MAcc Academics

Accounting professionals must understand the economics of business arrangements in order to present investors with financial statements that transparently reflect the economics of these arrangements. These arrangements have become and continue to become exponentially more complex, resulting in substantial challenges for the accounting profession. Students can no longer be adequately prepared for a career in accounting by simply studying textbook details of such traditional topics as inventory and property, plant, and equipment.

Today's world demands that the accounting professional understand such issues as why and how companies use derivatives, when it makes sense to speed up the receipt of cash from receivables via securitizations, and how to determine whether companies have set up legal entities merely to move assets or liabilities off the balance sheet.

Our Master of Accounting curriculum is designed to prepare students to excel by combining a challenging study of financial economics with an intense immersion in all aspects of financial reporting, including a one-of-a-kind trip to meet the professionals dedicated to "keeping investors informed." We encourage you to become familiar with our distinctive curriculum and consider whether our program is the right match for you.