Business School and is now a leader in many student organizations. How has he taken advantage of the resources offered by Mason?

The right niche
Kevin Andrews in the snow

Growing up in Lake Tahoe, California, I had a chance to try many activities, including snowboarding, snowmobiling and wakesurfing. However, a career in professional golf was my goal early on. It was challenging, and I enjoyed how my performance was largely a result of how smart I worked. I steadily improved during high school and college, but I also grew intrigued by the technical and interpersonal aspects of working in finance.

After interning the fall semester of my sophomore year at Carrington Capital Management, I realized how excited I was to pursue finance in New York City. I knew that investment banking was the best fit for my strengths and interests, and that spring, I transferred to William & Mary and began building a platform for my new path.

A complete education

After the transfer, many students and alumni stressed the importance of understanding accounting to be a successful investment banking analyst, so I felt a finance major and accounting concentration would be logical complements. No matter what field or position, understanding the numbers behind companies is essential.

I am also pursuing a Computer Science minor to complement my business education. I have confidence that computer science's foundations in logical and efficiency will be beneficial to me in the long-term.

Coming full circle
Kevin Andrews with team

William & Mary has been a perfect fit I had hardly any background in finance coming in, but thanks to the Mason Investment Club and Finance Academy, I was able to quickly learn fundamentals of investing and develop key relationships in finance - leading to my participation in the CFA Institute Research Challenge and Carlyle Group Case Competition. I currently serve as president of the Mason Investment Club, so my experience has truly come full circle.

The highlight of my experience has been the Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance. Supported by funding and the efforts of faculty and students, the Center has established an incredible pipeline for students to land internships and jobs in finance by offering student organizations, networking events, elective courses, seminars, competitions, and more. These opportunities are thanks to extraordinary efforts of many, including Raymond A. Mason, Todd Boehly, Howard J. Busbee, and Professor Julie Agnew. I try my best to pay it forward by leading younger students through my leadership roles.

Owning your game
Kevin Andrews golfing

Next summer, I will be interning at Morgan Stanley in their New York Investment Banking Division, further testing my knowledge of both finance and accounting.

At some point in my career, I would like to lead an organization. One of my favorite aspects of playing competitive golf was that I was essentially the manager of my own golf game. To be successful, golfers must be strong in all aspects of the game, and I enjoyed the challenge of owning my game. Moving forward in business, I am excited to potentially help people and organizations perform to their maximum capacity.

 Shelby Trinca
Shelby TrincaEmpathizing in Business
Shelby Trinca headshot

Shelby Trinca

Empathizing in Business

Shelby Trinca's lifelong mission is to focus and develop her skills in empathy and communication. how has Mason helped her combine those passions with real world applications in finance and accounting? 

A family business
Shelby Trinca with group

My Individual Program of Study (IPS) at the Mason School of Business reflects my upbringing and background. Both my parents found their career paths at start-up companies, which in turn introduced me to the concept of entrepreneurship at a young age. I elected to study accounting and finance at the Business School with the belief that an education in these topics would help me develop the skills necessary to one day start my own business.

Empathizing and communicating
Shelby Trinca

I was raised in Northern Virginia in a blended family with eight siblings. I have always been passionate about helping the intellectually disabled and for years have been a regular volunteer at several organizations serving special needs populations. My sister, who had Down Syndrome and autism, sparked this passion. her inability to speak was a challenge that impressed upon me the importance of empathy and communication, skills I have continued to cultivate throughout my time at William & Mary.

Within the Business School, Professor Adkin's Business Perspectives and Applications course taught me how to apply in a business setting the interpersonal skills I have spent so long developing in my personal life.

Leading in business
Shelby Trinca with group

Outside of the classroom, I serve as the Vice President of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. I am also President of Women in Business, a position I was inspired to pursue after attending a club-hosted panel event at From DoG Street to Wall Street during my sophomore year. Participating in the club, which prepares ambitious young women for careers in business, has been among my most gratifying pursuits at William & Mary.

I was also fortunate to study abroad in Cádiz, Spain, during the summer following my freshman year. I spent this time researching and authoring a paper on the role of individuals with Down Syndrome in Spanish society - a wonderful way for me to combine my Hispanic Studies minor and a personal passion within the context of my IPS.

Conquering Capitl Hill
Shelby Trinca at WIM event

My coursework in accounting and finance helped me secure two rewarding internships - the first at the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance (in the Taxation and IRS Oversight Subcommittee) and the second at a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm, where I focused on IRS and taxation issues. These experiences instilled a keen appreciation for the many complex tax-related issues facing today's business owners.

Preparing for anything
Shelby Trinca

Although I have no concrete plans for the immediate future besides sitting for the CPA exam, I hope my ultimate career combines finance, accounting, and leadership skills with my passion for helping the intellectually disabled. I am inspired by the idea of working with the special needs population and their families to secure a better quality of life through financial planning. Regardless of my decision, my experiences at the Business School have prepared me for any career path.

 Donald Thibeau
Donald ThibeauEmbracing New Technology
thibeau_donald thumbnail.

Donald Thibeau

Embracing New Technology

Donald Thibeau is fascinated by advancing technology and business strategy, and he's taken that passion all the way to the UK for a one-of-a-kind internship. What other opportunities have made up his Mason experience?

Embracing technology
Donald Thibeau

I am so intrigued by how technology continues to change and develop all aspects of the world at an increasingly rapid pace. I have tried to reflect this interest as I develop my career and hope to work in the technology industry for a strategy-consulting firm that helps business and government harness these new technologies to expand their missions to new markets and products.

Traveling and consulting
Donald Thibeau at marathon

I took off the spring semester of my junior year to move to London and work for KPMG UK's technology consulting group. It was in incredibly stressful experience, being in a new city where I knew very few people, but I am more prepared for post-graduation life now. I gained tremendous professional experience; clients included a multi-national telecommunication company, local and multi-national banks, and the UK Government. Not to mention I was even sent to Italy and Scotland for business related trips!

I also ran my first marathon while in the UK, which allowed me to cross off a big item on my bucket list. While there, I also traveled to Ireland, France and Amsterdam.

Donald Thibeau with friends

That summer, I then returned to my hometown of Chicago for an internship with KPMG Cyber. My luck with travel continued as I was sent to Orlando, Seattle, and Boston while working with another multi-national telecommunications firm, one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers, and a biopharmaceutical company.

Engaging with Mason
city view

One of the highlights of my time at Mason was Principles of Marketing with Professor Williams. He focused on teaching us how to guide business strategy with mission. He was an incredibly engaging speaker who was able to integrate real world examples with each of his lessons, and the skills he taught were invaluable in my internships with KPMG.

During the fall of my junior year, I participated in the Entrepreneurship Consulting Fellows program. This allowed me to get real world client-facing experience on a consulting team - as a student. We worked to launch a new mobile application and designed a market penetration strategy. I was empowered to use the lessons from my Foundation semester in the real world and learn first-hand about a career in consulting.

Taking the next step

Simply put, my next step is graduation. I plan to harness both my internship experiences and lessons from Mason to perform well in interviews and gain an advantage at my first job.

 Ryan Walters
Ryan WaltersWorking to Build a Better World
Ryan Walters headshot

Ryan Walters

Working to Build a Better World

Ryan Walters lives by the mantra "try again, fail better". His diligence in overcoming adversity has allowed him to intern at a Fortune 12 company, lead Student Marketing Association, and build a robust network along the way. How has he managed such a one-of-a-kind Business School experience?

An extraordinary beginning
Ryan Walters with friends

I have been lucky enough to experience one of the more exhilarating college careers out there, and much of this stems from an unexpected starting point. When I was a freshman at the college, I sustained an injury that left me in a wheelchair and required a year of intense rehabilitation. It was during this time that I learned how truly powerful a large and robust network can be. I learned to never give up. This inspired me to "try again, fail better". With the help of friends, colleagues, and professors at Mason, I leveraged the drive I built over the year following my accident and relentlessly pushed to achieve my highest goals.

Passion for Impact
CVS banner

I am extremely passionate about medical research and cognitive science. My accident opened my eyes to the rudimentary base of subject matter we currently possess in the medical field. I am driven to help patients overcome adversity and find cures to complex and chronic conditions The education I received at Mason allowed me to face the challenges this passion seeks to overcome, guiding me through an internship at CVS Health, a Fortune 12 company. I was able to integrate my knowledge of marketing gained at Mason to plan, develop and execute projects to "help our consumers, clients, and patients on their path to better health". I learned the positive impact a corporation can have on millions of lives each day and how best to apply my marketing knowledge to contribute to this better society, better population.

The people of Mason
Ryan Walters with team

Mason has been an amazing asset to my education because of one major reason: the people. I followed a reverse trajectory than most business majors at Mason due to my accident, and Rita Murphy, an advisor at the time, made my education in the business school achievable. From the moment I entered her office, she believed in me and helped me define every semester and step to gain my marketing degree.

And it was not just the administration. Professors at Mason are phenomenal. My first semester taking business classes sticks out. At the time, I had Professors Michael Luchs and David Long for Sustainability Inspired Design and Organizational Behavior, respectively. I'd never had more fun in classroom settings. Professor Luchs' unique Design and Innovation Studio, along with his immense knowledge of sustainability, helped bring a fresh approach to marketing and learning in general. Professor Long brought immense energy to every single class to make them engaging and fun for every single student. He made us all feel like personal friends who simply enjoyed discussing organizational behavior together.

Leading the Student Marketing Association

Extracurricular-wise, I led the Student Marketing Association (SMA) as Co-President in 2014. SMA was able to offer a host of amazing events this semester; we had events with The Martin Agency and Universal McCann, as well as a co-hosted event with Women in Business Club that welcomed a leader in the media industry to Mason. Outside of SMA, I was able to leverage my marketing and leadership background to take on internship and consulting roles with The Dean of Students Office. With the help of two other talented and creative business students, we built a college-leading social media platform and developed branding to grant exposure to the multiple student services offered by The Dean of Students Office.

Leveraging a network

I'm still exploring the transition to the next phase of my life. I believe my IPS will allow me to be extremely versatile in the business world, and I'm currently leveraging my network to explore opportunities across the U.S. - specifically with large corporations that have the ability to positively impact millions of consumers each day. I am confident the knowledge, skills and friends I've built in Mason will allow me to find amazing opportunities at many organizations.

 Erica Amatori
Erica AmatoriLiving for the Thrill

Erica Amatori

Living for the Thrill

Erica Amatori is a thrill seeker. While tapping into the new field of Neuromarketing, she's also managed to found multiple start-ups and travel extensively. How has Mason energized her IPS?

Running on adrenaline
Erica Amatori Skydiving

I'm a big adrenaline junky and traveler, and I'm always up to something. I've skydived over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, skied the Alps in Italy, climbed a volcano in St. Lucia, swam with dolphins in Jamaica and have explored the Louvre in France. Apart from that, I have founded start-ups and run on the Varsity Cross Country and Track team.

Erica Amatori Running

I love to run. My personal record in the 5K is 17:11 and 9:53 in the 3K. I love my team; they're like family to me. We go through a lot of pain together - and it's all worth it. To be part of the team that finished 12th at Nationals, won Regionals, and went undefeated at Conferences is a feeling many do not get to experience.

Tapping into Neuromarketing

One of my biggest passions is deriving insights about consumer behavior and discovering which brain areas are responsible for the decision-making. This led to choosing a double major in Marketing and Psychology so I can study a fairly new area of research called Neuromarketing - a combination of Neuroscience and Marketing. I plan to do an independent research study on the field next fall.

Erica Amatori with friends

I originally planned to concentrate in Finance but switched to Business Analytics. That decision is based on "Big Data" being the current buzzword for companies. Agencies want people who can analyze consumer data collected through credit cards, social media accounts, etc. With endless algorithms tracking our buying habits, analytics within marketing is becoming highly valuable, and I want to capitalize on the trend.

A successful entrepreneur

I think it's important to take the risk now rather than later. During my business school experience, I've created two companies and a non-profit. I helped found Zairge, a cloud-based property management software, which recently got acquired by a private company and also created XOXO Hint, a successfully funded Kickstarter that allows people to send anonymous hints to annoying friends on social media. And lastly, there is Giggle Active, which is a non-profit that collects old gear from D1 collegiate teams to give to charity. I want to be a role model for students who want to begin their own business in something they're passionate about.

The Mason advantage
Erica Amatori

A Mason event that really stood out to me was the Saatchi & Saatchi speaker event. An executive came in and talked about company "lovemarks." This means a brand builds communities and bonds so strong that customers are completely loyal to it. To expand on that, I attended the New York City networking marketing trip offered by the College. We actually visited Saatchi & Saatchi! To have a representative from a leading marketing firms talk at William & Mary really was an incredible experience.

A professor who has always been there for me is Professor Szykman. To be in marketing, you have to be on the pulse, and she knows all the current trends. Additionally, she introduced me to the CEO of Phillip Morris, which is how I received the opportunity to intern at the company. Professor Szykman also taught my favorite class: Consumer Behavior. We learned all about why people buy products and what influences their purchasing decisions - a perfect fit for me.

Keeping the ideas flowing

I plan to keep up my journal about potential business and start-up ideas. This summer I'm going to be a brand management intern at Altria in downtown Richmond. I'm very excited to work for a Fortune 500 company with such a phenomenal internship experience. Way ahead in the future, I hope to be my own boss, or work as a branding director at an established company. Wherever I end up, I know it'll be lively, and I wouldn't rather have it any other way.

 Chris Coelho
Chris CoelhoCapturing Culture with Stories

Chris Coelho

Capturing Culture with Stories

Whether studying abroad in Ireland or interning with the U.S. Army, Chris Coehlo loves hearing people's stories. How has the Mason School of Business helped further his passion and connect it to a career in human capital consulting?

Listening for stories
Chris Coehlo receives award

I enjoy traveling because I love hearing stories; they reveal so much about cultures and how people see the world. But that's not restricted to travel - there are incredible voices right here, at William & Mary. Every interaction presents a unique opportunity to gain new insights; I've always valued the contributions of every individual.

During my time at W&M, I've volunteered every semester with the Office of Admissions as a Tribe Ambassador. I'm proud to be an Ambassador because it gives me a chance to show prospective students a glimpse of W&M's culture. As a sophomore, I joined Residence Life as a freshman RA, and I'm now a Head Resident. Working in this capacity allowed me to mentor over 50 residents, and I happily help new RA's do the same. This opportunity to closely interact with so many diverse individuals has been a one-of-a-kind experience. Their stories and voices define the amazing culture on our campus.

Finding the right fit
Chris Coehlo with friends

It took me a while to settle on a major, but after taking courses during my freshman year and study abroad the following summer in Ireland, I decided to major in government. My sophomore year, I interned with the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command as part of a new program the Army was building with W&M. My team was responsible for creating a war game to help Army concept designers test new ideas and determine which defense strategies were worth the investment. Through this internship, I found a way to combine my interests in government and security, but the next step was finding a way to tie in human capital. For that, I knew I needed to learn more about business.

Learning from the best
Chris Coehlo looking over a cliff

When I think about business, I always think about the culture of an organization. Through my minor in Management & Organizational Leadership, I started to explore different careers working directly with people and tried to expand my knowledge with as many courses as possible. I also joined Alpha Kappa Psi, the professional business fraternity. There, I found a close-knit community that helped me further refine my passions.

Chris Coehlo

The best part of my Mason experience has been the professors. A class on Change Management and Organizational Transformation taught by Professor Sims fascinated me, and he became one of my close mentors while I was exploring career opportunities. Another favorite classroom experience came in Professor Carboni's Leadership course. She challenged us to apply the lessons we learned in class and ultimately spent an hour meeting with every individual student to help us master our personal leadership style. I also enjoyed Team Design, where Professor Wilson made a point to show us the empirical approach to creating effective teams and empowering organizations. These professors' passions for organizational behavior and management played an enormous role in my personal and professional development.

Making the most of people
Chris Coehlo

Following my junior year, I was given the opportunity to intern with Deloitte's Federal Practice as a Human Capital Summer Scholar - a perfect chance to combine all my interests. After graduation, I will be beginning full-time Analyst work at Deloitte. I'm looking forward to consulting and helping companies make the most of their most valuable asset - their people.

 Lindsey Buckheit
Lindsey BuckheitLeaving it all on the Field

Lindsey Buckheit

Leaving it all on the Field

Lindsey Buckheit has combined her two passions, marketing and field hockey, into one IPS at Mason. She used her education to leverage analytics and design thinking to lead to a highly successful Tribe Athletics fundraiser and continues to build connections with her professors - ones that will last a lifetime.

Connecting with consumers
Lindsey Buckheit playing field hockey

I am fascinated by people, I enjoy communicating and empathizing with others, and I ultimately fell in love with marketing because it has allowed me to connect with consumers on a deeper level by striving to understand how they think, what makes them "tick," and predicting their needs before they even know those needs exist. My Mason education actively encouraged me to creatively fuse analytics with my own instinct in the pursuit of those consumers insights.

Leading a Tribe Athletics fundraiser
Lindsey Buckheit

As an athlete on varsity field hockey and Executive Board member of the Tribe Club board, I became keenly aware of how vital fundraising was to the athletic department. I took this opportunity to hone my marketing skills and raise awareness and support for a cause close to my heart. 

I started the "Ten For the Tribe" fundraiser last fall, and I could not have pulled it off without the knowledge and confidence gained from the business school. The campaign connected my two passions: marketing and athletics, and allowed me to put my education into action. With help from an incredible team, I was able to strategically market the idea to our current student-athletes. The project was an enormous success - garnering 99% participation and ultimately raising over $15,000! This outcome is a testament to how valuable a William & Mary business education is and what can come from it - even during the fact.

Mentors by design
Lindsey Buckheit with Mr. Potato Head

When reflecting on my experience, design courses such as Sustainability Inspired Design and Design as Strategy stick out as two of my favorite classes. These classes were held in the Innovation and Design Studio and helped me uncover a new passion - causing my IPS to further evolve. Design Thinking taught me how to use flexible exercises and tools to address a vast range of challenges in a hands-on and unorthodox way. Professor Michael Luchs and Professor Scott Swan both inspired me to pursue a career that capitalizes on these innovative approaches.

However, professors like Lisa Szyman, Dawn Edmiston, and Bob Williams have also had a significant influence on my growth. These professors - or better yet, mentors - provided direction, inspiration, knowledge and resources to be my best self. They believed in me before I did. It's rare to find individuals so dedicated and willing to invest in you with no expectation of getting something in return, and I cannot thank them enough. These professors shaped me into the person I am today, fueled my passions for marketing, and jumpstarted my post-college career.

Next steps in the Windy City
Lindsey Buckheit playing field hockey

My next chapter will take place in Chicago. I accepted a position with Colgate-Palmolive as a Customer Development Associate in the U.S. Customer Development Organization's Learning Development Program. I interned with the company last summer in a Minneapolis office and had an incredible experience. I will miss Mason but definitely looking forward to continuing my career!

 Lynn Nakamura
Lynn NakamuraExploring Intellectual Curiosity

Lynn Nakamura

Exploring Intellectual Curiosity

Lynn Nakamura is interested in everything, from the French language to the nation's oldest honor code and innovative technology. How has the Business School's IPS allowed Lynn Nakamura to explore her intellectual curiosity?

Williamsburg Made

I was born on campus. And by that, Lynn Nakamura with friendsI mean that I was born in the hospital that used to be where the School of Education currently resides. As a 'townie' I worked in the Powhatan Indian Village as an interpreter for five years, learning how to make leather, flint knap arrow heads, start a fire, and much more. I danced in the Nutcracker on Phi Beta Kappa Hall's stage for years and my first violin concert was in Ewell. You could say I was meant to go to William & Mary all along.

An Array of Interests

I want to learn and do everything, and the structure of the IPS lets me justify getting involved in vast array of activities. By linking all of the individual aspects into one philosophy, my IPS has helped me discover and explain the interconnectedness of my interests and academic studies. After careful thought I have decided to pursue a double major in Marketing and French.

On campus my interests are all over the place. Lynn NakamuraI am part of the Undergraduate Honor Council, which is a great privilege because William & Mary has the oldest student-policed honor code in the nation. I'm a member of Project KREO, which is a community based environmental research project for Bangladesh. During the first weeks of the new fall semester I serve as an Orientation Aide for incoming freshman, helping them to adjust to life at the College. I'm part of a new project called Humans of William & Mary that documents the lives of various individuals on campus; we are sponsored by the Student Assembly Department of Diversity. I also participate in the Gallery Players, South Asian Student Association, a social sorority, and IR Club. In between all of these activities during the school year I work at the Swem Media Center.

Tying Together Interests with Mason

The organizations in the Mason School of Business have offered me so many opportunities that tie together my varying interests and my business major.Lynn Nakamura The College & Corporate Collaborative for Sustainability (3CS) conference helped me connect with amazing leaders of NGO's and nonprofits while the Design Thinking Club gave me the chance to 'geek' out over innovative technology, like seeing a 3-D printer in action. Working in the Undergraduate Program's office this summer let me exercise some of my own design skills, as I digitally created new logos for the website and social media (check out the 3CS logo!). 

I just completed my foundation semester; although I was positive about majoring in marketing from day one, these past few months have reaffirmed my decision. My marketing class with Professor Williams has been incredibly insightful; just like the IPS, he interweaves different aspects of various disciplines to create a deeper understanding of the big picture. I cannot wait to spend more time in the new design studio classroom as I finish up my major. The classroom is a free, open, and engaging space that helps foster creativity. Lynn NakamuraWe even get to write directly on the walls.

Marketing Abroad

This spring, I am spending the semester abroad in Paris through a third-party program called IFE. Part of the program involves typical academic studies, but a majority of the experience is working in an internship while abroad. It's not completely official yet, but I have been placed to work at an advertising agency for six months. This is a perfect example of how the IPS encourages a mix that will help me develop my skills within both of my majors. I am combining my French speaking and writing abilities with my knowledge of marketing. After graduating from William & Mary I plan on going to art school for my graduate degree. I am positive that my experiences in the Business School will have given me a strong foundation as I pursue a career in advertising.

 Lucy King
Lucy KingBlending Music and Marketing
Lucy King headshot

Lucy King

Blending Music and Marketing

Lucy King has been in nine separate W&M music ensembles and holds leadership in four student clubs, including an on-campus marketing internship. She has fully integrated her passions for marketing and music. How did she manage to get the best of both worlds within the Undergraduate Program?

Making the most of William & Mary
Lucy King

I have played the trombone since the fourth grade, and my involvement in music actually led me to pursue a marketing major. When I came to the College, I was determined to study government, but after a semester and a half, I knew I wanted something different. As luck would have it, in December of my freshman year, I was elected Publicity Director of the W&M Pep Band and fell in love with marketing. I applied to the Business School and entered the spring of my sophomore year.

Over my time at the college, I have been involved with nine separate music ensembles and currently play in four (Wind Ensemble, Bel Canto Brass Quintet, W&M Jazz Ensemble, and a trombone choir (called Osteology - the Study of Bone)! In addition, I am the President of Delta Omicron Music Fraternity and Publicity Director for Sinfonicron Light Opera Company. Outside of the music department, I serve on the marketing committee for Senior Class Gift and publicity committee for Mortar Board; work as a tour guide for admissions; and participate as a brother in Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity. Lastly I am the Student Marketing Intern for W&M Auxiliary services and do freelance graphic design and photography.

A musical IPS

My IPS was focused on marketing from the beginning. I knew coming into the program what I wanted to do, given my background, so I jumped right into things. Over the course of my IPS, I took more in-depth marketing electives than strictly required because I entered the Business School in the spring. This also allowed me to continuously pursue my passion for music while still taking the requisite business classes. Lucy King playing tromboneMy musical involvements also gave me a direct application of my marketing major (as publicity director of three music groups) and management concentration (as president of two music organizations).

Immersed in marketing

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Business School. Some highlights include my classes on Advertising & Marketing Communications and Sustainability-Inspired Design, as well as the incredible people of Mason. In January of my junior year, I traveled to New York City for the Marketing Immersion Trip. It was an amazing exposure to the real world of marketing and helped me realize my passion for advertising. I love how I am constantly challenged to think creatively and work tirelessly to accomplish my goals in the Business School. That mindset has caused my graphic design, public speaking, marketing, and leadership abilities to greatly improve over the past two and a half years.

Refining the Business School experience
Lucy King

I hope to move back up to New England and pursue a career in creative advertising or marketing for an artistic organization (such as a professional music or theater company). Eventually, I hope to become a CEO or CMO of a national organization. but most importantly, I want to take the skills I have refined over the past four years into the world - to learn and grow with them throughout my career.

 Abhi Venkat
Abhi VenkatDiving Headfirst into Finance
Abhi Venkat

Abhi Venkat

Diving Headfirst into Finance

Abhi Venkat has long been passionate about numbers and technology. How has the Business School helped hone his passion for investment and financial services?

A well-traveled artist

I've been an avid singer since elementary school and have performed in more than 100 concert venues. I currently sing Tenor in the William & Mary Choir, which provides both musical and social outlets for me. Abhi Venkat singingThe Choir travels across the country to perform, and I've been able to meet a diverse group of successful Mason alumni during those trips.

I was born in Hyderabad, India and moved to the United States at the age of six; I'm well versed in Telugu (a South Indian language) and Hindi (India's national language). My father was a consultant, and my family moved across many states, including Connecticut, Virginia, Ohio, and Texas. My father also worked as a software engineer, so I was able to use my first computer when I was only three years old!

Out of the crisis

It was during the latest global financial crisis that my interest in finance was sparked. I was shocked at how little I knew about the world of financial services and its relation to the global economy. I entered the Business School as a sophomore, and Professor Guthrie's foundation course really focused my IPS in finance. Additionally, Professor Crafford's Applied Financial Concepts course exposed me to fascinating subjects in a rigorous context. Abhi Venkat playing pianoBy semester's end, I grew serious about a career in corporate financial advisory.

Making the most of alumni

In spring of last year, I took part in the Carlyle Group's inaugural case competition at William & Mary. Using financial skills gained from classes at Mason, my team was able to design intensive financial models and present our work to Tom Mayrhofer '95, CFO of Corporate Private Equity at The Carlyle Group. Winning the competition was a hallmark of my Mason experience and a testament to the ample opportunities available to Business School students.

In January 2014, I participated in the Hedge Fund Management course taught by Matthew B. Siano '96, General Counsel for Two Sigma Investments. This course essentially provided the building blocks to becoming a hedge fund entrepreneur, and at the course's end, my team had the one-of-a-kind opportunity to design our own hedge fund manager.

Putting the skills to work

I serve as Portfolio Manager (PM) for Mason Investment Fund, which invests real capital into stocks recommended by student analysts. As PM, I guide new analysts in structuring stock pitches and provide guidance in technical details (such as valuation). Abhi Venkat with friendsThe Fund is a great way for young W&M students to get a quick, comprehensive introduction to investing!

My IPS has exposed me to a myriad of fields such as social entrepreneurship, investment banking, real estate finance, private equity and hedge funds I added a more global perspective through a winter break trip to Guatemala with Entrepreneurship Corps. I saw the positive social impact of micro finance and microconsignment models, and witnessing the real world applications of business practices made my passion for business even stronger.

 Sitara Sundar
Sitara SundarBringing it all Together
Sitara Sundar

Sitara Sundar

Bringing it all Together

Sitara Sundar is a world-traveling finance students with leadership in multiple clubs, yet she still finds time to dance, move, and connect with her culture. How has the undergraduate program helped her explore these passions?

Connecting through culture

I have been learning Kuchipudi, a style of Indian Classical dance, since I was five years old. There's intense training that goes into perfecting this art; it isn't only a dance but also a form of storytelling. For me, Kuchipudi is more than learning the steps, perfecting them and performing on stage... It's a way of life. Whenever I have a great day, I dance. Whenever I have a spare moment, I dance. Dance has consumed me in the most wonderful way possible. Sitara Sundar behind podiumIt's given me a way to connect with my Indian heritage, my religion, and my family. In such a divided and unique world, I find common ground through dance.

I absolutely love traveling. Every person you meet has something to offer you, and traveling to different countries taught me so much about needs and wants, poverty, struggle, happiness, and life. The summer after my sophomore year, I attended the Business in Budapest program and traveled to Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Spain. Later in August, I had a social entrepreneurship program in Guatemala. My experiences abroad have given me a sense of independence, confidence, and understanding of different cultures that I will carry for life. Definitely go abroad if you can!

Finding a place in Finance

I am a Finance and Government double major with an Accounting concentration. I came into college unsure, but after I took my first Government class, everything seemed to plan itself out. I've always been curious about what makes a country function and how those regulations play out in real life - everything is interconnected. I started to focus in on the dynamic between businesses and government after completing a program at Georgetown after my freshman year.

Sitara SundarSince that point, I started following the markets, legislation, the Federal Reserve, and everything in-between. My IPS took shape. Finance was the obvious option for me because of my passion for market movements, numbers and theory. However, I felt as though understanding the meaning behind the ratios was critical in making sound market assessments, so I decided to pursue Accounting as well. Although a business education is very different from a government education and at times difficult to balance, I thoroughly enjoy learning the ins and outs of two diverse entities.

One of the wonderful things about the Mason School of Business is the independence and creativity it inspires I personally feel this through my involvement with the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy. From DoG Street to Wall Street, club meetings, speaker events, and workshops, the Finance Academy helped me figure out the sectors I wanted to pursue. This year I have had the privilege of serving as one of the Vice Presidents, and it has been by far one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in college. I take pride in seeing younger students confidently pursue what they want.

Living the West Coast life

Sitara Sundar dancingAfter graduation, I will be working for J.P. Morgan Private Bank in the Los Angeles, CA office. I interned there after my junior year and fell in love with it. Private Banking is an industry that I'm extremely passionate about, and Wealth Management is a perfect mix of market theory, quantitative skills, and client-interaction, as well as a fantastic way to help people manage their money. I'm extremely excited to head to the West after living on the East Coast my entire life. It's going to be a huge change, but I'm thrilled for the new adventures.

In the future, I want to work for the World Bank or International Development Bank. I hope to join these organizations as a way to further merge my government and business background and hopefully make a positive impact within these organizations.

 Harini Manikandan
Harini ManikandanExperiencing an International Outlook

Harini Manikandan

Experiencing an International Outlook

Harini Manikandan knows six languages, has been featured on Chinese television, and will earn 150 credits in only 4 years. How has the Undergraduate Program helped her towards these remarkable achievements?

More Than Numbers

I have always liked working with numbers, but it was only after my first accounting course that I knew I wanted to work in the business world. Harini Manikandan leaning against a wallFor my IPS, I chose to combine my International Relations major with a minor in Accounting - all while fulfilling the credit requirements for the CPA exam. In addition, I was lucky enough to intern with Deloitte this past summer in the International Tax department - a perfect position that allowed me to combine my passions and work with multinational clients.

On campus, I participate in a number of different activities. I am president of the Hindu Students Association; we host Diwali and bring awareness of our traditions to W&M. I am also an RA (Resident Assistant) on campus. I love having the opportunity to build a community and support for my residents. In addition, I have been an avid photographer since high school.

Going International

I know English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Korean, and Chinese.Harini Manikandan sitting on roof I internationalized my IPS when I studied abroad in China after my sophomore year and was even featured on TV during a popular Chinese "X-Factor/American Idol" type show. It was an awesome experience!

A Lesson in Confidence

For my accounting minor, I have taken 3 semesters of Professor Smith's classes and truly enjoyed my time in them. I was constantly challenged but am proud to say I can now correctly file my own taxes! Along with those accounting courses, I was also profoundly affected by Professor Adkins' summer class; it was an eye-opening experience. Professor Adkins was able to use psychology to help me understand more about myself and the organizations I worked for. I asked questions of myself and soon discovered strengths and weaknesses I wasn't even aware of. Finally, at the end of the class, the students participated in a project wherein we asked friends and family what they thought was the best part about us. I cried when I got those responses back. I gained so much confidence from the course when I found out I had many more skills and talent than I first thought.

Engaged for the Future

After graduation, Harini ManikandanI plan on studying for my CPA and applying for the Confucius Institute scholarship to study Chinese in China for a semester. I will start full-time at Deloitte as an International Tax Consultant the following January, and I hope to incorporate my international experience in my new position. Graduate school is definitely on my radar, but I will also spend some time doing what I enjoy: keeping up with my languages and photography.

 Emily Dawson
Emily DawsonMarketing Style

Emily Dawson

Marketing Style

Emily Dawson spent her time at William & Mary broadening her Marketing major through opportunities within the Undergraduate Business Program and beyond. Learn how she connected these different passions to land an internship with a luxury fashion company.

A life full of dance

I have been a dancer for 17 years and still pursue this passion on campus at William & Mary. I've been a member of Orchesis Modern Dance Company for all four years of college, as a dancer, choreographer, and - my senior year - as the Vice President.Emily Dawson dancing All members of Orchesis take modern class twice a week, and then usually rehearse three to four times at night each week. Our spring show is completely student-choreographed, so my sophomore and junior years I took on the challenge of choreographing pieces, which was incredibly rewarding. I also had the opportunity to participate in the reconstruction of a famous Paul Taylor Dance Company piece, which was a yearlong project. As Vice President of Orchesis, I was responsible for all publicity for both of our shows. And so I used this opportunity to create a new promotion plan, which consisted of increasing our presence on social media and reaching out to the local Williamsburg retirement communities to invite the residents to our performances. Orchesis has been a huge part of my college experience, and I have grown both as a dancer and as a student from it.

Making the most of the marketing program

Within the Business School I am a Marketing major with a concentration in Management & Organizational Leadership; outside of this I also have a minor in Psychology I used my psychology minor to learn more about decision-making and people's behavior. I loved my Teams: Design, Selection & Development and Consumer Behavior courses because of the overlapping topics. I had the chance to apply my knowledge of psychology within business contexts. Within the Business Program, I have served as a team mentor for incoming Foundation students in addition to participating in several Student Marketing Association events and attending the McGlothlin Leadership Forum.

Over the past several years I have sought to widen my marketing major by taking interesting and challenging courses; I also tried to include internships in areas I don't necessarily focus on academically. Senior year, I had the opportunity to take Sustainability-Inspired Design and Creative Problem Solving, both of which are relatively new courses in the Business School. I enjoyed the more informal structure of the courses and the emphasis on blogging about our reactions to the day's topic. In Solving Creative Problems, we had a different guest speaker each class period so we learned about a wide array of topics. And of course the chance to take class in the Design Studio is always fun!

Emily Dawson with friendI knew I wanted to go abroad during college, so I definitely made that a priority when coming to William & Mary. I studied abroad with the Mason School of Business the summer after my sophomore year in Budapest, Hungary and it was an incredible experience. I had the opportunity to meet other students in the business program and take classes that I needed to graduate, all while abroad. While there I took day trips around Hungary, as well as weekend trips to Vienna, Prague, and Greece.

Fashion forward

I further expanded upon my marketing major through an internship last summer. I interned at the headquarters of Coach in New York City in the Search Marketing Department. I worked directly under the Associate Manager of Search Marketing and was responsible for many projects and daily tasks, including updating spreadsheets with keyword information, managing invoices, and assisting with the transition to Google Enhanced Campaigns. I had complete ownership on two specific projects: first, creating ad-group specific site links for our ads based on revenue and click-through data, and second, developing a competitive analysis based on current paid search trends. This second project I then presented to the Senior Director of Digital Marketing and actually saw many of my recommendations implemented. The internship program at Coach was unique in that we participated in different intern events each week, which ranged from networking opportunities or volunteer events to lectures from top Coach executives. It was an amazing experience; my supervisor was wonderful and taught me so much about both digital marketing and the fashion industry.

After graduation, I'd like to continue working in the fashion industry, doing digital marketing or merchandising. Ideally, I would want to be involved in e-commerce. At some point in the future I would also love the opportunity to live and work abroad for several years. But no matter where I end up, I hope to give back to the Undergraduate Program by helping students to network and by making myself available to discuss potential career opportunities.

 Priya Devasirvatham
Priya DevasirvathamExploring Microfinance

Priya Devasirvatham

Exploring Microfinance

Priya Devasirvatham found that her Finance major could lead her directly to her goal of working in the developing world; and last summer she jumped at the opportunity to pursue this interest through an internship in Ecuador. How have her academics in the Undergraduate Program prepared her to continue on this unique career path?

A world away from home

Sometimes I feel like an international student. My hometown in Southern California is a world away from Williamsburg, VA. I'm also a first generation American, making my transition into small town America that much more of a culture shock. I have always been curious about other cultures and people different from myself, and in that way I have fully embraced my time at William & Mary. The students here are a wonderfully unique group of people. Our love of academics brought each of us to this campus as a student, but our shared passions and commitment to changing the world have brought us together as friends. Priya Devasirvatham with lacrosse team membersMy involvement in the Women's Club Lacrosse team and the Mason student body have not only shaped my time here at the College but have also introduced me to people who have helped me realize my future path.

Finding finance

My IPS was not planned, indicative of much of the rest of my life. It was only one month before Freshman Orientation that I decided I would attend William & Mary. And so I flew across the country to start a new journey that has turned into a great adventure! Throughout my academic career I switched my major a couple of times, and - it seems by chance - ended up in Finance. The main reason I chose this discipline was a love of working with numbers, not due to any desire to work in the field of Finance. I've always been passionate about development work, which is why I was initially drawn to social sciences, but then the field of microfinance was introduced to me. Once I discovered that I could use the skills and knowledge I acquired in my finance major to make an impact in the developing world it seems my IPS made itself! I decided to add a concentration in Entrepreneurship to make my business degree even more dynamic and applicable.

Another aspect of my IPS was my study abroad experience. Last spring, in 2013, I spent a semester in Sevilla, Spain. These four months helped to hone my Spanish speaking skills - skills that I will most certainly use when I'm doing microfinance work in Latin America! The semester was an unforgettable and invaluable experience. 

Interning in Ecuador

My love for Latin America began with another unique opportunity presented to me. My search for a post-junior year internship landed me in Ecuador. I knew that I needed to gain experience in the world of social entrepreneurship and that I definitely did not want the normal "9 to 5" internship. And so through a program called Social Entrepreneur Corps, I spent two months in Ecuador, living in rural communities and the city of Cuenca, doing fieldwork. This experience was invaluable. First of all, Ecuador is an amazing, beautiful country full of warm people, good food, and unique outdoor activities. Secondly, I acquired some incredible work experience. Social Entrepreneurship and Microfinance are not easy fields. They require a lot of passion, empathy, and in my case, a commitment to roughing it (including cold showers, no technology, lots of long bumpy rides in the back of pick-up trucks, and a very bad stomach sickness). The internship tested my fortitude and my desire to work in this field; if I couldn't handle two months of these living conditions, then I definitely couldn't handle a lifetime of it. Luckily though, I had prior experience in developing countries and went in speaking the language at a fairly high level.Priya Devasirvatham with friend I came out of this internship even more committed to my goal of doing microfinance work and applying business solutions in developing countries, along with a heart focused on the unique trial and tribulations of the diverse people of Latin America.

Once again, my IPS seemed to align itself. The Mason School of Business really made this experience possible for me: Professor Adkins was actually the person who introduced me to the program and urged me to apply. And thanks to a generous grant from the Office of Community Engagement, most of the program fees were covered. If there is one thing I've learned about Mason, it's that the Undergraduate Program and the professors in it truly want every single student to succeed, and they are personally committed to helping us get there. This is one of many reasons I am so grateful to be a part of the business school.

Highlight of My Mason Experience: Entrepreneurship

My concentration in Entrepreneurship has helped me to think independently and critically about businesses. This concentration also forced me to be more confident in myself both as an individual and as a student in the classroom; the business school taught me that I have a voice that is valuable and worth hearing. I learned how to effectively communicate my opinions and knowledge through all of the presentations and pitches I made to Mason's Executive Partners as well as real investors. This voice will be intrinsic to my future success as I enter into a field that involves challenging current societal, environmental, and economic norms.

The highlight of my experience in the Undergraduate Program is directly connected to my Entrepreneurship concentration. I have collaborated on a total of four business plans and have received real feedback on these projects from individuals across many industries. Priya Devasirvatham I have used these business plans as writing samples for job interviews and they are by far the work that i am most proud of from my academic career. Furthermore, the whole creative process of making a business, from the inception of the idea all the way through the presentation is an engaging, challenging, and an all-around enjoyable experience.

Moving to Madrid

After graduation I will be moving to Madrid, Spain! For one year, at least, I will be teaching English in primary schools in La Comunidad de Madrid. While this isn't directly related to finance or entrepreneurship, this job will be my greatest challenge yet. I will be forced into a leadership position - which is something I'm not necessarily comfortable with - while further enhancing my Spanish speaking skills and gaining valuable insight into the social environment of education. As I mentioned, I don't usually plan my life too far ahead of time, mostly because my desires change so quickly. So after next year, I may choose to do another year (or two or three) of teaching in Spain. I am also interested in the possibility of pursuing a graduate degree: I'm currently looking into a Master's in Environmental and Sustainable Development, but of course that desire may change in a year's time. All of these potential opportunities and experiences will increase my personal skill set and help me to develop as both an individual and global citizen. Eventually I would like to end up in Latin America with a career in microfinance, possibly working on the problem of lack of access to education (hence part of my motivation to get experience in that field). I also want to pursue the more traditional route of impact investing, which will really draw on my degree in finance. Ideally I will have the time and opportunity to accomplish all of these things as some point in the future, but I will just have to see where life takes me.

 Johnny Mickens
Johnny MickensLinking Disciplines and People

Johnny Mickens

Linking Disciplines and People

Johnny Mickens was drawn to William & Mary and the Mason School of Business because of his personal interests and family history. How has the Undergraduate Program helped him to unite his different disciplines as well as connect with other students?

Living history

I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia so William & Mary was on my radar for a long time. I enjoy being outdoors and playing sports in my free time, so I was naturally attracted to the campus, with all its charm. Interestingly enough, I'm also a descendent of Maggie Walker - the first woman to found a chartered bank in America - and so I felt a connection to the study of business from very early on. During my time here at William & Mary I had the unique opportunity to participate in a research program working with her original documents. Johnny MickensThis was an incredible experience that allowed me to learn more about my Virginian, American, and personal family history simultaneously.

Connecting different disciplines

My IPS in the business school evolved pretty organically. I didn't initially pursue and Accounting major, but I quickly realized that it was a valuable background to have. Accounting will provide a useful perspective and skill regardless of what field I end up in. I also saw it as a personal challenge because the subject didn't necessarily come naturally to me. After starting the Foundation semester, I decided to add a concentration in Process Management and Consulting because I liked the idea of working with clients over a shorter time period with the goal of improving their business operations. I was also fortunate enough to be able to study abroad in Paris, France during the spring of my junior year. This was through the American Business School in Paris, a partner program with Undergraduate Business School, meaning I could take classes that counted towards my major while I was abroad. Despite not knowing any French before leaving, I had an amazing semester, made some incredible friends, and gained experiences unlike anything I have encountered in America. While in Paris, I was able to work with students from all over the globe to study business in an international context, which gave me the experiences necessary to add an International Emphasis to my degree.

Also, with help from the Mason School and the Cohen Career Center, Johnny MickensI was able to work as an intern at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond for two summers during my college career.

Around campus

I am involved in several clubs on campus, such as the NAACP and the African American Male Coalition. I am also a mentor at Berkeley Middle School, working with at-risk youth to assist with homework and other issues. I can also be found walking backwards around campus as a William & Mary tour guide, ushering around prospective students and their families. I love having the opportunity to share my experience and talk about the traditions on campus. I am currently a member of the Senior Class Gift committee. We work to promote the importance giving back to The College and highlight the need for private donations. As a member of the committee I help put on special events that raise funds for William & Mary while also providing a bonding experience for the graduating Senior Class. Within the business school, I am a member of both the Consulting Club and the Sports Business Club.

Teamwork makes perfect

Within the Undergraduate Business Program, some of my fondest memories over the past few years have been my team projects and assignments. For my classes I was constantly working in groups to solve complex problems and compile presentations. I have also worked in teams to compete against my peers in multiple simulations, projects, and case competitions. In one competition my team was selected to move forward to the final round and we achieved 2nd overall in the competition.

In my Strategic Management and Consulting course my team worked as consultants for a local program called the Trade Crafts Arts Initiative. This experience was like nothing else I've experienced in a classroom. Johnny MickensWe learned firsthand how to work as a team in a professional consulting setting where our presentations to the clients were actually taken into consideration.

Moving forward

Because of the variety of experiences that I have accumulated through my IPS, I have the background necessary to not only interview for accounting positions, but also for full-time positions in the finance and consulting industries. What I truly appreciate about the design of the IPS is that students have the ability to graduate with a well-rounded background in multiple business areas; in the Undergraduate Program you combine what you learn in various different courses into a balanced and well-informed perspective that is beneficial not just in a classroom setting, but in the professional world as well. Regardless of the industry I end up working in, I plan on gaining a few years of working experience and then pursuing an MBA to further expand my professional opportunities. I am confident that my education in the business school at William & Mary has prepared me for anything that comes my way.

 Mark Moran
Mark MoranGearing Up for Law School

Mark Moran

Gearing Up for Law School

Mark Moran came into William & Mary knowing he wanted to pursue Law School. How did the Mason School of Business and those within it guide him?

Prep for Law School: A well-rounded education

When I first entered William & Mary, I had no ideas what I wanted to study as an undergraduate but I knew that I wanted to attend law school after receiving my bachelor's degree. Mark Moran runningThrough experimentation in different disciplines and with much guidance from my family, professors, and older teammates, I found my niche as a finance major within the Undergraduate Business Program. Along the way I have picked up a minor in sociology, a concentration in management and organizational leadership, and even had the opportunity to study globalization in India. I am both amazed at and grateful for all the opportunities that the Undergraduate Program provides for its students. I have been able to achieve a truly well rounded education here at William & Mary.

Involvement on Campus

Under the direction and support of my professors, coaches, and numerous others, I have had the ability to develop and flourish as both a student and leader here on campus. I currently serve as a captain on the Men's Varsity Track & Field team, as president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and for the past two years was director of the Steer Clear Safe-Ride Program. Being selected as the 2013 Alvin Anderson Scholar for the Mason School was absolutely the capstone of my time here at William & Mary. I have been very fortunate to have such amazing opportunities presented to me and I take pride in knowing that I was able to assist the William & Mary community during my four years as a student.

Opportunities from W&M connections

Mark MoranThe highlight of my experience in the Business School has been the close relationships that I've formed with professors. The mentoring that I received from Professor Chris Adkins and Professor Bob Williams - just to name a few - has been truly inspirational and transformative for my educational career. In meetings ranging from two-hour lunch conversations to walk-in office hours, these professors encouraged me not only to follow my passions, but also to use my skills and abilities for the betterment of others.

In addition, two opportunities that had a tremendous impact on my life came about from connections I made with others at William & Mary. I spent my past two summers mentoring disadvantaged boys in Ward 8 of Washington D.C., which was an incredible growing experience for me as an individual. I also visited South Sudan with an international charity this summer. Mark Moran with friendsNot only did I see the world's youngest country in its' early stages of development, but I also interacted with its citizens. Whether it was through meetings in rural villages or games of basketball, I learned first-hand about the history of South Sudan as well as heard the hopes of many inhabitants for the future of a unified South Sudan. This was one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences I have ever had, and I'm sure it will remain that way. I hope to one-day return to South Sudan in a similar capacity to assist with its progress.

Taking on the law

Beginning in the all I will be attending the University of Virginia School of Law and plan to ultimately pursue a career in commercial litigation. Sometime down the road I hope to have the opportunity to use my Business School education to give back to the wider community, following in the footsteps of those at William & Mary who have enabled my dreams and success.

 Alexandra Comerford
Alexandra ComerfordGlobal Perspectives

Alexandra Comerford

Global Perspectives

Alexandra Comerford's wanderlust inspired the structure of her IPS in the Undergraduate Business Program. Learn about her unique academic experiences spanning three continents and how these opportunities landed her a job in New York City post-graduation.

Mason Around the World

I am currently a senior double majoring in Finance and Chinese Language & Literature. Alexandra ComerfordI shaped my IPS by taking classes for my majors in foreign countries and by gaining a global perspective on my future career path.

Originally from Lake Forest, Illinois, I have had an insatiable wanderlust for as long as I can remember. Since arriving at W&M, my travels have brought me to Beijing, Budapest, Shanghai, New York City and more. It is because of the flexibility of the Undergraduate Business Program and the support of Mason's faculty, staff, and alumni that I have been able to travel the world, double major, and intern for companies in my field of interest. And I have done all this in just the past three years!

Foreign Studies

After my freshman year, I traveled to Beijing, China with the College to study Chinese language. Alexandra ComerfordI became fascinated with the culture and loved the daily challenges that came with living in such a massive foreign city. By taking a full semester's worth of credits that summer, I was able to apply to the Business School a semester early, so I began my Foundation semester in the spring of my sophomore year. Knowing that I wanted to return to China for a whole semester, I took another trip after sophomore year to Budapest, Hungary with the Business School in order to stay on track with my Finance major (and spend some time in Europe, of course). Lastly, but certainly not least, I spent the fall of my junior year studying both Finance and Chinese and interning at a startup in Shanghai, China. Each of these study abroad experiences opened unexpected doors and prepared me for the next steps on my academic and professional paths.Alexandra Comerford

Upon my return from Shanghai, I dove into the intense junior year internship search. I was continuously impressed by the willingness of older students and alumni to help me prepare for interviews and figure out what I want to do. I applied to the executive board of the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy to pay that attitude forward. Being a Vice President of this organization has been one of the most rewarding parts of my college experience, and I very much look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Finance program here in particular.

New York, New York

This past summer, I worked as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Guggenheim Partners in New York City. For over 10 weeks, I participated in the origination, advisory, and execution of M&A, equity, and debt products in the Media and Healthcare sectors. Alexandra ComerfordThe Finance curriculum at W&M - in particular Glenn Crafford's Applied Financial Concepts class - was instrumental in preparing me for success at Guggenheim. My internship not only solidified by interest in Investment Banking, but also taught me a great deal about my work ethic and how I respond to pressure.

After graduating in May, I will be joining Centerview Partners in New York City as an Investment Banking Analyst. I am very excited to join such a unique firm and expect it to be a fantastic learning experience. While I have yet to come to terms with the idea that my study abroad days are over, I am eager to plant some more permanent roots in New York.

 Roshan Patel
Roshan PatelTaking Advantage of Opportunities

Roshan Patel

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Roshan Patel took advantage of a unique opportunity to play varsity soccer while receiving a world-class education at William & Mary. How has he made the most of his time within the Undergraduate Business Program?

Finding a place at William & Mary

My arrival at William & Mary was a bit unorthodox; Roshan Patel playing soccerI was fortunate enough to be recruited to play soccer here at the College. When I realized I would be gaining a world-class education while doing something I loved, I wanted to take full advantage of this unique opportunity. I was extremely timid coming into school, but quickly learned that college could be as much, or as little, as you make it. The Undergraduate Business Program sets its students up to succeed but it really comes down to you taking the initiative. As a result, I have been involved in some of the business school's most notable events including DoG St to Wall Street as well as Meet the Firms Friday. Both provided me with some valuable insight, but more importantly, gave me the chance to interact with William & Mary's extensive alumni network.

My Business Path

Coming into college I knew I wanted to major in an area of business, but wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to focus. William & Mary, and more specifically, the Mason School of Business, provided me with an amazing platform to launch my undergraduate experience and propel me into the business world. Roshan PatelWith the help and guidance of our world class faculty, my motivated peers, and my supportive parents, William & Mary has given me confidence as I begin the next chapter of my life. As a Finance major with a Marketing concentration, I wanted to find a good balance between my different personal strengths and interests. The undergraduate business program's IPS gave me the flexibility to do just that.

From "School-Work" to "Work-Work"

I feel privileged to have had access to all of the amazing resources within the undergraduate program. These opportunities made me want to give back to the local community as well as take my knowledge and apply it elsewhere. In my time at William & Mary, I have co-founded a student run organization called Stowestrong to help my soccer teammate in his fight against cancer. Roshan PatelI am also actively involved in Building Tomorrow, an organization that helps raise money to build primary schools in Africa. Both experiences have been remarkable and will absolutely help me transition smoothly into the "real world" after graduation.

During the Summer of 2012, I interned in the marketing division for a non-profit called Earth Day Network, based out of Washington D.C. Using that experience as leverage, I was fortunate enough to land an internship in New York City the following summer with an up and coming start-up company called Smart Money Entrepreneurs (SME). I had the pleasure of working with a group of individuals who were highly motivated and extremely passionate - two characteristics that are the epitome of the William & Mary community I am surrounded by now and the people I hope to be surrounded by in the future.

 Grace Fernandez
Grace FernandezExploring our Globe

Grace Fernandez

Exploring our Globe

Grace Fernandez's "niche" within the Business School has taken her all over the world. But how has she transformed her travel into something much more meaningful?

William & Mary, Loved of Old

I try to be highly involved in the William & Mary community through a variety of organizations. Grace FernandezWilliam & Mary was always my first choice for college and I love to share my passion and enthusiasm for the school. I encourage prospective students to apply and attend William & Mary by working as a Tour Guide for the Admissions Office. In the beginning of the fall semester, I welcome new freshman students into the Tribe family as an Orientation Aide. i have also been involved in Branch Out, which gives students the opportunity to travel on alternative breaks and actively engage in communities both near and far. This past winter break I led a trip for the William & Mary chapter of Students Helping Honduras, which helps build schools in rural Honduras. I'm also a part of Campus Buddies and the Student Conduct Council.

Grace FernandezThe Undergraduate Business Program offers a wonderful variety of extracurricular lectures and conferences for the students. I have strived to attend as many of these opportunities as possible, as they are extremely valuable experiences that have helped define my IPS. One of the most notable was the DoG St to Wall St event where I learned about finance careers from almost 40 William & Mary alumni.

Social Engagement, Academics, and Travel

One of my strongest passions is giving back to the community. My mother got me involved in helping others when I was just three years old; we volunteered weekly with our local Meals on Wheels program. My commitment to service has continued throughout college as shown through my active membership in both Branch Out and Students Helping Honduras. I also love to take advantage of any opportunity to travel, either domestically or internationally. In January 2013, I was able to combine my passions for community engagement, travel and culture, and business through the Social Entrepreneurship trip to Cuba, led by Professor McCoy. I initially applied to the program because my family is Cuban and I was excited at the prospect of seeing where we come from. Once I arrived in Cuba, I immediately fell in love with the culture, language, and people. Grace FernandezAfter returning to the United States, the trip participants worked in teams to propose solutions to several social issues present in Cuba. We utilized our business skills and the first-hand perspectives we gained while on the trip. The following spring, I also took Professor McCoy's Social Entrepreneurship class, where we took an in-depth look at social ventures already in existence and evaluated the structure of these projects. These courses have been incredible educational experiences that have made my IPS both unique and interesting.

I enjoyed the Latin America culture so much in Cuba that I have decided to study abroad this spring semester - 2014 - in Santiago, Chile. The theme for my study abroad program is Business and Culture of Chile. During the months that I am abroad, I will have the chance to perfect my Spanish, better understand the business practices of Latin America, and witness firsthand how Chile's business practices affect its relations with other nations. I plan to continue learning about international business by participating in the Southeast Asia program over winter break 2014.

Internship Experience

Over the past two summers I have explored two unique industries through my internships. Grace FernandezAfter my freshman year, I interned as an assistant in the Housing Department with the National Park Service at Grand Canyon National Park. This was an unbelievable experience; I was able to explore the awe-inspiring beauty of the National Park while also learning about the importance of management within the park service. The summer after my sophomore year I worked as an accounting intern at Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Boston, Massachusetts. I utilized the skills I learned from the Principles of Accounting class by assisting both the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable departments. The internship was an invaluable real-world experience that greatly prepared me for my Foundation semester in the Undergraduate Program.

Looking Ahead

After graduation I would like to combine the wide range of knowledge I've acquired through my Finance major and Marketing concentration by entering the consulting industry. I would especially love to be located abroad or at least travel abroad, but I am definitely open to any opportunity that come my way!

 Pam Garcia
Pam GarciaBusiness & Service in South America

Pam Garcia

Business & Service in South America

Pam Garcia's background has inspired her dreams of working in South America to provide a better life for those less fortunate than her. How did she shape her IPS inside and outside of the business school to jump start this career?

Growing Up and Giving Back

I moved to the United States from Mexico City when I was six years old. Ever since then I knew I wanted to study business; I hoped to one day have enough influence and power to assist those in need. I have always felt very blessed that my parents moved to the U.S. to give my sister and I the opportunity to succeed, but I have never forgotten my culture and where my family came from. I feel a responsibility to help out those who have not been as fortunate as I have been, starting with my family in Peru. My parents have always been very generous with my extended family, instilling in me the importance of giving back. Starting college, I began to pursue a business degree in order to achieve my goals. I hope to start a business or non-profit organization focused on providing aid to third world countries in Latin America. Pam GarciaThis led me to combine my love of Accounting with a minor in Public Health.

I am also an avid traveler, and I have a passion for learning languages. My ultimate aspiration is to visit every continent in the world! The summer after my sophomore year I was able to take a month long trip to France, Italy, and Switzerland, which is amazing! After graduation this May I am planning a trip to Machu Picchu in South America.

Showing Her Tribe Pride

I have been on the Executive Board of Tribal Fever since my freshman year. We encourage school spirit by promoting varsity sporting events. Currently, I am one of the club's co-presidents and director of Finance. My co-president and I have worked very hard to keep the legacy of Tribal Fever alive and inspire Tribe Pride throughout campus. Besides the Tribal Fever, I am a member of Circle K International which is one of the largest service organizations on campus; I also volunteer for Project Phoenix, a group that tutors and mentors students in local middle schools.

This semester, I am part of the Tax Challenge team in the business school, which has been a wonderful experience. I have worked with so many talented people on my team. We recently placed first in the Mid-Atlantic Regional competition of the Deloitte Tax Challenge. In January, we will represent William & Mary in the National Competition held at Deloitte University near Dallas.

The Mason Community

Pam GarciaI have enjoyed every minute of my business school experience. However, this past year I have been able to appreciate the excellence of not only the professors in the business program, but also the students. Working on the tax team, I am constantly humbled by every member of the class. Their dedication and passion to accounting is impressive, but their willingness to help their peers is truly remarkable.

I also genuinely appreciate the strong alumni network of the Business school. I am continually impressed by the passion the alumni show in helping students through the recruiting process. When I was looking for internships my junior year, I felt that the alumni did a great job vouching for the students to get selected. One of the best examples of William & Mary loyalty that I have experience was that during my internship at EY. One of the partners there hosted his own William & Mary barbeque so that all the employees from the College could meet each other, form connections, and expand their network.

A Future in South America

Last summer, I interned at EY under the assurance practice and absolutely loved it. I was able to work on two large hospitality clients and I had the opportunity to meet great people. Luckily, this led to a full-time job offer: I will return to EY in October 2014 under the assurance practice. In the next three years I plan on applying to their Global Rotation program and will hopefully be able to work in South America. South America is a rapidly growing market and I would love to be involved as this growth matures. EY has several great programs aimed at giving back and helping out in South America in which I hope to participate. Hopefully one day I'll have the chance to lead one of these initiatives.

 McKenzie Beaver
McKenzie BeaverEarning a Multi-Faceted Degree

McKenzie Beaver

Earning a Multi-Faceted Degree

McKenzie Beaver has held several marketing internships. Each has focused on a different aspect of her major. She's hoping that she can apply what she's learned in these various experiences to whatever job may come after graduation.

Internship Experience

When I participated in the marketing trip to New York City last winter, I realized that there are so many different careers to which a marketing degree can be applied. Over the past few years, I've been lucky enough to try out a few of these disciplines through various internships. For example, when I interned at Bald Peak Colony Club, I tested out event planning. While there I designed a new program for an underserved group of members, which I then oversaw and executed on two occasions. McKenzie BeaverThe first time, the event broke even, but after carefully listening to customer feedback, I ran the event a second time for a profit. As a Student Sales Representative for NetClarify, I learned about the importance of choosing the correct target audience as well as the perseverance needed to become a successful sales representative. When I worked for Investours, I had the chance to practice my research skills and observe the process of launching a new program first-hand.

Working in PR

This past summer, in 2013, I had the opportunity to work for MSL Group in Boston. MSL Group is a Public Relations agency, but my branch specialized in healthcare and technology. As an intern, I conducted research about which outlets should be targeted for specific pitches and which reporters would be most appropriate to contact. I also wrote story "teasers" directly targeted to reporters and had the opportunity to speak with the reporters to provide them with more information. By the end of the summer, I had about ten articles published as a result of my outreach to reporters.

McKenzie BeaverAs an intern in the healthcare department, I had to be ready to jump on any team whenever they needed an extra hand. This meant I contributed a good deal of "grunt work," but I didn't mind because my coworkers always explained why the work needed to be done and how it would benefit the team's efforts. MSL Group was an amazing place to learn about PR not only because I worked on so many projects but also because the employees were approachable and excited to help. I hope to share the same commitment to teaching through experience when I enter the workforce.

Marketing Research in Cuba

This winter, I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba with Professor McCoy's Global Business Immersion class. While there, I conducted a minimum of five in-depth interviews per day with locals in an effort to learn about the country's needs and strengths. Although speaking with Cubans was a challenge because my Spanish is sub-par, I was able to communicate enough to learn about their daily lives and the challenges they face. McKenzie BeaverThrough this qualitative research, I learned that the communist system fulfills all Cuban's basic needs, like food and healthcare, but makes it extremely difficult for anyone to have more than pure necessities. This semester I am collaborating on a social venture plan to address some of these needs in the next part of the Business Immersion Class.

Applying My Skills to Campus

On campus, I work as a Student Assistant in the Undergraduate Business Program office; here, I contribute to various organizational projects and lend a hand to special events put on by the program. One of my favorite events each semester is the team launch for the Foundation students, where they are first introduced to the group that they will work with throughout all their business classes. I serve as a mentor, helping to ease any anxiety the students feel by sharing my experiences and offering advice. I am also the online representative for my social sorority, which has given me the opportunity to practice my social media skills. Through our individual posts and over all campaign I attempt to appeal to a diverse group of women, which includes both current members and alumnae. This aspect of my job has definitely been a challenge, but I try to accurately represent our chapter and appeal to the largest group possible.

 Diana Ampomah
Diana AmpomahAccounting for Change

Diana Ampomah

Accounting for Change

Diana Ampomah has taken some audacious steps in her life, one of which was transferring to William & Mary to pursue her Accounting degree. How has she utilized her experience in the Business School to help others and further her academic studies?

Far From Home

I was born and raised in Ghana- West Africa. I arrived in the United States in 2004; I left behind my entire family, in search of a better life - a life that is attainable in America through purpose, hard work and perseverance. My first two years here in the States were difficult. I had a lot of learning to do to assimilate to American culture. Although it has been nine years since I moved to the States, I still learn something new every day.

I am always asked how I have been able to care for myself all of these years, as a young adult without family present and my answer is simple: I set a goal for myself. I remain continuously determined to attain that goal and know that hard work will get me there. I must admit that my situation is tough sometimes, but giving up has never been an option.

Diana AmpomahThe decision to first move to the United States without any family and then to quit my job in Northern Virginia in order to attend William & Mary was hard to make. However, I strongly believe that I made the right choices and I have no regrets.

Finding Her Strength in Numbers

My Principles of Accounting class at the Northern Virginia Community College along with my background of working in banks and dealing with numbers inspired me to pursue an Accounting degree. I enjoy this subject because I realized I simply needed to learn the rules of the game and play by them. I also knew that Accounting would be a great career to launch because regardless of the economy, there are still many potential employment options.

The Mason School of Business gave me the opportunity to combine my Accounting studies with a concentration in Process Management and Consulting (PMC). PMC has also taught me so much about identifying and solving complex problems; I have learned to analyze and improve processes for optimal effectiveness and efficiency. The Strategic Analysis & Consulting course with Professor McCoy also gave me the extraordinary opportunity to interact and work with real clients over the course of a semester.

Helping Other Transfer Students

I have also participated as a panel member for incoming transfer student events. I am very passionate about helping fellow transfer students assimilate into the Business School and the college in general. I am proud to say that my initiative to start an organization for transfer students in the undergraduate program has led to the imminent formation of the Transfer Students Association for William & Mary. This initiative will start off on a pilot basis in the spring of 2014 in preparation for the large transfer group of students arriving for the Fall 2014 semester. In this mentoring program existing transfer students will direct new transfer students, helping them with any difficulties they may encounter during their first few months. I hope that this will be a long-lasting organization that will guide transfer students as they adapt and adjust to life at William & Mary.

Rising to the Challenge

As a transfer student, the transition into the business school was a big challenge during my first semester. Diana AmpomahI came straight into the Foundation semester, taking Intermediate Accounting with Professor Picconi and Financial Management with Professor Guthrie - a challenge few would attempt! I must say that as difficult as it was, those few months helped me to fully understand my strengths and weaknesses. I also quickly adopted a new, open attitude towards asking for extra help from professors, all of who were readily available. Overall, my experience in the Business School has made me a far stronger person than I thought i could be. The focus on teamwork has given me a new appreciation of the unique strengths each individual possesses; everyone has something to give, and it challenges your process of reasoning.

Her Next Moves

I will be interning with Deloitte during the summer of 2014. I am looking forward to learning more about tax and experiencing the company culture. I hope to meet professionals from diverse backgrounds and expand my personal network.

In the Fall of 2014 I will be back at William & Mary to pursue my Masters of Accounting degree. I am excited to continue my accounting education at an advanced level. I will also be working closely with the MAcc office as an ambassador to help promote diversity by attracting more Africans into the Program. My ultimate goal is to sit for CPA in summer of 2015 and then jump back into the workforce.

My experience in the Business School with Accounting and PMC has prepared me with the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce. I know I can take on any of the challenges I will face. I am ready to go places I never imagined, all because of my IPS- nothing is beyond reach if you stay focused!

 Ashley Beuchel
Ashley BeuchelInternationalizing a Financial Future

Ashley Beuchel

Internationalizing a Financial Future

After coming to William & Mary, Ashley Beuchel quickly discovered two new passions - world travel and business. How have Ashley's experiences in the business school helped foster her growing interest in international finance?

About Me

I've been playing the piano and dancing since I was four years old. Ashley BeuchelAt William & Mary I try to feed these non-academic passions by taking piano lessons in the Music Department and dancing with Pointe Blank and Syndicate on campus. I'm also a sister in a social sorority and served as an Orientation Aide for the past two years. Within the Business School, I'm involved in several organizations including the Finance Academy, Net Impact & the DOT Campaign and Women in Business.

A Shift in Focus

After my freshman year at William & Mary, I decided to study abroad in Budapest with the Mason program. At first I thought I would be a marketing major, but then I took Topics of International Finance with Professor Julie Agnew and knew finance was the right fit for me. Coming back to school for my sophomore year, I applied for the spring block and declared a Finance major with a Marketing concentration. Ashley BeuchelI also took Professor Scott McCoy's Social Entrepreneurship course, and went on the subsequent trip with him to Central America the following summer, in 2012. This experience combined with the Budapest program allowed me to fulfill my International Emphasis requirements, rounding out my IPS academically and intellectually.

Growing Internationally

My two study abroad trips are by far my favorite experiences in the 'B-School'. Going to Budapest was my first "go" at truly traveling on my own, without the guidance of a conference or my parents. I was at the mercy of my sense of direction and faith in humanity. This was also my first look into the business world, and I fell in love with the practical, real-world knowledge I gained.

As for the Social Entrepreneurship trip, traveling through three different countries in five weeks via a 15-passenger van was insane, but definitely one of the highlights of my life. Ashley BeuchelWe practiced pitching social venture ideas in each location, and ultimately pitched a venture to an NGO in Guatemala. Throughout our journey, we adventured, bonded, and grew intellectually and personally.

I decided to become a Global Ambassador for Mason in order to promote the study abroad opportunities provided by the Undergraduate Program. I hope to encourage and inform younger students interested in pursuing international experiences.

A Bright Future

After graduation I will be working as an Investment Banking Analyst for BB&T in Richmond. From there I'm not exactly sure what will happen, but I have always been interested in venture capital that focuses on social ventures. I've also thought about getting an MBA somewhere along the way, and to work internationally would be a dream come true.

 Samantha Phillips
Samantha PhillipsQuantifying a Career

Samantha Phillips

Quantifying a Career

Samantha Phillips found that she had a knack for numbers early in her college career. How has she used her Accounting major here in Williamsburg and across the country?

A 'FanTaxtic' Experience

I always knew that I wanted to major in business, but I didn't know which major I wanted to pursue. Samantha PhillipsI started by taking the prerequisites, including accounting in the spring of my freshman year. This opened up the door for me to participate on the Deloitte FanTAXtics in the Fall of 2011. We worked hard and managed to win regionals and nationals, so before I even settled on an accounting major, I was a "tax champion". This was definitely my biggest engagement with the Undergraduate Business program. I don't think any other experiences can top that one! I worked on an amazing team, and it shaped my entire Mason experience from the beginning.

Reaching Out Across the Country

I interned at Wells Fargo in their Commercial Real Estate office in Los Angeles during the summer of 2013. After reading an article on a Mason alum in the Alumni magazine while there, I reached out to him on LinkedIn. He is an indie film producer and started off as an accountant at Arthur Anderson. He responded to my message, and we met for coffee. He gave me some great guidance and insight onto the entertainment industry. We still keep in touch, and I know that I can ask him for advice as I pursue a career in the entertainment industry. This connection is a true testament to the amazing bond that the business school creates. Samantha PhillipsIt feels like its own community within the wider William & Mary community.

Outside of Mason

Sophomore year I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain and loved it! I took a marketing course in Spanish and participated in a music video for a Spanish band.

I am heavily involved in Greek life here on campus through my sorority. I currently hold the VP Conduct position on Panhellenic Council, the governing body for all of the sororities. Being on the Panhellenic side of Recruitment has been very fun and informative. I also have a role in Greek IV, a Christian ministry for Greeks. I lead a bible study for sorority women and co-lead a bible study in my chapter. This has been one of the most rewarding parts of my college career because I have been able to connect with incredible women and learn from them in a faith-based environment. Most people tend to assume that Greek and Christian are mutually exclusive. It's been fun to challenge that stereotype and find that they are not!

Samantha PhillipsI am also the Co-Chair of Operations for the Senior Class Gift committee for the class of 2014. I work with the other co-chairs and the committee as a whole to reach out to fellow classmates and encourage them to give back to the College. Through my time at William & Mary, I have been involved with Student Alumni Council and Development Ambassadors, so I know how much William & Mary relies on donations to function. Through the senior class gift, we encourage seniors to get into a habit of giving back even in small amounts. Each student at William & Mary benefited from private donations and every donation counts. Miller Hall is the perfect example!

Future Plans

My heart is in Los Angeles, so I know I will head back there after graduation. I want to work in entertainment, though I am not entirely sure in what capacity. Accounting is the language of business, so I know that my accounting background will serve me no matter where I end up!

 Owen Scarbrough
Owen ScarbroughExperiencing the World

Owen Scarbrough

Experiencing the World

In addition to English, Owen Scarbrough has studied five languages and has traveled around the world. He has crafted his IPS to include his interests in both business and language, which has helped him land multiple job offers for after graduation.

Studying Languages and Business

I have studied French, Greek, Latin, Spanish, and I am currently taking Chinese (Mandarin).Owen Scarbrough I have always had a passion for traveling and experiencing both new cultures and languages first hand. I have been to France, Italy, Russia, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belize, and most recently, China. In Spring 2013, I studied abroad in China at Peking University ("The Harvard of China"). I have been so fortunate to be granted these opportunities to travel abroad and learn about different cultures. My next travel plans are to go to Southeast Asia in the Winter 2014 period with a business school program; I will be traveling there with Professor Rahtz to do independent research on the economic development and sustainability in the region with a focus on China and its recent energy demands.

IPS Inspiration

My interest in languages and cultures has been the driving force behind my IPS. I have enjoyed my international experiences and found it fascinating how closely knit the world has ultimately become. I began as a double major in Process Management & Consulting and Chinese. Owen ScarbroughWith a little advising from my professors here at the Mason School of Business, I have added an independent research class as well as a finance concentration and international emphasis. My professors and peers in the business school have shaped my interests into what they are today, and I could not have succeeded without them. I've been incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to study my exact interests and to find potential job opportunities from these experiences.

Leaving a Legacy

During my time at William & Mary I've worked closely with both the Business and Chinese programs' faculty and staff. I am a member of Chinese Students Organization as well as Finance Academy and Consulting Club. I have attended amazing presentations by professionals that these two business programs brought to campus, and I hope that one day I'll be invited to speak to students about my work experiences.

 Neal Chhabra
Neal ChhabraInterweaving Government and Finance

Neal Chhabra

Interweaving Government and Finance

Neal Chhabra began pursuing his Government major from the beginning of his time here at William & Mary. He chose to combine his first passion with a major in Finance to create an IPS that is both interesting to employers and satisfies his curious mind.

Taking on New York

Starting at William & Mary, I knew I wanted to study business, but I was unsure on which subject to focus. Since I needed to devote 54 credits to the arts and sciences before I could apply to the business school, I pursued my interest in Government. After I entered the Foundation Semester I began attending Finance Academy events to determine which career path I would like to follow.

Neal ChhabraThe summer after my sophomore year I received an offer to intern at S&P Dow Jones Indices in New York City, and from that experience, I knew I wanted to be in 'the City' after graduation. While there, I also networked with our extensive alumni base in NYC and realized that I wanted to have a career in investment banking. I continued to use the Finance Academy to network with alumni and received an offer to intern with Deutsche Bank in the Investment Banking division the summer after my junior year. Having a second major in Government has been a perfect complement to my finance coursework since government and finance have become increasingly intertwined. My IPS of mixing the liberal arts degree with my practical finance degree was key for achieving my goal of working in investment banking in New York.

Making His Own Move From DoG Street to Wall Street

As a junior, I served as an ambassador for the From DoG Street to Wall Street (D2W) event and established a relationship with an alumnus. He coached me through my recruiting process at Deutsche Bank, his former employer, and is still a great mentor even now. Neal ChhabraI was thrilled to have the opportunity to take on a planning role for D2W during my senior year as a Finance Academy Vice President. I look forward to coming back as an alumnus to help undergraduates giving back all the support I received.

This year, I also collaborated with the Finance Academy officers to create new Finance Academy programming including the Workshop for Interview Preparation, tailored to help juniors and sophomores with internship recruiting and interview prep.

Inside the classroom, I've had a wonderful experience in the business school. I'm incredibly grateful for the practical business courses offered, such as Professor Bob Williams' Strategic Management course and Professor Stauffer's Legal Environment of Business course. Professor Williams' career experiences make hi courses informative and engaging. He truly cares about his students' future and I know I can go to him for help with any topic. Professor Stauffer's course is the only 8 am I've ever had at William & Mary, but it is truly one of the best, most useful classes I've had. Neal ChhabraHe tailors the course to law concepts that are crucial for recent business graduates to understand, but also teaches larger issues that we may face later in life as top-level managers.

Involvement On W&M's Campus

I am involved in many organizations across campus, inside and outside the business school. I have held leadership positions in the South Asian Student Association, the International Relations Club, the Hindu Student Association, the Student Assembly, and the Finance Academy. I also am a member of our International Relations Club's competitive Model United Nations Team. Through these roles I've been able to complete work that has tangible results, showing me the importance of attention to detail while improving my leadership ability and public speaking. The business school has been incredibly supportive of my endeavors inside and outside of Miller Hall; I have been able to leverage my opportunities to receive a fantastic liberal arts education alongside a valuable business education.

 Elena Painter
Elena PainterConnecting with Mason

Elena Painter

Connecting with Mason

Elena Painter has capitalized on all that the business school can offer - from classes and competitions to leading the Finance Academy. How have the personal relationships she's formed with Mason alumni and students influenced her success in the workplace?

Finding a Path in Business

When I first came to William & Mary, I thought I would be a Government or Public Policy major. Elena PainterMy whole plan changed when I took my first economics course, and I realized I wanted to enter the business world. I will be graduating with a Finance major and Economics minor because of the phenomenal professors I've had in both departments. I love to analyze problems and the tools developed in and out of the classroom have allowed me to hone this ability. Some of my favorite classes were the Student Managed Investment Fund and Applied Financial Concepts. I've also participated in stock pitch competitions, like the CFA Investment Challenge.

The Finance Academy

I currently serve as the President of the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy, which connects students and professionals in the financial services industry. I coordinate our alumni speaker series, which offers great opportunity for students to discover different areas of finance and build their professional network. Elena PainterOur biggest event of the year is From DoG Street to Wall Street, which took place in September. We had close to 40 alumni and more than 200 students participate in the program.

I always encourage students to get involved early, even if they feel too young or are not yet in the business program. Our sessions are intentionally educational so that students can begin to understand the vast financial services industry.

Connecting with the Mason Undergraduate Family

The highlight of my business school experience has been informal mentoring by older students and other graduates. Older students also made my time in the business school incredibly valuable. They coached me through interviews, introduced to people in their networks, and gave me the confidence to succeed. 

It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated our alumni are. To have an alumni pick up the phone at 2 am and walk me through a valuation is above and beyond what I could have expected. I have met alumni for lunch and dinner everywhere from Richmond to New York to San Francisco. Elena PainterI've formed close bonds with so many, it was difficult to know who to call first when I accepted an internship offer at Goldman Sachs and while I was deciding whether to return full time.

I feel really lucky to have found the Mason community and I fully intend to pay forward everything that I've learned. It's great to know that the connection to W&M lasts a lifetime.

Investing in the Future

All of my classes and experiences in the business school prepared me to perform in interviews and on internships. Over the summer of my sophomore year, I interned with IBM in their Corporate Finance division. I levered this internship to find my junior year internship in the Investment Bank at Goldman Sachs. I will be returning there full-time after graduation for the Technology Media and Telecom group in San Francisco. I'm very excited to work closely with technology companies in Silicon Valley. I love being close to the innovation while working with down-to-earth people. Frankly, they remind me of the W&M community. They're bright, motivated, and a pleasure to be around; I feel privileged to work with both sets of people.

 Molly Awad
Molly AwadBuilding a Career through a Passion for People

Molly Awad

Building a Career through a Passion for People

Molly Awad, Class of 2013, brought out her "people-person" personality as Co-President of the Student Marketing Association while at W&M and is now working with IBM in the Business Analytics division in Richmond, VA How did her courses in the business school lay the groundwork for life after graduation?

IPS: Pairing a Passion for People with Business Growth

I've always been a "people-person," so my IPS was inspired by the desire to couple my passion for people with my interest in helping businesses grow. Learning how to make a company better through its connection to consumers was always something that fascinated me, and it eventually led me to pursue my marketing degree. Combined with a concentration in Process Management and Consulting, my business classes gave me the knowledge of how to make a business the best it can be while utilizing my social skills. Molly AwadI stayed active within the Mason undergraduate community by mentoring incoming Foundation students and volunteering for events. I enjoyed getting involved in whatever I could. Attending and helping with Business Program events enhanced my academic experience and was a way for me to give back to such an amazing program.

Connection to the Community

During my time at W&M I was active in several organizations on campus. I helped the W&M community as a driver for the student run organization, Steer Clear, and the Williamsburg community through my membership in the service organization, CKI. But my leadership role of Co-President of Student Marketing Association (SMA) was the most important and impactful. As Co-President, I helped the club become a more active organization within the Business Program. The events held by SMA were some of my best experiences as a student in the Business School. Not only did I get to dabble in event planning as a leader for the organization, but I had the opportunity to meet some incredible alumni and various marketing professionals. While SMA offered memorable social and networking events, I had some great experiences academically as well. My team won the simulation during the Foundation Semester, which is something I'll get to brag about forever. In my classes we worked on several projects that were fun and challenging and impacted my undergraduate career, like creating a marketing campaign for the MBA program and brainstorming sustainable solutions for businesses.

Beyond the Bricks: IBM

Molly AwadAfter Graduation in May 2013, I joined the IBM Summit Program as a Brand Specialist. For the past few months I have been involved in extensive training with other IBM new hires. I travel once a month for training weeks, during which I learn about sales, various technologies, and effective communication. Being a new hire in the Summit program is all about gaining knowledge, networking, and using many resources to become a valuable asset for IBM. In April 2014 I will be assigned my own territory and will officially being my role as a Brand Specialist. My IPS helped me immensely in life after graduation; it is the reason that I have excelled during my training weeks, as well as effectively networked and asserted leadership. Without the education, professional guidance, and support of the Business Program, I would not have my IBM position, nor would I have experienced such success.

 Molly Adair
Molly AdairDesigning a Creative Path

Molly Adair

Designing a Creative Path

Molly Adair is an artist. But chance brought her to the business school as a Marketing Minor, where she found a second passion in the design studio. How has Molly united her interests to create a truly unique IPS?

Artist at Heart

When I was four, I decided I wanted to be an artist. I was the child who thought walls were the best place to test crayon colors and that magazines look better shredded and glued into collage form. A whole lot of time has passed, and I've had to do a whole lot of wall scrubbing to appease my mother, but not a lot has changed. I still cover the walls in color, but now I'm painting children's murals in a pediatrician's office or brainstorming on the white board walls of the design studio. Molly AdairIt was only natural for me to become an art major, but it was a spur of the moment decision to apply for a marketing minor. Now I can't imagine what my college career would be without it.

A Change of Pace

When I first entered the business school as a minor, I felt like a visitor from a foreign country, especially on days when I had to come straight from studio art classes. Walking into Intro to Accounting with my arms covered with charcoal was a stark contrast to my suit-clad classmates who had just finished formal presentations for other business courses. But I quickly found my stride in marketing classes. While taking Global Marketing with Professor Swan, I discovered the design studio. The raw, ever-changing room tucked behind the undergraduate office felt like home, as it was set up very similarly to the art studios I've been accustomed to. After just one class in the studio I was hooked. I wanted to be as involved with the studio as possible and my IPS has allowed me to do just that. I'm currently taking "Design as Strategy" with Professor Swan and working on an independent study with Professor Luchs to explore options for a major, minor, or masters program centered on design.

I am continually impressed by the business school, from the high level of work accomplished by my peers to the engaging, experienced professors. Every day I am asked to be the best, most creative, and most successful student I can be; there is a perfect balance of support and challenge from my professors. The enthusiasm and passion in the surrounding Mason community are particularly motivating as I move forward with my independent study research.

Business outside of the Business School

Molly AdairThe skills I've cultivated through my experience in the Business Program have been more applicable than I could have ever imagined. I am a member of Kappa Delta sorority and last year was elected our philanthropy chair, charged with organizing our spring philanthropy event. It was a massive undertaking with nearly 2,600 participants and we raised a record-breaking $27,500. I wouldn't have been nearly as prepared for the experience had I not been a part of the undergraduate business program.

Outside of my sorority I also serve as the Vice President of the Sexual Assault branch of Health Outreach Peer Educators (or HOPE). I have been very passionate about sexual assault awareness and prevention, and serving as VP has allowed me many unique leadership and management opportunities. The skills and tactics I've learned through marketing have proven to be perfectly applicable to branding our group and marketing our mission.

Creating the Future

After graduating in May 2014, I would like to begin my career working for either an advertising agency or a design and innovation firm. I hope to find a balance between creativity, art, marketing, and helping others. No matter where my path takes me, I know I'll be using the skills that I've learned at William & Mary. And hopefully I'll be able to see my plans for a William & Mary design program become a reality! 

 Harrison Roday
Harrison RodayBlending Business and Politics
Harrison Roday

Harrison Roday

Blending Business and Politics

Harrison Roday combined his interests in business and politics into an IPS involving a double major, a semester in Washington, and internship experiences. How have these opportunities shaped his future goals?

A Blend of Politics & Business

My Individual Program of Study (IPS) has its roots in my two greatest interests, politics and business. Harrison RodayThanks to William & Mary, I have been able to pursue both. I spent the second semester of my freshman year enrolled in the William & Mary in Washington Program, studying the financial crisis with Prof. T.J. Cheng. Concurrently, I interned with the Economic Team at the Center for American Progress, a Washington-based think tank. This semester was a great platform that allowed me to make progress professionally and academically in a way that related to both my government and finance majors. By semester's end I had secured an internship at The White House, where I interned for Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. in the Office of Scheduling and Advance.

In addition to being the opportunity of a lifetime career-wise, I was able to integrate some of the Business School curriculum through Prof. Chris Adkins' Work and the Workplace course. My experience in Washington was made possible because of the College; I truly believe the quality of my time there would have been almost impossible to duplicate at any other institution. As I stay intensely focused on politics in my free time, my work orientation is turning more definitively towards business. This past summer, I interned at Mann, Armistead & Epperson, a Richmond-based boutique investment bank where I saw the practical application of what I have learned in the classroom.


The Mason School curriculum has perfectly complemented my interests, specifically in the area of finance. Applied Financial Concepts, a class lauded by my follow "profilees" Dan Barzach and Matt Clark, was a unique learning experience. Harrison RodayW&M alum and former Deutsche Bank Managing Director Glenn Crafford engaged us in a rigorous MBA-level class that involved exciting guest case leaders from many prestigious firms to give us insight from numerous angles.

Another great class has been the Student Managed Investment Fund, an experience that has supplemented my work with the Mason Investment Fund. Professors Cici, Gore, and Haltiner, do a superb job of bringing a real-world environment to Williamsburg-based equity research, which is both enjoyable and challenging.

Competitions & Collegiality

Outside the classroom, I have very much enjoyed getting involved in extracurricular activities at the Mason School. I'm an active member in the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy and will be working closely with the leadership team to help plan DoG Street to Wall Street. I'm a Portfolio Manager in the Mason Investment Fund along with investment savants Dan Barzach, Alex Kocher, and Dylan Simms. The four of us have also been fortunate to represent the College at stock investment competitions from the University of Michigan to Georgetown University.

Even outside extracurricular activities, I have been able to work on my IPS. Last January I served on the Executive Appropriations Committee, working in the student budgeting process first hand and putting both my majors to work. I've also had the privilege of working with Mary Schilling, the Director of the Cohen Career Center, on a number of Cohen Center-related projects, which has greatly increased my appreciation for career development. All told, whether in extracurricular or academic activities, it's been a privilege to work in a collaborative environment with colleagues who have become close friends.Harrison Roday

Exploring Opportunities for the Future

I will be spending January 2012 to Election Day working full time for Governor Tim Kaine's U.S. Senate campaign. The College of William & Mary and the Mason School of Business have afforded me great flexibility in completing my degree. Taking this significant amount of time away from school requires a supportive administration. When I return to campus in January 2013, I plan to continue working on my Finance major and Accounting concentration.

Before I graduate, I would like to spend more time researching, whether for an independent study or an honors thesis for my Government major. Professionally, I hope to continue to explore investment banking, as well as other applications of finance such as venture capital. I also want to take some more non-major courses to round out my experience at William & Mary. I've had an amazing first two years at the College and I hope to continue to take advantage of the special opportunities we have here.

 Daniel Barzach
Daniel BarzachInvesting in his Future

Daniel Barzach

Investing in his Future

Daniel Barzach built upon his Finance major through his involvement in Finance Academy, the Mason Investment Club, and research. How has he leveraged these experiences to gain valuable internship experience?

An Early Interest in Finance

I grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut and first became interested in Finance when I began investing birthday money at age 12. My dad, trying to build my entrepreneurial spirit, told me that I had to find a way to make something of the money instead of just spending it on the spot; he suggested starting a lawn mowing business. Daniel BarzachBeing none too intrigued by the prospect of competing with the flourishing lawn mowing business that was run by the local bully, I decided to seek an alternative. While in a library, I came across some books on investing by the likes of Ben Graham and Peter Lynch, and have been investing ever since.

I am currently a junior majoring in Finance with a concentration in Accounting. I spent the summer after my freshman year and this past winter break interning at a private equity firm named Ironwood Capital. There I gained invaluable experience evaluating unique investment opportunities in the mezzanine debt space ranging all the way from pre-seed to growth capital stage companies. I spent my sophomore summer at Deutsche Bank in their Leveraged Finance Investment Banking Group in New York City. The group is responsible for structuring and executing high yield debt and leveraged loans for sub-investment grade corporate clients and financial sponsors.

Studying, Leading, and Investing

I am the President of the Mason Investment Club, which is the entirely student run undergraduate investment club on campus that manages a real portion of the school's endowment. I am also president of the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy, which is the premier financial career development club on campus. Next year, I will be in charge of organizing the Finance Academy's flagship event, From DoG Street to Wall Street. Both organizations provide exceptional opportunities for students to be proactive about their ambitions in the financial services industry and gain real-world experience.

In the classroom, I was a Senior Analyst in the Student Managed Investment Fund course taught by Professors Gjergji Cici, Peter Gore and Jim Haltiner. I was also a student and most recently the lead case consultant/ teaching assistant in the Applied Financial Concepts course, taught by one of our wonderful alumni, Glenn Crafford. Both of these Special Topics courses have been eye-opening learning experiences that have allowed me to gain real world experience in the classroom, which has allowed me to excel in interviews and during my internships.

Outside of the Business School, I am the scholarship chair for my social fraternity, a campus tour guide and a Sharpe Scholar.

Excelling in Stock Pitch Competitions and Participating in Research

I have really enjoyed representing the Mason School of Business at inter-collegiate stock pitch competitions. Since my freshman year, I have participated in 7 competitions at various locations, including Richmond, Ann Arbor, Washington D.C., and New York City. Daniel BarzachMy teams have made it to at least the finals in 5 out of the 7 competitions. We have been featured or quoted in Forbes twice and one of our pitches was featured in the April 2010 issue of Morningstar's StockInvestor publication. The value of the unique thought exchange at these events cannot be overstated and I count these experiences as some of my most rewarding in the business school.

Additionally, I am involved with research within the International Business and Marketing Departments at the business school. Since my freshman year, I have been working with Professor K. Scott Swan on a book about design-driven innovation that we hope to have published soon. I also enjoy competitive racquetball games with Professor Swan every Friday at the rec.

Interning at Morgan Stanley and Plans for the Future

I am greatly looking forward to further enhancing my professional experience this summer when I will be joining Morgan Stanley as a Summer Analyst in their Investment Banking Division in New York City. Specifically, I will be working within the Mergers & Acquisitions Group. After college, I hope to begin my career working in investment banking. After growing up in the northeast, I look forward to having the opportunity to live and work in New York City.

 Melanie Thompson
Melanie ThompsonBringing Business Insights to Life

Melanie Thompson

Bringing Business Insights to Life

Melanie Thompson has already found use for her passions in consumer insight and research as an intern for a nationwide marketing firm. How does she help younger students as co-president of William & Mary's Student Marketing Association?

A Natural Curiosity

I've never left the country but I've visited almost every state in the U.S. While I am the type of person who likes to get to point A to point B in the quickest way possible, my dad is the polar opposite. Melanie ThompsonHe liked to take my family on the longest, loneliest roads in America, always looking for new vistas and photo ops. I used to think he did that just to get under my skin, but now I thank him for my sense of adventure and love for exploration. Plus, a pretty neat fun fact!

As for my IPS, I've always had a strong sense of curiosity, and marketing suits to a T. I am fascinated by marketing research and consumer insights and am endlessly curious about why people behave the way they do in the marketplace and how they derive value.

Leading the Student Marketing Association

As co-president of the Student Marketing Association (SMA), I collaborate with my executive team to bring in speakers from influential firms, invite professors to share advice, and facilitate the networking so crucial to business. I am always so excited when I can open doors for fellow members of the Tribe - whether it be sparking their interest in marketing, connecting them with a professional or watching them have fun with a discipline I love. My time with SMA has strengthened my love for marketing as well as an appreciation for al that the business school has to offer.

During a SMA case study spotlight, students tried to create a marketing strategy that encouraged healthy lifestyles in the workplace. Student collaboration and brainstorming produced some truly innovative solutions, and we opted for placing staircases in prominent locations while making elevators less obvious. It was one of SMA's more low-key events but one that I felt had the most impact on students - they saw how simple ideas affect a company's culture (and the resulting business).

Unlocking Consumer Insights

Melanie ThompsonThis summer, I had the privilege of interning at Royall and Company, a full-service marketing firm for over 300 universities worldwide. During my time there, I had the opportunity to see my business education come to life. I designed my own survey, analyzed the data and presented the results using the knowledge and skills I learned in several of my marketing courses. I even brought one of my textbooks to work one day to analyze my survey results. This feeling of accomplishment was more gratifying than any grade or presentation, and I knew that the education I received at the business school prepared me better than I thought possible for the job.

Following graduation, I hope to pursue a career in marketing research and consumer insights. I am confident I can tackle any job that is thrown my way, and I am so excited to take my next steps into the world of business. I know that I wouldn't be where I am without the incredible support and guidance of everyone at Mason.

 JB Akbar
JB AkbarA Global Citizen
JB Akbar

JB Akbar

A Global Citizen

Growing up in both Pakistan and the United States, JB Akbar considers himself a global citizen. How is he using his cultural background and his IPS to bring educational reform to Pakistan?

About Me

Ever since I was young, I've had a passion for languages. I was that kid who fell in love with complete strangers solely for their language or accent. I even began teaching myself Persian when I was nine, so that I could understand Rumi's poetry better. Apart from studying languages, I am constantly reevaluating my life and aspirations to see if they are still in line with the person I am becoming.

I was raised in Pakistan and then moved back to the U.S. when I was ten. JB AkbarThe intersection of these two identities have become so deeply interwoven that it is hard for me to completely introduce myself without mentioning both. Those few years in Pakistan have instilled within me such a deep appreciation for my cultural and linguistic heritage that furthering my Pakistani identity has become a passion of mine.

Being raised a global citizen, it was only natural for my Individual Program of Study (IPS) to reflect that. My strong passion for Middle Eastern culture guided me to double major in Marketing and Middle Eastern Studies. There is an increasing demand for cross-cultural cooperation and trade and that is where I picture myself. I have taken Arabic since my freshman year, and I hope that my language skills will help further my goals of delving into International business.

Impact & Engagement

The past three years at William & Mary have completely transformed me. Part of that transformation is because of actually going to college itself, but a large part of it is also due to this very institution. Each day I am deeply inspired by the students, staff and faculty members around me. This has encouraged me to become involved on campus, so I can give back to an institution which has given me so much.

I am the current Secretary for Diversity in the Student Assembly and work on promoting diversity. JB AkbarThis spring I participated in Holi, a Hindu festival, which included throwing colored powder and water on fellow students. I am also the captain of the Bhangra Team, which is a dance team hailing from the Punjab region of South Asia. This group is one of the ways in which I try to stay connected to my cultural heritage.

Through a grant from the College, I was given the opportunity to travel to Pakistan to research Islam and the rights of sexual minorities in the country. Those three months were the most worthwhile and the most challenging months of my entire life. Currently I am working on a series of short essays detailing the findings of my research. It was such a rewarding experience, and I am very grateful that the College gave me such an opportunity.


My time thus far at the Mason School of Business has been a phenomenal experience, from the classes to the faculty to the students I am surrounded by. Though there are countless highlights one of the best is the marketing research course that I took last semester with Professor Michael Luchs. JB AkbarWhen I first saw it on the Marketing curriculum, I was dreading the class. However, it turned out to be one of the best surprises of my academic career. Not only did I end up enjoying the field of study but the course as well. It was divided in two parts, in-class lectures and working for an actual client: Herman Miller. The interactive and engaging nature of the class has made it one of my favorite experiences at the College.

Next Steps

After graduating from William & Mary, I plan on working for a few years before heading to graduate school for textiles and design. I am looking to work in the government for a globally minded agency or in the private sector for a corporation focused on business in the Middle East.

In addition, I plan to continue working on my own venture: Yeh Hosla. Yeh Hosla or "This Resilience." It is a non-profit organization that combines my want for social justice in Pakistan and my ambition to become a fashion designer. I also want to start a socially conscious fashion line using strong Pakistani imagery in the designs, to inspire people world-wide to promote educational reform in Pakistan. This is one of my deepest passions, and it is exciting to finally see the plans starting to come together.

 Annie Atwell
Annie AtwellDesigning Her Future

Annie Atwell

Designing Her Future

Annie Atwell's interests in marketing and design have helped her discover her unique IPS. Through promoting campus activities and interning in the Undergraduate Business Program Office, she has become closer to reaching her career goals. How have horses, dancing and designing contributed to her IPS?

About Me

I am currently a senior Marketing major graduating in January from Vero Beach, Florida. I really enjoy advertising and marketing, specifically the creative and design aspects. I also love languages, particularly Spanish, and have taken various classes on campus in Hispanic Studies along with studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Outside of classes, most of my time is spent dancing in the hip-hop dance group on campus, The Syndicate, and working in the Undergraduate Business Program Office as the Marketing & Design Intern. At home in Florida, I spend much of my time riding horses and helping out with the family farm.


One of the highlights of my Business School experience has been interning in the Undergraduate Business Program Office. Annie AtwellThe opportunity has given me the chance to utilize the marketing skills I've learned through classes but also to hone my graphic design skills that I would not have otherwise been able to develop.

Not only have I gained internship experience to put on a resume, but working in the Undergraduate Office has made me realize what a true community we have here at Mason. While I considered myself an active member of the Mason community previously, now I feel as though I will leave only wishing I was able to remain here longer.

Defining Moment

My defining moment happened after I finished my first job interview. As a natural introvert, the idea of a one-on-one interview that was all about me was more than daunting. Begrudgingly, I dressed the part and printed my resume on professional-looking, ivory colored paper and was on my way. Though nervous at first, once the interview began, I discovered that I could answer every question with ease, even finesse. I had not expected this! Questions that asked about my experiences, how I handled tough situations, Annie Atwellhow I was a leader - I sailed through all of them unscathed.

I realized after the interview how much the Business School had prepared me for this moment, this turning point in my life. Not only had I gained incredible experiences, but I was able to describe them articulately in an interview to a complete stranger. It was then that I realized how much I had gained from my business education at Mason.

Future Plans

Next year I will be doing federal consulting for a firm in the DC area, specifically in Strategic Communications. While it is daunting to begin my first "real" job, I know that the business school has prepared me well. It is true that Mason provides its students with the best classes, the best professors, and the best internships but I have found that the most important thing I have gained from my education here is confidence in myself and my abilities that will help me succeed in any field. It is not something that can be quantified or written on a resume, but is just as significant as those that are, perhaps even more so. With this self-assuredness, I am certain that I conquer anything that the future has in store for me.

 Nat Baako
Nat BaakoA Star in Soccer & Scholarship

Nat Baako

A Star in Soccer & Scholarship

Originally from Ghana, Nat Baako came to W&M to receive a quality education and to play soccer. After winning two national scholar athlete awards, a Finance internship, spending a semester abroad in Europe, and winning a CAA Championship, what will he do next with his IPS?

About Me

Before deciding to come to William & Mary, I was looking at a few other schools for soccer reasons. However, I made my decision mainly because my dad would not compromise on a quality education. Ultimately coming to Williamsburg has been nothing short of life-changing. I have had the opportunity to learn from distinguished professors, play on a championship winning team and develop lasting relationships with intellectually gifted individuals at the College.

Entering into sophomore year, my interests were business and soccer. In addition, I worked three jobs on campus. I was also looking to study abroad in Europe to broaden my knowledge and perspective on international business. Nat BaakoThe flexibility of the Individual Program of Study (IPS) allows me to merge all of these interests. The Undergraduate Office has been incredibly helpful on designing an IPS that matches my interests and career goals.

I am a Finance major with a concentration in Accounting and an International Emphasis. Through my studies and the design of my IPS (with the invaluable help of all the people in the Undergraduate Office), I have been able to fit in an internship with Ernst & Young Financial Advisory Services. Working on a team with a Senior Manager and a Partner, my internship provided real world insight into the consulting industry. It also gave me the opportunity to apply classroom theory to real world problems.

Impact & Engagement

As a midfielder on the Tribe Soccer team, I have had the opportunity to be a part of an athletic family which preaches hard work, commitment, leadership and success. In addition to finishing my career a Three-Time CAA All Conference Selection, I was named the All-American Senior College Men's Scholar National Player of the Year and CAA Men's Soccer Scholar Athlete of the Year my senior year. Despite the numerous individual awards that have fortunately come my way, I am most proud of being a part of a team that won the CAA Championships (W&M's 100th) and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament in 2010. I am also involved with the basketball team at the College. Nat BaakoI help with game day preparations and provide up to the minute score updates to television and radio networks including ESPN, ABC and the like.


One of the highlights of being part of the Business School was my study abroad experience in Manchester, England. In addition to taking business courses in a different cultures and traditions. I also had the opportunity to visit a lot of the places on my bucket list: Berlin, Rome, Milan, Budapest and Barcelona, to name a few.

I was privileged to be a member of the William & Mary Wall Street Program in 2010. The trip to New York City not only developed my interest in Investment Banking, it also provided an invaluable networking platform. I had the opportunity to meet with alumni in the field and visit the offices of large Wall Street banks such as JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and Bank of New York Melon.

Next Steps

I am considering a few options for my career. In addition to looking at Investment Banking positions, I am considering applying to the Master of Accounting Program at the College. I am equally weighing the option to move back to Ghana to start my career. I will also relish an involvement in soccer in the long term; be it playing, coaching or as part of an agency.

 Kristin Beckett
Kristin BeckettHaving the Drive to Succeed
Kristin Beckett

Kristin Beckett

Having the Drive to Succeed

Kristin Beckett is a double major, loves cars, studied abroad in Germany, and has a passion for sustainability. How has her drive helped her find success at W&M and get a job with a global consulting firm?

About Me

I have taken German since 6th grade, and the language and culture have intrigued me for reasons which I can't even fully understand. Kristin BeckettI guess it comes from the difficult history of the country, the personality of its citizens, and the high quality cars produced there.

Because of my interest in the inner workings of the business world, I also decided to study business. I chose Finance because I saw the value in understanding the financial implications of business decisions. My dream job would be to consult or work for a German car company.

During the 2010 World Cup, I studied abroad for four months in Munich, Germany. During my study abroad experience, Kristin BeckettI was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, and Egypt. Surprisingly, I also scored in the highest category on a German language test and am therefore certified to work or study unsponsored in Germany. All of these interests and experiences have resulted in my Individual Program of Study (IPS) as a double major in Finance and German with an international emphasis.

Impact & Engagement

The number and variety of clubs and student organizations that William & Mary offers fits my diverse range of interests better than I could have known when I made my college decision four years ago. Being a competitive gymnast prior to coming to college, I got involved with Club Gymnastics as a way to continue doing something I loved and keep in shape.

Freshman year, I also got involved with the Student Alumni Council and joined a social sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Being chosen as Treasurer for my sorority allowed me to apply my business knowledge in a practical way and helped me get more out of my sorority experience. Two of my sorority sisters encouraged me to get involved in the student organization Net Impact, which focuses on sustainability in business.

Through this group, I assisted in coordinating the Do One Thing (DOT) campaign and having Adam Webach come and speak. I also gained faculty mentors who have guided me in my internship and job searches. In addition, I learned a wealth of knowledge about the constantly evolving field of sustainability and its application and acceptance in the business world. Because of Net Impact, I have become passionate about sustainability and intend to carry that passion into my career.


Through Net Impact, I was also able to make a significant contribution to the planning of the Corporate & College Collaborative for Sustainability as Collaborative Co-Chair. Kristin BeckettWorking on this event was an incredibly rewarding experience.

Being able to work closely with influential business leaders helped me make connections that positively influenced my career choice. Interacting with so many students from schools across the country helped me to see that though we may be geographically far apart, we share many of the same patterns of thought, which is both comforting and empowering.

Next Steps

I recently accepted an offer from IBM Global Business Services Consulting. Kristin BeckettThe business knowledge and analytical, writing, communication, and presentation skills I have refined during my time in the Business School provide a strong basis from which I can draw on when working in the ever-changing world of consulting.

I hope to use my passion for sustainability by working with companies looking to implement sustainable initiatives. I see sustainability as an increasingly important component of a company's bottom line and corporate image.

I also hope to work on projects that allow me to leverage my German skills, hopefully taking me back to Germany for a few months! Because of the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of the business world, the international perspective that I've gained from my study abroad experience and the International Business course will be valuable throughout my career.

 Eric Bene
Eric BeneThe Language of Business
Eric Bene

Eric Bene

The Language of Business

Eric Bene has gained in-depth exposure to diverse cultures through study abroad in Syria, Lebanon and Hungary as well as living and working in Qatar. How has his love for the Arabic language complemented his business studies?

About Me

I am a senior double majoring in Finance and Middle Eastern Studies. I am originally from the United States but spent twelve years of my life in Doha, Qatar. During my time there, I had many opportunities to travel and learn about the region.Eric Bene

When I arrived at William & Mary, I had a goal of achieving fluency in Arabic and immediately shared my goal with the Arabic department. With the help of my professors, I was able to study abroad at the University of Aleppo, Syria and the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Wanting to study abroad again, I spent the summer of my sophomore year studying with the business school at our study abroad program in Budapest, Hungary.

Contributing to the William & Mary community is important to me. I am a member of the Undergraduate Student Conduct Council, have served as a teaching assistant for 200 level Arabic courses and have been an active resident at Arabic House for the past three years.


One of my highlights was definitely the Mason School's summer program in Budapest. During our time in Hungary we were able to meet with local entrepreneurs Eric Beneand large international companies such as General Electric and Live Nation to learn firsthand about the challenges as well as the opportunities of doing business in the European Union.

Defining Moments

The defining moment of my business school experience was the foundation semester. It is truly unique as we are able to build relationships with students that will last long after our time at the college. It teaches you to balance the strengths and weaknesses of different team members to succeed.

Future Plans

I am looking for a career that provides me with the opportunity to work extensively with people from diverse backgrounds in a variety of different settings. I have always had the intention of pursuing higher education and have given particular consideration to law school. This past summer I worked at a summer internship with Latham and Watkins law offices in Doha, Qatar. This experience encouraged me to apply to law school to study constitutional law. Studying abroad through Mason's program in Budapest also gave me a strong interest in entrepreneurship. 

 Ariana Berger
Ariana BergerExpressions of Creativity

Ariana Berger

Expressions of Creativity

Ariana Berger is not just a business major, she has also done service abroad, is studying two foreign languages and has a creative streak. How does she express this creativity on campus in her marketing coursework and in her IPS?

About Me

I have been learning German since the first grade because I went to a language immersion elementary school. I am so glad my parents enrolled me in the program, and I think it has really given me in the program, and I think it has really given me a competitive advantage as I look for what to do after college. Because of my language background I have chosen to be a German Studies minor and I cannot wait to spend time in Germany after graduation.

While here at the College, I have also learned about Indian culture through my involvement with the Bhangra team and have studied Chinese. Ariana BergerI have taken two years of it, and I love the language speaking it and writing the characters. It has also been challenging because of how different it is. There are five different tones and you write in characters, requiring a totally different thought process. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying it.

I was initially inspired to become a business major because my family owned a business and my dad has always traded stocks. I chose to be a Finance major, because I have always found math and the markets interesting. I also have a strong creative side, which is why I chose to concentrate in Marketing. I have always loved creating, through music, graphic design, photography, drawing and painting. I also enjoyed the two art classes I have taken at William & Mary, and this helped me to decide to incorporate marketing into my Individual Program of Study (IPS).

Impact & Engagement

I am on the Bhangra Team and the Syndicate. I absolutely love dancing, and being involved with these on-campus groups has made a big impact on my life here at the College. I love practicing and collaborating with different kinds of people who all have a similar interest. Bhangra has been especially fun because it is a dance form I had never heard of before. I have fallen in love with the dance and the culture, not to mention the beautiful costumes, and have made close friends with my teammates. I have also had the opportunity to travel with the team to Ohio State, Old Dominion, and Mary Washington to compete at competitions.

The summer after my sophomore year, I went on a service trip called Destination China. Along with six other students, Ariana BergerI taught English to migrant worker children at schools in the outskirts of Beijing. The trip was nothing like I had expected, yet it was truly the best experience I've had. We lived in the communities where we were teaching, while allowed us to directly experience the people and culture and learn about a different lifestyle.

After my group left, I stayed for another month and interned with a non-profit in the city. I continued living in the outskirts, in a migrant worker community, I had a great time living with her. She was spunky and very caring, and I will never forget my time in Sha He. I must visit again, which is why I plan to go back to Beijing as soon as I can.


The Marketing classes I have taken at the Business School have been great, especially my Advertising class with Professor Don Rahtz and Sean Fitzpatrick. I got hands-on experience working with a team to create and present a marketing plan to a company's board of directors.

Ariana BergerIt was a great experience for me, because I got to do a lot of advertising designs. Not only did I enjoy this, but the whole project is going to be beneficial for my portfolio when I interview with advertising firms. The company loved our recommendation and is in the process of implementing it. It is very exciting to see my schoolwork have an impact outside of the classroom.

Next Steps

Many Finance majors hope to get a great job on Wall Street right out of college. I am grateful to have my finance background and think it will be of great use in the future, but I actually don't see myself going that way at all. After graduation, I am heading to Germany for a year through the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX). I'm excited for the opportunity to immerse myself in the German culture and to improve my language skills!

 Ashley Best
Ashley BestMaking a Positive Impact on Healthcare

Ashley Best

Making a Positive Impact on Healthcare

Not only is Ashley Best a Process Management & Consulting major, she also works as a Department Assistant for Surgical Services at Chippenham Hospital. How will she use her personal, academic and work experiences to make a positive impact on healthcare?

About Me

I transferred from John Tyler Community College with an Associate's Degree in Business Administration to William & Mary. Ashley BestHere my Individual Program of Study includes a major in Process Management & Consulting, a concentration in Management & Organizational Leadership, as well as my work experience.

I drive nearly 1000 miles each week commuting between my home in Prince George to school in Williamsburg to my job in Richmond. Aside from the miles driven and dollars spent on gas, the countless experiences that have led me to William & Mary are invaluable.

After graduating high school, I worked in tourism and gained experience in marketing and public relations. A few years later, I began working for HCA Healthcare as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Nursing Officer and Associate Nurse Executive at CJW Medical Center. Being intimately exposed to nursing, I learned a lot about patient relations, patient safety, quality management and creating an optimum environment of care. I fell in love with healthcare and decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

A few months after I began my college coursework, my grandmother was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. She passed away about a year later, but I will never forget the excellent care that she received and how humbled I was about the overall experience. Since then, I was certain that I wanted nothing more than to reach out to others - patients and their families - and make a positive impact on their perception of healthcare.

Impact & Engagement

In addition to taking classes, I also work as a Department Assistant for Surgical Services at CJW Medical Center's Chippenham Campus and provide administrative support to seven surgery departments. Ashley BestWorking in Surgical Services has helped me to learn more about the various aspects of a hospital department and how it functions.

One of my biggest projects has been reviewing and organizing the policies and procedures for each unit within Surgical Services. I have also been developing the Surgical Services department page on our hospital's intranet so that staff can have quick and easy access to vital documents such as the policies and procedures.

My employment with HCA has been a wonderful learning experience, because it allows me to work side by side with some of the industry's top healthcare professionals and gain knowledge and skills first-hand. Working in the field I love while studying at the Mason School of Business has helped me to meet even more of my personal and professional goals and fueled me to continue to learn and grow.


There were numerous opportunities to incorporate my personal and professional interests into projects I had during the Integrated Foundation Semester. In Computer Skills for Business with Professor Andre Araujo, my final assignment allowed me to see which MBA program would be best for me financially by utilizing capital budgeting skills we learned throughout the semester. Business Ethics taught me principles that I have carried with me beyond the classroom and has enabled me to make better decisions in the workplace and in my personal life.

Ashley BestMy exposure to a mix of unique personalities in the classroom has helped me to look at things in new perspectives and produce more meaningful work. I feel that this exposure has primed me to meet challenges with greater vigor and empower others to create positive change.

The Mason School of Business continuously inspires its students through conversations, presentations and activities it shares with the student body. The professors are unbelievably passionate about what they do and encourage me to always think outside of the box.

They encourage students to take an active interest in what is going on in the world of business. Thanks to this, I have become more involved in what is going on not only in business, but in healthcare. Looking more closely at the industry has helped me define my personal interests and plan for the future.

Next Steps

I will continue to work in healthcare while pursuing my Bachelor's Degree. In the coming months, I am planning to shadow healthcare executives and hospital directors to learn more about physician relationships, patient satisfaction, lean strategies and quality management. This summer I would like to conduct healthcare related research with faculty to further enhance my academic and professional experience.

I am also interested in networking with fellow students who have had healthcare related experience or would like to. I think there is opportunity to talk about what our generation can do for the future of healthcare, as well as the opportunity to make an impact and influence on generations to come. After graduating from William & Mary, I plan to continue on to a Masters program.