Finding Success on and off the Field

Chase Hill helped lead the Tribe Football team to a No. 1 National Ranking, the highest in W&M History. While majoring in business, playing football and mentoring recruits, how did he find success on and off the field?

At William & Mary, Chase Hill has found success on and off the field.

About Me

When I decided I wanted to play football at the next level, I began looking for a college with the best combination of athletics and academics. I was fortunate to receive a football scholarship from William & Mary and without hesitation accepted the offer, knowing this was the right college for me.

At first, I was unsure as to what sector of business to focus on. I was told it was important to study a subject I was passionate about and that I could see myself doing every day. I knew I enjoyed working with others, relished problem solving and wanted to focus more on the managerial side of business. As a result, my Individual Program of Study (IPS) includes a major in Process Management & Consulting (PMC) with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Kinesiology.

Through my PMC courses, I have developed the ability to critically analyze statistics and make recommendations to solve real-world business problems. This major also teaches students time management and organization strategies. It focuses on helping students not only manage a business but also the people within the business. Through group work and team presentations, I have matured as an effective team member and leader.

Impact & Engagement

I was a three year starter at wide receiver and long snapper for the Tribe Football team and ended my career with (33) starts, (106) receptions, (1,397) receiving yards and (19) touchdowns. This ranks me sixth in career touchdown receptions in school history. I was CAA Academic All Conference in 2009 and CAA All Conference Wide Receiver in 2010. I was also named William & Mary Offensive Player of the Week three times by my coaches.  In addition, I mentored promising football recruits, and effectively influenced them to attend William & Mary.

Chase Hill on the field with his family, who live nearby and often come to support him at games.Beyond individual achievements, our football team reached several historic milestones, including winning our conference for the first time since 2004. We also defeated Richmond in the last regular game of the season in front of a sold-out crowd at Zable Stadium to win the Capital Cup Trophy.

This year's team garnered a No. 1 national ranking which marked the highest ranking in the College's history. The memories I share with my senior teammates will last forever, and we will be remembered as one of the most successful classes at W&M.

My student-athletic career at William & Mary has also given me the opportunity to be a representative on the Student Athletic Advisory Council. In this position, I was responsible for providing a link between student athletes and the athletic administration. Representatives encouraged communication and unity between athletic teams and supported the athletic department, college, and local community through various fundraisers and events.

Chase Hill helped lead the Tribe to victory and to a No. 1 national ranking.


My first major highlight from the business school was the Integrated Foundation Semester. This first semester in the business program allows students to take a wide diversity of classes and encourages growth in all aspects of business. During this time, I developed personal relationships amongst faculty members and other students. I was also inspired and motivated by working daily with other success-driven business students who shared my same dreams and aspirations.

I quickly realized the business program would provide me all the essentials tools I would need to become successful in life. The experienced faculty provide real life insights into the business world and prepare their students to enter it. They understand the demanding schedule of a student athlete and have always made it a priority to work side by side with them. However their expectations are not lowered, and therefore it takes a great deal of determination and hard work to juggle the life of a student athlete.

Another highlight was taking Entrepreneurial Ventures with Prof. Richard Ash. While he demanded a great deal from his students, I have never taken a more rewarding and fulfilling class here at the College.  I gained knowledge on how to make, operate and ultimately succeed as a newly developed enterprise. Most importantly from his Entrepreneurial Ventures course, I garnered a real life perception of an ever changing business environment. I would recommend his class to every business student.

Chase Hill makes the catch and adds to his impressive football statistics.Prof. Ash encompasses what it means to be a professor at the Mason School of Business. He brought business and professional experience to classroom and desired to share his enthusiasm with his students. He demonstrated an ability to transform and extend knowledge, rather than merely transmitting. Beyond the realm of the classroom, he has always been available to past students. Since leaving his class, I have made multiple visits to consult him on life's predicaments.

Next Steps

My next step is to graduate from the College of William & Mary in May. After graduation I plan on starting my career in Virginia Beach. In the future, I would like to travel the world and interact with other business professionals, while using the tools I have gained in the business school. Even in these economic times, I am confident that my degree from William & Mary will help me secure a job offer. There is no better school than the Mason School of Business to prepare a student for the reality of the real world.