The MS in Business Analytics Program consists of full-time enrollment of intensive coursework in business analytics over two semesters, with each semester’s course load totaling 15 credits for a total of 30 credits. Students will complete a single plan of study together as a cohort.

You will emerge from this program with the requisite analytic skills to work with big data sets such as machine learning and artificial intelligence and to solve complex problems from multiple perspectives. This curriculum is highly structured and the courses are specific to business analytics. The foundation course, "Competing through Business Analytics" will introduce you to the context of business, including familiarity with the functions of companies, key concepts, and the basic language of business. Next, coursework in Analytic Methodologies will provide a comprehensive coverage of important analytics tools.  Examples, problems, and projects in each course will be introduced in a business context to further develop your business acumen.  Areas of application include web analytics, social media analytics, customer behavior, accounting/auditing, supply chain management, human resources, and finance.  Additional courses in Analytic Methodologies will provide in-depth exposure to more advanced business analytics techniques such as working with big data, heuristic algorithms, data visualization and artificial intelligence.

The program will teach you how to effectively communicate insights from data clearly and succinctly such that the relevance and importance of the message being communicated is readily apparent to managers.  Critical characteristics of communicating with impact in a business setting are describing insights comprehensively yet in a succinct fashion and also describing complex analytical results using non-technical managerial terminology. Course assignments will focus on these skills. 

The MSBA Program is accredited by AACSB and SACSCOC.