Course of Study

The Program is offered as a full-time two-semester program with additional summer study for non-Accounting majors. Students may choose their courses for a broad accounting emphasis, to incorporate a Winter Field Experience, or to graduate with an Emphasis in Taxation, Auditing & Assurance, Information Technology and Data Analytics, Accounting Research, or Valuation & Advisory.

We have carefully crafted a program that is more than just a series of courses: the Summer Term gives non-Accounting majors the courses they need to succeed in the program, the Fall Term consists of a rigorously designed core and is followed by the Spring Term with a broad mix of elective courses.

Summer Bootcamp Classes (for non-Accounting majors)
Fall Financial Markets Module Professional Development Module Professional Accounting Module
Spring Spring Electives

We seek to create a diverse class by attracting students from both non-accounting and accounting undergraduate backgrounds. This diversity enriches the learning experience, but also makes it more challenging to design a course of study that has the integrity to meet the needs of all. Once enrolled, each student works with the Director of the MAcc program to determine the course of study most suited to his or her background and current interests.