MAcc Prerequisites

All students must complete the following courses prior to enrolling into the Master of Accounting program. However, you do not need to have completed them prior to the time you submit your application. If you are in the process of taking one or more of these courses when you apply, or have plans to take them the summer before you would begin the program, please indicate this on your application. Remember that the courses below may be counted differently by the Board of Accountancy in the state where you intend to sit for the CPA exam.

As an option for completing the necessary courses, we offer Principles of Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I & II, Cost Accounting, Auditing, and Introduction to (U.S.) Taxation in our Summer Bootcamp. We offer each course in an intensive, two-week format sometime during the period from June 1 until orientation week for fall classes. The classes are offered in the following order: Principles of Accounting, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Cost Accounting, Auditing, and Tax. 

Principles of Accounting 

(Offered by the MAcc program as an intensive 3 credit course in our summer Bootcamp.)

Preparation and use of financial statements to communicate information about a variety of economic events to both internal and external users. At most schools, this is a two-semester 6 credit sequence. Applicants with less than six credits of Principles must demonstrate that their Principles course is substantively similar to the William & Mary Principles course.


Theory and application of basic probability, classical distributions, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and other statistical analysis (i.e., correlation and regression).

Intermediate Accounting I and II

(Offered by the MAcc program in separate intensive 3 credit courses in our summer Bootcamp.)

An intensive study of the generally accepted accounting principles for asset valuation, income measurement, and financial statement presentation. Analysis of balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, together with the theory of valuation underlying the various accounts used in these statements. Such as challenging issues in financial accounting including leases, pensions, and income taxes.


(Offered by the MAcc program as an intensive 3 credit course in our summer Bootcamp.)

Study of generally accepted auditing standards, with an emphasis on the application of technology, modeling, statistics, and other auditing procedures. Includes strong focus on reporting, ethics, and international practices.

Cost Accounting

(Offered by the MAcc program as an intensive 3 credit course in our summer Bootcamp.)

Applications of cost analysis to inventory valuation and income determination and planning and control of routine operations and non-routine decisions. This course emphasizes the relevance of cost concepts to modern decision tools.

Introduction to (U.S.) Taxation

(Offered by the MAcc program as an intensive 3 credit course in our summer Bootcamp.)

An analysis of federal income tax laws. Development of conceptual awareness of federal income tax structure and tax planning, and gaining ability to determine solutions to problems confronting the individual tax payer.