Research Opportunities

Independent Study- BUAD 490

BUAD 490 Independent Study is a one, two, or three credit hour course in which a student completes a business related project under the guidance of a faculty member. While the nature of each project will vary, the time commitment for three hours of credit should approximate the normal commitment to a ‘regular' elective course and should include a significant written report as part of the work product of the study.

Process: Students planning to enroll in the course should seek a faculty member who is willing to supervise the independent study as well as two faculty readers. Students should then speak to an academic advisor in the Undergraduate Program Office. The student must complete the Independent Study Proposal Form and submit it to the Undergraduate Program Office in Miller Hall 2051 before the end of the first week of classes.

Distinguish Program: Faculty-Student Research Grants

Mason School of Business provide special opportunities for students to enrich their Individual Program of Study (IPS) with experiences that contribute to attaining individual goals.

Scholarship Amount: Sponsors of proposals may request funding up to $4,000 for each student-faculty project. This funding is to be used only for the student participant. The funds may be used for all appropriate expenditures such as: travel and registration for conferences, data acquisition, and student salaries.

Nomination Process: Students and faculty may submit proposals to receive student funding for collaborative research. Collaboration is intended to mean that the student has substantial involvement with some aspect(s) of the research project.

Eligibility: Students and faculty in the Mason Undergraduate Business Program.

Selection Criteria: Students are selected based on their IPS, personal interests, and application materials. All proposals must include a budget.

Important Dates: Proposals will be reviewed by a Selection Committee as they are received until the annual funding is exhausted.

Peterson Faculty-Student Research Grants (Accounting)

The purpose of the Peterson Faculty-Student Research Grants is to promote research and educational exchange between students and faculty.

Eligibility: All undergraduate accounting students are eligible to join with a faculty member in applying for a Peterson Grant.

Grant Amount: The grant consists of a $1,000 stipend payable to the participating student.

Application Process: Once a project has been identified by a faculty-student team, an application should be completed and submitted to the Assistant Dean for Accounting Programs for approval. Examples of projects could include, but are not limited to, reviews of existing research, exploratory analysis, data collection, and/or statistical analysis.

Timeline: The research work may take place during the academic year or the summer break, but must be completed within one calendar year of grant approval.

The Thomas and Teri Dungan BBA Teaching Fellowship

The Dungan Fellowship recognizes, rewards, and encourages innovation and excellence in the undergraduate educational experience by faculty of the School of Business at the College of William and Mary. Reward is given in the fall of each year with the recipient designated a Dungan Fellow for the academic year in which the award is given.

Scholarship Amount: $5,000 unrestricted stipend

Nomination Process: Nominations are accepted from students, faculty members and administrators. Self nominations are encouraged. Nominations should include a statement describing your course(s), innovations, and/or continuing teaching excellence for which the nominee is to be recognized. Nominees who wish to be considered must prepare a packet that includes student evaluations and comments for all undergraduate courses during the most recent three year period, a letter of recommendation from an administrator or colleague involved in the undergraduate program, and a reference letter from at least one student.

Eligibility: All full-time members of the faculty are eligible for this award. The recipient must be in residence at the School in the academic year in which the award is made. Generally, recipients will have taught at least one course in the BBA program during each of the preceding three academic years.

Selection Criteria: Focus of the award is to recognize enhancements made to the undergraduate experience and to reward teaching excellence and innovation.

Important Dates: Nominations will be accepted through April 15 of each year. Completed packets are due by June 15. Nominations and completed packets are to be submitted to the Dean's Secretary by the appropriate dates. The selection will take place over the summer. The Dungan Fellow will be announced at the first faculty meeting of the fall semester.