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Master of Accounting

The GMAT is waived for candidates from a US accredited university with a GPA of 3.25 or higher. 

Accounting is the language of business, and few members of an organization know it as well — or put that knowledge to profitable use — as the accountants. The Mason School’s Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree is a full-time, two-semester accounting program that will give you the preparation you need to excel in this dynamic and in-demand profession — regardless of your undergraduate major. Not only will you graduate with the credits necessary for accounting licensure, you’ll get the full benefit of the Mason School’s nationally recognized faculty, small class-sizes, and exceptional student body.

Summer Boot Camp
If you didn’t major in accounting as an undergraduate, you’ll begin your MAcc experience with this intense but exciting ramp-up experience, during which you’ll fulfill your prerequisite classes in Financial Reporting & Analysis, Auditing & Internal Controls, Cost Accounting and Taxation.

We have bridge courses to prepare students for the boot camp classes. We offer a Pre-boot camp course, Principles of Accounting, beginning in early June. 

Areas of Emphases
If you’d like to enhance your career options by taking a deeper dive into a particular area of accounting, you can choose elective tracks that let you specialize in Accounting ResearchAuditing, Information Technology, Integrated Winter Field ExperienceTaxation, or Valuation.
Accountants have power. As members of various government agencies, they write and enforce regulations, draft and evaluate budgets, and shape a wide variety of policy decisions. During our annual CPA TREK, you and your classmates will travel to Washington D.C. for a faculty-led exploration of the accounting-driven interaction between the public and private sectors.

Integrated Winter Field Experience
More than just an internship, Mason’s Winter Field Experience is a half-semester immersion into the life of an accountant. You’ll work at a large or mid-sized accounting firm during busy season. You’ll pull your weight, earn a salary, and integrate your experience into the rest of your education through a special course, complete with discussions and assignments. You might even walk away with a job offer.